torstai 28. helmikuuta 2013

Before This Month Ends...!

Welcome [Eleorose], 
I hope you enjoy my blog, and btw, your blog's background is way cool!


So, if I'm fast enough writer, this should make it to the February side of month still. Because at the beginning of this month there was this meet-up that lovely [Sera] arranged, and I never got to post any proper pictures of it! Thanks to [Silkuchu] for the photos!

Aww, they are all such a nice people. Let's meet again~

And this is not a revenge!

...she wasn't throwing them at me, I just happened to be in between the ladies. Maybe.

Just a reminder, if you wanted to know:
Bag & Shirt & Bird Skull Brooch - reStyle // Black Vest - H&M // Pants - F+F // Black Boots - random


 Went to eat waffles with [Miss K].

  ....everyone should already know that I'm not a master chef material. Especially when sugar is involved.
But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't try it now and then! Hahaha. Well, they tasted alright at least!


Just in case that it didn't come through with the eatables above, I'm hungry. And it's midnight. And I'm not going to the fridge right after posting this. But that's only because my other hand is holding a PlayStation controller.

tiistai 26. helmikuuta 2013

After Con Sale

First things first: welcome to [Sasetar], Eve and J-pon - I mean [Talu]! Have fun~


So! We survived HelLoCon! And a proper report of all that happened will be written here when I get some picture material first.

This post here will feature some pieces that weren't sold, so if some of you feel like giving home to them, here is your chance ♥. The sale will be on until 17.3.2013!

Let me know by email (olioinen @, take spaces away before trying to send, mheh) if you are interested of some of them. International shipping is ok too, but payments only by PayPal. Shipping costs are not included in the prices.

And everyone remembers that I'm not a professional sewer!

SUOMEKSI / In Finnish, just in case:
Conista ylijääneitä juttuja myynnissä! Aikaa näiden pelastamiseen on 17.3.2013 asti.
Jos joku tuotteista kiinnostaa, laita emailia: olioinen @ (välit pois, k?).
Maksut tilisiirrolla näin Suomen sisällä, tai käteisellä, jos haluat noutaa tuotteen hlökohtaisesti Tampereelta. Toimituskulut eivät ole hinnoissa valmiina.

Talu made some super detailed, hand-crafted jewelry, to see all of them and details for purchase, please go to [her sales post]. Rings and earrings and they sure are pretty~

Talun taiteilemia koruja löytyy myynnissä [täältä]. Upean yksityiskohtaisia sormuksia ja korvakoruja. Itsekin hamstrasin~

If you want to buy something from the both of us, we can combine shipping!
Jos tekee mieli ostaa jotakin meiltä molemmilta, voimme yhdistää postikuluja!

Gobelin Roses Skirt SOLD / MYYTY

 High waist skirt from heavy fabric with beautiful roses. A long zipper on a side.

Black X Blue Velveteen Skirt

Black velveteen fabric with blue velveteen ribbon and some antiqueish styled buttons. Rubber band back.
Waist: 74cm (Rubber bands forgive a lot)
Price: 50e

Musta samettikangas, sinisellä samettinauhalla koristeltuna ja antiiki-inspiroituneilla napeilla höystettynä. Selässä kuminauhoitus.
VY: n. 74cm (kuminauhavyötärö venyy isommaksikin)
Hinta: 50e

Black Chiffon Shirt

Black chiffon shirt with buttons on front. The collar can be tied with different styles. Necklace not included!
Chest: 90cm
Price: 20e

Musta shifonki paita, napitus edessä. Kaulus voidaan sitoa eri tavoilla, esim rusetille. Kaulakoru ei ole myynnissä!
RY: 90cm
Hinta: 20e

Striped Short Sleeves Shirt SOLD / MYYTY

 Transparent grey&black striped shirt with short sleeves and tieable collar. Buttons on front.

Striped Long Sleeved Shirt

 Transparent grey&black striped shirt with long sleeves and tieable collar. Buttons on front and on the sleeves. The necklace is not included!
Chest: 84cm
Price: 22e

Läpikuultavaa musta-harmaa -raidallista kangasta, pitkillä hihoilla. Edessä napitus, kauluksen voi solmia mielensä mukaan. Kaulakoru ei myynnissä.
RY: n.84cm
Hinta: 22e

Alright, that's it. Save them or I swear I'll walk to next lolita meet-up in a skirt :'D.


As for other things.
After all that sewing, I'll dedicate this week to finishing Final Fantasy IX. Sorry bjds. But your turn is up next!

lauantai 16. helmikuuta 2013

HelLoCon Approaching & Book Love

I have been sewing the whole day, and do you know why?

Because it's only a week to go to HelLoCon, Helsinki Lolita Convention, and I volunteered to be a seller there accompanied by J-pon.

Helsinki Lolita Convention is held 23.2.2013 at Gloria, Helsinki, Finland. 
It's the first round ever for this convention, and I hope that it'll be successful. So be there, see cute people and lots of clothes, listen and do fancy stuff. The tickets are 10e if bought beforehand and 15e from the door.

[Official Sites] (Finnish)
[Official Sites] (English)

And me, well, I do like to sew skirts and weird stuff, so I took this as a perfect reason to do lots of that. Of course no factory-quality nor fanciness of professionals. I'm not planning to make piles of money out of this, but I wouldn't mind not having to try and stuff everything in my own wardrobe which is already overflowing xD. But I have made everything so that I won't mind it if they end up with me in the end (one must be prepared! And that was a perfect reason to do everything to my liking ♥.) Also! I'll be stuck behind that table for most of the con so come say hi to me even if you are not buying anything~

J-pon and I share the table under names of Talu and Lovely Hollow. She is selling lovely little jewelry, make sure to come and poke them! It might be a good idea to make a little websites showing some pics, but time is running out and there is still some sewing I want to do! (If only I wasn't running out of money so badly, I'd buy a huge lot of more materials, but...)

Nevertheless! Have a sneak-peak on what I'll be bringing over:


As for other things...

I managed to save a second piece of the same series from David Day that I had found earlier. I bought it from a shop selling secondhand books & DVDs, while bringing few movies in. They are both some silly things to have, but... they stared at me. And when things stare at me with abandoned looks, my heart grows sad and I can do nothing else but to carry the poor things home.

Yyyeah. Illustrated fantasy books. I do like.

keskiviikko 13. helmikuuta 2013

Dashi Namdakov

Today I went to see this amazing exhibition with J-pon and [Giko], and now you all have to go and see it. No objections.

That is

Dashi Namdakov's World of Myths
[Exhibition's sites] (Finnish)
Place: Tampere's Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
Held: 26.1.-5.5.2013
Adults: 6e

And that's super cheap. Worth that and more. It's amazing. Now get going!


Dashi Namdakov

Dashi Namdakov is an artist from Siberia, born in 1967. He is a sculptor, graphic artist and jeweller, using skillfully bronze, silver, precious gems, horse's tails and many other mediums. He studied sculpting 1986-88 and his first solo show was held on 2000 in Irkutsk. Since then his exhibitions have been seen all around the world, gaining him reputation and awards.

 The Central Asia's nomadic heritace, myths, nature and its spirits as well as Buddhism are some of the main inspirations for Namdakov and can be seen clearly affecting his works. All this gives the works a mystic look, reminding of genres of fantasy and science fiction. (I saw someone write "Siberian Giger" when writing about him, and must say that in a way it's very fitting! Though I personally might like Namdakov more...)

As I went to see the exhibition, first thing that I asked was of course if I was allowed to take pictures. And I wasn't! Since there was camera's and museum people in every corner I didn't get a chance to disobey either. It's such a sad thing, for I knew I couldn't find good enough pictures from Internet. And I was right. For example there were these four centaur sculpture's that I really loved, but... nowhere. They were simply stunning, and I wish I could share them here through pictures with all of those who don't have a chance to see the thing itself. Sigh. So much amazing. So much skill. 

[Wikipedia] (Finnish)

These pictures were gathered with help of google. (Why was my camera banned??)

Sigh, it's impossible to bring these sculpture's alive with these pictures. They are something you need to see with your own eyes.


Is any of you using Photobucket? Any idea how to get the uploaded pictures to be featured in the order they are downloaded to Internet in this new version? I would really like to know, it would make my blogging so much easier!

sunnuntai 10. helmikuuta 2013

During One Saturday

Welcome [Katrina Scarlett]! Nice to see The Miss K joining up in blogging!


Ohm, I have been super low in energy this whole week so I haven't been writing anything here, even though there are so many things to write about! And I'm feeling quite tired even as I'm writing this, so I'll be heading off to Dreaming in a moment. 
First, however! 

That Saturady, a week ago, was full of all sorts of things.

Black Collar Shirt & Bird Skull Brooch - reStyle // Black Vest - H&M // Knee-High Pants - F+F

I started the day by waking up too late, but managing to head over to lovely [Sera's] little meet-up almost in time. I strolled into what ever kodona related clothes there were hanging from the chairs, I must admit, but it turned out rather fine! Though a button exploded from the sleeve to another space...haha, must find it in some point. I don't like waking up in time, nope.

I'll write more about that if I get hold of some photos, since I didn't take any proper ones. But it was very lovely to meet all the attending people again. 

 Big T-Shirt - secondhand // PlayStation 3 controller - Game House 

When I got back home I strolled to shower and to home wear, which means usually some huge T-shirt. Ah, I'm so glamorous.

Dress - Lip Service (Hyper Intelligence) // Studded Bag - secondhand

As the evening came it was time to head to [Bella Morte Club: Wicked Winter] to do some dancing. I hadn't been in any clubs for months so it felt grrreat. I was accompanied by JenJen and a beautiful Italian lady E who I had met the second time today at Sera's meetup. Also run to [TomVi] and [Ravenoaris] and miss E2 (who had a gorgeous dress, I wants!).

Haha, I must have sounded quite restless whenever I was speaking! Me and Jen ended up all giggly, because too little sleep + coca cola = too much tired energy. Mr Ma who came from a concert and lifted a ride home from us must have thought that there was something else than sugar in our drinks, and can't blame him, since I almost fell twice when trying to get to the car with my heels (it was icy, really). All in all, what a great time! Me, Jen and lady E mostly spend it on dance floor and I'm totally looking forwards to round two.


As for other things

I found two DVD boxes full of Rome TV-series from somewhere. And some deluxe boxes those were, with wooden cases and all. I'm currently in a middle of a marathon, as you may imagine.

Also attended another iaido camp last Saturday (yesterday, really) in Jyväskylä. Looking forwards to the next camp, because it's interesting to listen comments from different senseis. (...but I hate staying over nights, why can't the camps be one day only?)

For other things still... I'll be back soon(er o later)!