sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

About Names, Chocolate And Hobbit

First of all! The give-away event ended yesterday, thank you for everyone who participated and gave me great hints for new music! Today I put everyone's names in The Hat and picked randomly one of the names back up. The necklace goes for beautiful blogger Magda of [Mute The Silence]. Email me your address to olioinen @ hotmail . com (remove spaces before sending email :D), so I can send the necklace to you! ♥


Welcome to [neo-giri]!
I hope you'll enjoy your stay~


A bit back in time, before Christmas that is, me, [Giko], [LonLon] and J-pon held a gaming evening. Our epic fight consisted of a huge pile of fighting games from Soulcaliburs to Guilty Gear. We had way too many games with us and never made it from PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 games. The most nostalgic game however was not a fighting game, but driving one. The only driving game that I like, in the other words CTR. Ah, now those fight were epic!
Just for the record, I scored highest combined rank (with the loses taken from the victories), yet Giko got most wins and most loses, haha!

We also had a chocolate theme for the evening. That meant that I too needed to make something with sugar, which I'm not exactly good at, haha. So I co-operated with Giko and we managed to produce macaroons and fudge-chocolate-cakeish-something. J-pon made huge cookies and Lon brought drinks. After that... no one wanted to see chocolate for few days I believe!

 This one was cut to small mouthfuls.


With the same group as mentioned above, I went to see The Hobbit.
And no words are enough, I loved it deeply.

I also loved this song from the movie:


The year is going to change. Oh my. I better go to sleep, so I can get most of the last day of 2012.

tiistai 25. joulukuuta 2012

A Christmas Post

I hope the lot of you have had just the kind of Christmas you wished for.
I didn't quite hit the feeling this year, but it was a good time nevertheless. Spend, as is traditional to me, with video games and books and their wonderful worlds.

Here are a few photos that I took during last week when we were gift hunting with Miss K. 

Muffin ice cream? Whaaat?


Also, thank you for all those sweethearts who threw me with gifts, you are the best~
Now I'll go back to enjoy the last of the 25.12.2012 with some movies and other stories.
Good night for thy all!


And just if you are feeling like Santa didn't bring you enough necklaces, you still have four days time to take part in the [give-away -event].

lauantai 22. joulukuuta 2012

Gift Wrapping Tutorial x 4

It's that time of the year again when people wrap lots of stuff inside a paper just to give that to someone else who will throw that paper right in to a trash can. What a waste! Think how big trash piles that will get us!
That's right. So just like last year, remember to use the old gift bags anew this year and to save the ones you get for later use.

But just in case you don't have any old gift bags around, but you happen to have this wonderful wall calendar that's closing to its end, here are few tips to be a good recycling person.

I had this wonderful calendar with art works of Alphonse Mucha on it, and I wouldn't even dream to throw it away. So I needed a good way to make something new out of it... Gift wraps! That's right. Let's see...

If you don't want the gift-getter to know what you did in the month used, remember to glue a blank paper over the days!
The paper of calendars is usually strong, so it won't break as easily as normal gift wrap paper, but if you bent it, it will show on the paper, so don't press the bents hard unless you are sure you want that bent there!

A Calendar
Tape or glue
Ribbon (for 3rd and 4th)
Scissors (for 3rd and 4th)
A hole punch (for 3rd and 4th)

1st Technique: Ordinary Wrap

Put the gift in the middle and bend the paper over.

Bend the top and bottom in and tape.

As you might have noticed, the paper wasn't big enough, so I needed to put in some extra white, which gave room for writing a small note to.

 Ta-dah! First one down, and it's as pretty as can be!

 2nd Technique: A Slim Bag

Bend the paper so that the seam is on the middle of the back side, and so that the halves overlap as in the picture above.

This technique works well on tall, slim pictures like this.

Bend the bottom horizontally.

Next, bend as follows:

Yes, those are my socks.

Looking like this after the bents. Now, you can tape/glue the back seam.

Leaving the triangularish bents inside the pouch it should look like this.

Bend the top inwards to get a clean look. Tape/glue.

After that, it should look like this. Now bend the bottom flaps over themothers and tape/glue tightly.

Puncture the top part for the handles. Cut some ribbon, put it through the punctures and make knots on the ends, so that the ribbon won't slide through.

And the slim bag is ready to go!

3rd Technique: Gift Pouchy

 Start the same way as before. Bend so that the back seam is on the back, and the parts are overlapping.

Bend the bottom horizontally, to get a "help line".

Make two bents (A) on both sides of the side seams. About 1,5-2cm from the side lines.

Cut a triangle so that the top of it is on the side line, and the cuts go from there to where the A lines and the "help line" meet. Now the help line should be the bottom of the triangle. Don't mind my weirdly red fingers, it's just the lights, nothing serious *cough*.

Bend as shown. And yeah, yeah, I have messed up my nail stripes, but you don't need to notice that.

Looks like this from above.

Glue/ Tape the back seam.

The bottom is looking like this? Good.

Bend and tape/glue the rough lines away.

Bend the first half of bottom down to form the bottom of the bag, and tape/glue the triangular parts on it tightly.

Tape/glue the other half of the bottom on it, and the bottom part should be all ready to go!

Bent the top part backwards to close the pouch (just like some tea bags you see sold on stores).
The third one is hereby ready!

4th Technique: 3D Bag

Follow the 3rd technique to the end, but bend the top part inside the bag.
Do like we did in 2nd technique's end: puncture holes for handles, put ribbons in, remember the knots, and...
the 3D bag is ready!
No, the picture doesn't show one, haha, but imagine handles on that one!

And there we are. Pretty and original gift hiders. And you will always get points for selfmade gifts. And more points for being nature-friendly. And think about it, a pretty wrap can be the card as well. Or the receiver could put the picture in frames and on the wall!

Now, don't you dare to throw those calendars away as this year ends!


Welcome to blogger and to my blog [Elli]! Have fun~
And the mystery reader too!

tiistai 18. joulukuuta 2012

Beautiful Things That Cost Some Money

"Hey, I found this fabric which is just perfect for you. What do you want me to make of it?"
"Hmm, this kind of dress?"

Well, the actual conversation didn't go exactly like that but the result was the same: I made a dress for my little sister. Once again I got to try few new techniques, and this time I also got the size nailed pretty much perfectly. Ha!

 Sorry, no dress forms and petticoats this time, the dress was carried off the moment I got it ready so I needed to run after it, yelling "waaait, I need a picturee...."

I bought 2,5m of this fabric. And that was exactly how much I used it.

 And I was rather shocked when I realized that making this dress cost me 40-45e. I suppose I better not go and buy every fabric that looks interesting, and not try to sew every dress that flashes through my mind. Geez, making clothes in Finland costs a lot. But! At least I learned stuff on the way. And my sister liked it (YOUBETTER), so it's alright.

As for beautiful things that cost some money, here is what I saw when I roamed around certain secondhand shops last week. If only I had enough room to adopt some of them..!

 This sofa was in fact my favorite, since I love the style. And I did offer to buy it, but would have needed to haggle the price, and, err, I'm not good with such things. So I was planning on stalking it, and maybe I'd get a chance to carry it off... But it was sold last Saturday to someone else. Now I wish I'd just sqeezed the extra euros from somewhere and bought it. Sigh...

Pretty things. Pretty, pretty things.