keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013

No, I didn't... things. 

Ohm, seems like some time passed when I wasn't paying attention. I'm going to look Rome's first season to it's end (my marathon was cut short when Hellocon stole my time) tonight, so I'll make this a brief little entry, filled with some weakness of mind, ie proofs of lost selfcontrol, ie bought stuff.

These shoes were spotted when I was strolling at a local flea market with my sis. Nice, casual wedges in a great condition. Not for winter though. I think they were 5e.

This belt was an accidentally bought item. But it was looking at me and I thought, yup, it's cute, nope, it doesn't cost much, yes, it's already in my bag. GinaTricot, if I'm not wrong?

My black jeans needed a practical belt for practical reasons, and no, I just didn't buy a belt from GinaTricot. This one was bought secondhand, 2e.

This wonderfully classic looking bag was waiting for me when I innocently passed by the secondhand shop Kaunotar & Kulkuri. There was a good amount of beautiful, black bags and interesting shirts, but due my current money situation I left with only this one (thank goodness, what would I do with more bags and shirts). And boots. Ehm. They were awesome too, but seems like I don't have a pic of them, and they themselves are well hid atm, waiting for warmer weather.

This black, velveteen jacket was in a mint condition and cost around 7e. It's probably for a male and that gives a nice extra edge for looks with it. And I love jackets. It might be that I have more jackets than shoes?
From a secondhand shop Fida.

This here is a small porcelain case for the little treasures. The quality seemed very good, and the details were nice and epic. I spotted it from a local flea market with price tag of 5e or close. Now it's holding some of my rings inside of it.

These two were in fact spotted and saved for me by [Talu]. She knows my weaknesses well.
I find huge kitchen knives terribly cute, and when I saw this tiny meat axe, you could have heard me cuddling to it like some other person might when seeing a cute puppy.
The huge book is a history book, concentrating on the discovery voyages. A perfect timing! I'm stocking history into my brains at the moment (when I'm not attached to a certain Tolkien book that is).
Both from secondhand shop Fida.


As for other things.

Last two weeks... I have been very much attached to Final Fantasy IX. Still reading The Unfinished Tales. Still watching Rome. I also sewed things for bjds, but that's still under progress. Some human-sized sewing projects are waiting their turn, but my sewing machine is still on a cool-down after Hellocon business. Also saw Wolverine singing at the movies (Les Miserables).

Oh! And it's Winter. So went to practice old winter traditions that involve going up a hill and getting down with a scary speed with happy company.

Now. Is Brutus going to stab Caesar or what. I'm off to figure out what has HBO done.

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