perjantai 31. elokuuta 2012

Evil Queen and 22 Questions

"I want to make a shoot about Evil Queen."
"Oh, count me in!"
"Ok, take that and that with you and come over."

That was pretty much how the conversation went with Miss K and me in Messenger one day. So I picked up "that and that" and drove to her lodgings to the idyllic forest view, where she sacrificed my blood to hungry Finnish insects in sake of photographs.  So also the styling, the make-up and editing are made by her, the clothing and accessories are mine.

Miss K is the mastermind behind [Lumililja Photography]. She is a familiar sight at local horse activity things, but can also be asked to snap that lovely camera of hers at people. Weddings, birthdays.. if you need a lady with a camera, she welcomes your contact~

But to give this post some text stuff too, I have been challenged to 11 Questions by [FullMoon] and [The Countess] and the questions have been unanswered for a shamefully long time, but here I go! First the questions of The Countess, then FullMoon (translated Finnish->English). (Sorry my loves, for being such a slow being as I am!)

(Maybe I should make a new banner out of this...)

1. If you were given 100€ right now with the obligation that you have to buy something that makes you happy, what would you buy?
I'd by tickets to Japan for me, my sister and J-pon. I'd also buy ridiculous amounts of books, games and other very important stuff. Oh yeah. Oh it was just 100e? Oh well, you get the point!

2. Your favourite movie?
I'm one of those who don't have only one. Lord of The Rings has a special place in my heart, but HERO and The House of Flying Daggers are insanely beautiful. I also adore Miyazaki's films and have always a good time with Burton's movies and old Disney's stuff is a way to warm a heart.

3. If you could become any fictional character for a day who would you want to be?
There is so many that I would like to be for a day. I'd like to be an elf of Middle Earth, I'd love to spend some time at Hogwarts, and someone who can fly would be a lot of fun (now, all, imagine me as a superman. What a lovely colors... eyes....)

4. Is there an ethnical/political theme or agenda that is important to you?
Hmm, saving the rain forests. And pandas. And other pretty stuff. The trees are very political stuff.

5. Fish or birds?
Birds. Though some fishes are mighty fine.

6. Could you live for two weeks without your mobile and the internet without feeling that you lose contact to people that are important to you?
Two weeks I could manage. And I can still muster up a letter. Or I can just turn up at your door. Just be carefull, your door could be the next!

7. Favourite item of clothing?
A long black jacket. Nothing beats an epic thing like that.

8. Have you been kind to a stranger this week?
Yup. Kinda part of my work.

9. Do you like old buildings?
I love them. They are beautiful.

10. Umbrellas or parasols?
Though one. I'll go with umbrellas, for I like the sound of rain.

11. What was the last thing you have creatively made with your own hands?
The latest one was a small vest for my bjd, Ira.
1. Where do you usually buy your clothes from?
Now days it's secondhand places. And Internet shops. And Internet's secondhand places.

2. Evenings or mornings?
Evenings. If it's up to me, I'm not out of bed before the morning has already past. Though if I happen to be awake at an early morning on my free time, it can be a lot of fun. But evenings and nights are the best times of the days.

3. What kids' TV shows did you watch as a kid?
I simply watched them all. I wasn't a huge fan of any school related stuff, nor the superhero stuff either. But all the fantasy related I did like. Some very much.

4. White chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Haha, sometimes everything goes, some times one or another. I'll go for dark.

5. Favorite subject in school?
History and arts. I did like physics and math as well.

6. What kind of music is your favorite?
Alright, again a question with no only one answer. I like the epic stuff. From celtic sounds to ebm. From metal to classic choir stuff. Yup. But I don't like everything. I like something from everything. Yup.

7. What hobbies do you have on your free time?
A huge load of hobbies. First to come to mind are reading, drawing, gaming, sewing, playing piano and practicing martial arts. So in other words, I have never time. Or so it feels. Never enough time.

8. Tea of coffee?
Definitely tea. If you catch me with a latte in hand, I must be feeling cold or very tired.

9. Done the Confirmation stuff?
Oh yes. That camp. I didn't like it at all. Not because of the theme, but because the people at the camp.

10. Your dream career?
Writer and game consept artist/writer. And doing artsy and music things as a side job. Oh, that would be so nice...!

11. If you could have only one wish, what would it be?
Everyone is thinking about rainforests and world peace right? Naturally. But if it was for me, I'd hope that I'd be more than good enough in life. Or something.


So originally the rules also included to tell 11 facts of yourself as well, but I don't like talking about myself, so I think the answers here are more than enough on Me-department. Also, I'm supposed to challenge 11 new and shiny persons to this. I did that in some of the previous posts and don't remember who I tagged that time, so sorry if this hits you twice!

But look, you'll also get this pink badge that came with The Countess' challenge!

My questions to you:
1. What's behind you?
2. Do you remember what was in your dream last night?
3. Best book you have ever read?
4. Which one you would rather speak of if you had to choose: politics or religion?
5. Have you seen the film called The House of Flying Daggers?
6. You have read Harry Potters haven't you?
7. What do you think of this song?
8. If you could learn to play perfectly one instrument, that would be?
9. How many steps do you need to take to get to the door of the house? How many to fridge?
10. Do you remember what you ate yesterday?
11.  Do you like more to be in front or behind the camera?

And I'll challenge

Agh! I'm supposed to be awake in 4h! alright, you six don't follow my example but tag 11 people like good fellas and sleep like human beings! 

Good nights you all!
(Noo, 4h, noooo)

keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2012

Good Riddance!

First of all! Ofelia market is this weekend's Saturday, here at Tampere. I'm sure it's going to be wonderful, so if you can, be there. I'm sadly on a morning shift and not out until 15pm, after that I'm not sure if it's wise to visit Ofelia Market since I'm supposed to board a train to Helsinki that same evening. Sigh, if only I could be in two places at the same time..


 To get to the title of this post. I realized that I have been spending almost all the spare time I have with Playstation, so I thought it might be clever to do something else for a change. So I checked under my bed, picked up some old leftover fabrics and started to sew. (It's amazing what all you can find from under the beds.)

This...flowery, pastel colored thing was originally for my mother's bag's innards, but since she had bought a bit too much, piece of the fabric was left floating around my lodgings, after all, one shouldn't throw away something that can still be used. Less trash makes the World a better place and so on. But what to make out of such a fabric? There was really only one right answer for that question...

...and the answer was bjd dresses! Haha. These were made for [Giko's] Arisa. If you poke that link, you'll find a posting made by Giko of these dresses being worn.

The laces are also old left overs. Yup. 

After I finished this, I found myself in possession.. of more of the same fabric! 
So it was time for round two. For this second dress, I also used white leftover fabric (it was a sleeve once) and some wide lace with lightly blue hue. Where had that come from? No idea...

 The under dress.

With the second "dress". It's in a style of a vest, I suppose. The long things are supposed to be tied into two ribbons.


Since we are on the subject, here is also a bag that I sewed up out of some leftovers a bit longer time ago. Sadly this slightly failed, for despite all that I did to strengthen it, it was too light a bag to keep it's shape when something heavy and of a random shape was put inside of it. Can't win everytime, huh.

 Size of an A4.

 Never used PVC before, so it was quite interesting. A bit later I was working PVC again, this time for a certain cosplay...

I also made inner pockets and outter pockets and who knows what.


Now off to sleep, off to work! And soon back, I hope.

maanantai 13. elokuuta 2012

I Can't Help It, They Followed Me Home

Hello [FullMoon]! Welcome aboard!


Oh my, oh my. The week went by, and now this day. So fast that I'm totally not keeping up with the time! Maybe because I'm in middle of a gaming frenzy, I might have a habit of totally forgetting time while playing. Makes it difficult to be in time for work and sleep, haha. First things first, right?

Uhm, let's see. I was totally not going to buy stuff like this, but...

Ahha! I in fact didn't buy this one! A customer gave it to me, apparently since I was so nice. It's a bit hard to tell, since she and her mother only spoke Russian. Anyway, aaw~

I made a good deal of an used Wii console. So now I own, first time in my life, another console than a PlayStation! But there just was some very pretty looking games for it... Like The Last Story (I got a discount off the discount in this too!) in the picture, and a game called Pandora's Tower, that still waits in a shop for its price to get down.

I and my sister went to do some... uhh, shopping. And, well, lot's of things followed us home. Like the headphones in the picture (9,90e Europe House) and that pink box with...

...these inside! Campbell's Night Walks! I was rolling around in a cloud of hearts and just couldn't let them go. No matter what. So I didn't. And yes, a human being can walk with those.

Then we spotted a certain shop selling all kinds of jewelry stuff with but 2e. A small peak in and we just needed to carry few home. I thought these might look kinda pretty if I'd manage to do something clever with my hair sometime. Their quality was awesome though, the half-pearls kept falling off with the slightest knock. (The shop is GinaTricot, yes, I'm serious, in case you feel like stocking some cross stuff, you might want to awkwardly check their shelves.)

Long thin cross on a long thin chain. Of course I went for it. The skulls were just a fine plus. Mwahhaha. 

The same place as above, the same 2e price. In case it doesn't fall apart, it will look very nice on some epic coords.

*cough* Well, it was on a discount too! And it stared at me. Can't help it when they stare...!

These are a bit older kids which I forgot to update last time.
The one on the left is the program of Finncon, where I visited with J-pon. I was working that weekend, so I made it there only on one day, sigh.
The samurai book was free and the Tolkien Bestiary was something that I piked up on exchange for some books I gave to antiquarians. The game is a rarity, named Rogue Galaxy, which the boys of Game House managed to hunt for me. I love those boys~ (And they love my money? xD)

As you can see, I have robbed my bank account quite badly. Now I must behave. At least I promise to try. (Now I won't tell you that there is two orders in for a pair of shoes and a book...)

But! I also made it to some event last week! [Findustry] was taking place at Yo-Talo here at Tampere. I went to check it with Mr Mi, JenJen and [TomVi]. The place was cool, the music was good and the company was better. This time we didn't dance that much, maybe since at least I became quite tired as the night went on (the whole week was quite hectic and hence I had only slept well on one night during whole week). And the live music was so loud that my ears were almost hurting if standing in the main room (ear plugs... I never remember to take them with me.). But we talked some weird stuff at the peaceful side and I did enjoy that~

Sadly I managed to forget that I owned a camera, and therefore I have no pictures of anyone or anything from that evening! Shame on me.

Here is however something I wore from the beginning of that week, for I was finishing my driver's license by attending some 4h teaching event. I must have looked quite out of place with my puffy skirt and a habit of picking up a history magazine whenever I was queuing to do some driving exorcise... (Not to mention I was 30min late since I got lost twice while trying to drive to the practice area.)

The Hat - H&M // Black Shirt - Second-Hand // Skull Cross - GinaTricot // Black Skirt & Petticoats - Selfmade

Now this face is off to catch some sleep before it's morning!