sunnuntai 10. helmikuuta 2013

During One Saturday

Welcome [Katrina Scarlett]! Nice to see The Miss K joining up in blogging!


Ohm, I have been super low in energy this whole week so I haven't been writing anything here, even though there are so many things to write about! And I'm feeling quite tired even as I'm writing this, so I'll be heading off to Dreaming in a moment. 
First, however! 

That Saturady, a week ago, was full of all sorts of things.

Black Collar Shirt & Bird Skull Brooch - reStyle // Black Vest - H&M // Knee-High Pants - F+F

I started the day by waking up too late, but managing to head over to lovely [Sera's] little meet-up almost in time. I strolled into what ever kodona related clothes there were hanging from the chairs, I must admit, but it turned out rather fine! Though a button exploded from the sleeve to another space...haha, must find it in some point. I don't like waking up in time, nope.

I'll write more about that if I get hold of some photos, since I didn't take any proper ones. But it was very lovely to meet all the attending people again. 

 Big T-Shirt - secondhand // PlayStation 3 controller - Game House 

When I got back home I strolled to shower and to home wear, which means usually some huge T-shirt. Ah, I'm so glamorous.

Dress - Lip Service (Hyper Intelligence) // Studded Bag - secondhand

As the evening came it was time to head to [Bella Morte Club: Wicked Winter] to do some dancing. I hadn't been in any clubs for months so it felt grrreat. I was accompanied by JenJen and a beautiful Italian lady E who I had met the second time today at Sera's meetup. Also run to [TomVi] and [Ravenoaris] and miss E2 (who had a gorgeous dress, I wants!).

Haha, I must have sounded quite restless whenever I was speaking! Me and Jen ended up all giggly, because too little sleep + coca cola = too much tired energy. Mr Ma who came from a concert and lifted a ride home from us must have thought that there was something else than sugar in our drinks, and can't blame him, since I almost fell twice when trying to get to the car with my heels (it was icy, really). All in all, what a great time! Me, Jen and lady E mostly spend it on dance floor and I'm totally looking forwards to round two.


As for other things

I found two DVD boxes full of Rome TV-series from somewhere. And some deluxe boxes those were, with wooden cases and all. I'm currently in a middle of a marathon, as you may imagine.

Also attended another iaido camp last Saturday (yesterday, really) in Jyväskylä. Looking forwards to the next camp, because it's interesting to listen comments from different senseis. (...but I hate staying over nights, why can't the camps be one day only?)

For other things still... I'll be back soon(er o later)!

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  1. I love your Kodona outfit! That white brooch fits amazingly well in an all black set <3

    The dvd boxes look interesting (love the design) :)

    1. Thank you! It's always fun to come up with kodona coords :).

      And yeah, the series itself is quite interesting too. I was pretty sure I wasn't gonna think much of it but in the end it has proved to be fine I suppose :D.