tiistai 29. tammikuuta 2013

Cosy Winter

It was just yesterday that Miss K told me that she wanted to do a wintershoot with "cosy winter" as a theme, so she asked if I had some huge scarf to take with me... There was two I could get easily, and since other of them was pink... you don't really need to guess which one she wanted me to take with me xD.
But it was rather cute, such a bright color gave nice warmth and happy look to these. And I love the scarf for
1. It's handmade by my mom
2. It's huge
3. It's wam
4. It's soft and not tickly at all

Yup. Beware of some colors!

Miss K is the photographer of [lumililja.net], see the pages for more of her works.


About a week before, I and J-pon hanged around in a close-by forest, taking bjd photos with a same sort of theme. Yup. Winter = Warm clothes. To see more bjd photos, go [here].


As for other things...
I gotta go and play PlayStation. Right now. Or my brains will turn to green jelly. That wouldn't be nice, therefore, I must run again!

keskiviikko 23. tammikuuta 2013

Ayami Kojima

Welcome to [Laura Morrigan] and Lulu!
I hope you will enjoy my random ramblings~


It's time for some artbook love! This is my favorite out of all the beauties I have managed to drag home. 

Ayami Kojima

Ayami Kojima is japanese self-taught artist, who has done many things from novel covers, to manga to game concept arts and back again. She is perhaps best known for her designs and arts for a certain video game called Castlevania.
Her preferred medium seems to be the traditional ways like acrylics, and somehow that rises her even higher up on my idol list (if I had one). Her art is often rather dark, loaning things from fantasy and horror. 

The book featured above is amazing eyecandy, showcasing many astonishing works by this artist. (If one could learn only by staring at her art!) Have a look inside:

(Just for trivia, the book also has LotR fanat in it! Didn't occur to me to take a pic of it though.)


As for other things...
It's just so much fun to write words like "horror" when the "R" -key isn't working properly. My finger sort of slid under it and now the key needs extra pressure to work. Maybe I'll look into it tomorrow.
Also! Been sewing like mad because of a certain event, more of that later. It's 3:00 and I'm going to be dead tomorrow morning. We dead people are very busy folk.

No, I'm planning to be alive tomorrow morning, or at least tomorrow in general, don't you worry.

perjantai 18. tammikuuta 2013

Beautiful Libraries

I came by few awesome photos, and I needed to share them here with you, because it's amazing to see what kind of beautiful things there are hidden in the World.

These photographs of libraries are taken by Christoph Seelbach. To see more libraries photographed by him, and to check his other works, visit his sites at 

 Now... how can I fit these into my livingroom.


As for other things, I have been drawing a good amount of finished pieces this month. To see more, you can check [the parallel blog]. Mostly trying to get some fanarts-in-waiting off my mind.
Also my journey with Roverandom reached the last page which eventually led me to the company of Unfinished Tales
One thing to be noted as well, would be that my hands are horribly itching to add a new puzzle to my wall. I even found a perfect one, but money, money, where are you?

tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013

They Followed Me Home vol. XXX

Weell.. you know. You go to buy Christmas presents, and when you come home you have one bag for the presents and an other bag for the stuff that just accidently bought itself? Haha. Shopping. Lovely. 
And yes, I might still think we are in December, so it's alright to talk about present shopping.

This shirt is size XXL or close, and I carried it home to be a home shirt. Or a sporty shirt. I liked the colors and the look, but I must admit that I don't listen the band that much, haha. But that doesn't matter if I'm just gonna do video gaming and running in it? 5e, Kaunotar & Kulkuri secondhand shop.

A pair of bright red high heels. They told me they looked classy, and that I needed more classiness into my life? 5e, secondhand.

Everybody knows already that I like how the cross necklaces look, so when I ran to this old, detailed cross at Fida, I sort of glompfed it along. 3e, secondhand.

People have been commenting me that this necklace looks like something an elf might wear. So maybe it was LotR soundtrack rolling through my brains when I smiled upon this, and it smiled back and then we lived happily everafter. 3e, secondhand, Kaunotar & Kulkuri.

A friend pointed these out, and they sure had a lovely color~ So... Now I have too many earrings too? No, would I ever... I think I paid about 2,5e for these. Fida, secondhand.

These were from a shop that I had never visited before. There was many different colors and sparkles and who-knows-what. A rather scary place, haha. Anyway, since I was there, I bought these to test the stuff out. (And I had wanted these eyeshadow colors for a while.)

When Restyle first started to sell these book shaped bags, my heart melted, but I managed to avoid buying it for a good while... But then what happened? My selfcontrol is a joke. But ain't it a lovely bag? No regrets!

A bird skull. Do I need more excuses? Nope. The bat wings are a nice extra too. Haha. From Restyle.


As for other things!
I read through Nix's Abhorsen, followed by Pratchett's The Fifth Elephant and am now having a nice little adventure with Roverandom by J.R.R. Tolkien. Also watched Togainu no Chi -anime and played through Final Fantasy XIII-2 (gametalk [here], the LiveJournal is having something weird going on, bugs, and I sure hope those small advertisements aren't going to stay in there or I'm out). Oh, and now I'm off to play Final Fantasy IX. Yup. Must run!

sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2013

Things You Did Not See

 Fancy eating, the second biggest food bill I have been involved in. Farang, Helsinki, autumn.

It's 2013 now, oh my. I hope you all had lots of fun when leaving 2012 behind and to the memories.
As for what you didn't see in this blog during 2012, well, these among a dozen others like them. Hahaha.
And since I got two question challenges from [Giko] and [Spookyfox] during that same year, and haven't yet sat down to write answers, here we go! (I translated all the questions to English, since that's the language I have been using for this blog.)

Visiting Edinburg, Spring.

I'll start with Giko's, since she challenged me first:

1. The day that you'll never forget? Why?
Ohho, bad one to start with! There are many days that I'll never forget, or I hope I won't. I'll never forget my first lumous's after party and I'll never forget the night I went to buy the last Harry Potter book. Haha.

2. What would your dream home be like?
One with enough room for dreams. And all things that I love.

3.  Clothes/Accessories you "have" to get?
 Now, there is a huge load of these! But:
Just the shoes, unless you can efficiently strap the alien on my shoulder?

4. Your top five anime series?
Ohm, I watch anime, but I sort of prefer reading manga. Samurai Champloo and Death Note would be quite high on the list, I suppose. 

5. Your dream profession?
Writer & illustrator. Oh, it'd be so nice!

6. Your worst nightmare?
Hmm, the worst, eh? Well, one which would kill me would be losing myself, to have my brains to turn into jelly. 

Having disagreements about timing with camera. Off to dance, winter.
7. Have you ever seen a downright lousy movie? What was it?
 I have! If I only remembered it's name...!

8. A thing you wouldn't want to run to?
Let's see. I wouldn't want to run to... those spiders that somewhere in the World make webs 2m high. I just read about them. I'd be scared to death. 

9. Your favorite character? ( comics, movies, series...)
There are so many characters everywhere! And they all just slipped away from me as I started to think about them...

 Alien, or me in kodona. Leaving to a meet-up, winter.

10. Which century would you like to live in? Why?
As for living, I don't mind this one, since there won't be much more peaceful times ahead either? But I'd love to visit many times, like the victorian era, the pirates' golden ages and the faraway years where dinosaurs loomed around. But I just might not want to live in there.
11.Were you happy to get this challenge? Or did you think "why meeee?!"
Happy xD. 

My sister would book me to a horror film. Home, no idea.

On we go, to the questions of Spookyfox:

Which one spell would you like to learn from Harry Potter series, if it was possible?
The levitation spell, maybe, it'd entertain me endlessly!

Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig? (007)
Daniel Craig.

The band you hate?
I don't hate any bands, I just don't pay attention to the ones that doesn't fit my taste. 
But there was one ntime in a car that I listened to the radio absentmindedly and felt a temporary strong dislike towards a band which's name I didn't hear. They were singing (or growling to be more exact) about how one should do a suicide. I rarely dislike things as strongly as I did that moment in the car.

 Looking mighty weird. Off to dance, summer.

Your favorite ice cream?
The blue one! No idea what its official name is, but I have seen it called smurf and blue ocean. Also mint-chocolate is good. And popcorn, haha.

Is a Christmas tree a must for your Christmas, or could it succeed without one?
Surely could. But they smell nice and their lights look nice in the dark.

If you had to choose, would you be deaf, mute or blind?
I'd be mute, for I love to see and to hear things, but things I'd need to say, I could also write.

I'm the man. Off to city, end of summer.

Could you publicly dress in all-yeallow?
Sure, no problem. 

Deciduous forest or coniferous forest?
They can be very different and one can love both easily. Maybe I'd choose deciduous forest.

Do you believe you can hold onto your style 'till you're old or do you think it will chance to more "adult-like" and "ordinary"?
Ain't I old yet? I'll never abandon black, I'm quite sure.

Spotting strange things with Miss A. Strolling at Helsinki, autumn.

 Which three wishes would you have for a genie?
To be able to, to be brave enough to, to be.

Who is drinking? Helsinki, autumn.

This challenge came with rules too:
 -Each person tagged must post 10 things about themselves.
- They must also answer the 10 questions the ' tagger ' has set for them.
- They must create 10 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
- They must then choose 10 bloggers with less than 300 followers and tag them in their post.
- These lucky bloggers must then be told.

But since I have tagged about over 20 persons to this same thing already, I take it that I have done this. Oh, cruelty of life. (And there was more that 10 things about me too, see, I'm totally following the rules here!)
Tried cosplay the very first time with J-pon, Giko and Lon. Kuopio, Animecon, Summer.

Now then, onwards! To the year 2013!