sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

Once More For January

Welcome aboard [Mortisia]!


The 2012's fist month is closing to it's end and I was a lazy blogger during it. I was lazy in everything else too, though. No drawing, no sewing, no writing. Must try to catch up in February then!

Vapriikki Vintage 28.-29.1.2012 was the thing this weekend. Vintage happening with exhibitions, dancing, vintage market, fashion show, burlesque and so on. My visit to it was much shorter than expected. The January laziness must be the cause.

Here is few shots from the market area:


Whereas I carried nothing home from the vintage market, these things have found their way in in some point.

I found my self in need for a calendar and went to find the prettiest. Mucha again? Well it was the prettiest, no doubt (Suomalainen Kirjakauppa). Oh, and today I went by a shop with small Mucha carpets! Now that's sweet, but I couldn't step upon one...

Apocalyptica's 7th Symphony was about 7e at [Swamp Music]. I love cellos, and I love their sound. That's why I was slightly disappointed with this CD, the cellos sounded mostly like electric guitars. Hmm.
AFI's Crash Love did a bit better (and costed more), even though they are clearly lighter than they used to be. But I rolled this CD around a number of times even today, it kept me nicely energetic, mheh.

Now that's very... ... it's not from the kid's department! Somewhere inside this pink thing is Limecrime's black lipstick, Styleto (or something). Very nice black indeed.

This new scarf had such a beautiful skulls on it that I needed to name it and carry it home, where it now waits for warmer climate while hanging on a bookshelf. (GinaTricot)

Just like the scarf above, this skull necklace was found at GinaTricot. Skulls are nice. And they smile a lot too.


As for other things.. Well not that there is much else. I did manage to read through Anthony Capella's The Empress of Ice Cream (thumbs up for ice cream trivia) and start Robert Sheckley's The Alchemical Marriage of Alistair Crompton.
Also played through Resistance, of which I haven't yet managed to write a gametalk to the other blog. Now playing Catherine and Devil Summoner, both of which are wonderful games.
And January is coming to it's end clearly since I started a sewing project today. It's going to be a dress. You will see.

Not feeling very photogenic today, so have a bad photo!
Pink? There is something pink? least they ain't bunnies, right? Yes, they are for one's feet...

torstai 19. tammikuuta 2012

Lady's Style And Enfant Terrible Meet-Up

Three new readers, [Crémelice], [Lygo] and plan_t, be most welcome!
(And one ghost reader? I think it was 55 before you three. HMM. Welcome to the ghost too!)


It was the 14th of this month, and a meetup was held. Lovely lady [Sera] had organized a meet-thing here in Tampere. Around 15 persons wearing pretty clothing were making their way through a freezing wind and snow, to see Vapriikki's [Ladyn Tyyli] exhibition featuring beautiful clothing and accessories, photographs, and to head to a warm cafe afterwards.

The exhibition is on 'till the 18.3.2012, so if you happen to stumble upon free time at Tampere, consider this as a possibility. The tickets are ranging from ca. 2-8e.

This reminded me of VW's works. Needles to say, I was almost carrying it out of there.

If you'd like to see the rest of the photoload I gathered, you can go [here].


The meet-up itself then. There was quite nice amount of us, and to my surprise, most of them I had met before. That was nice, felt safer, haha. But the new faces were such a nice people too, and I was way too energetic and talked scarily much *cough*.

Not the all of us. But it was a nice group shot anyway.

My stare towards that not-quite-VW-jacket is making my glasses to gather some steam. Yup.

...and that was how it went for the cafeteria part. My end of table now knows that I'm a horrible cook and slept narcolepticly through my classes. And so on, so fort. Luckily me and the most-awesomest-curls-ever had fun. Or err, I had, she might be being polite... Ahhaha, nono, let's not think like that.

Since it was freezing cold outside, we didn't have any real photoshooting in the meetup. I still managed to drag this cute lady in a pic with me. I loved her dress and jacket so much. So pretty~

"When I was young...."

My outfit:
Jacket - F+F // Pants, shirt - offbrand // Clock Necklace, Top Hat - secondhand // Short Tie - Selfmade

Oh and that tie then. I was originally planning to make a whole new jacket for the meetup, but lacked the time to finish it. But I was settled on making something, so I dived to my leftover pile, searched for the leftovers of the Halloween dress' fabric and found four random pieces.

Two of the pieces had already been under a sewing machine once, since they were supposed to be the tails of the braineaterribbon. But it didn't look good with them so these were left to wander endlessly until..
Then there was this long multi-width piece, about 40cm long, and 2-5cm wide. Haha, it was a pain to poke this one. And then there was this short almost-a-square -piece.
After an hour of sewing at the morning of the meetup-day, I had this:

It's slightly oddly shaped (seems less odd IRL), but when I pulled the vest+jacket on it, it worked just fine!

And because, there seems always to be some clever pics, let's have one here too....:
At least I'm not wearing a bonnet. ...I totally didn't wear a bonnet in any point of the meetup! Did not! Not some white bonnet!

sunnuntai 8. tammikuuta 2012

A Fabric Rose - Tutorial

Roses, roses. I was stitching these up one night while watching Merlin, and since they ended up looking like roses (which was the goal), I thought this might be of some interest to someone looking forwards to fabric rose tutorials. Yup, here we go.

A Fabric Rose Tutorial

You will need:

First we cut ten pieces that remind petals. Being same size and pretty is recommended but you can do without too.

Let's take the first petal and roll it up. Sew on place.

Take next two petals and wrap them around the first, on the opposite sides. Sew on place.

The 4th and 5th petals go opposite too, but now on the sides of the 2nd and the 3rd. See the picture. Sew, sew.

The rest of the leaves then: take one of the gaps (where the sides of two petals meet) and put the 6th on there, then the next one will overlap that one, and the next one will overlap that one. Keep eye on the overview: if someplace needs a petal, you can put it there.

That's how the bottom looks, pretty much.

Depending on if you put the 6th-10th leaves overlapping or on gaps, you will get slightly different looks:
On the gaps. Mostly. I don't know from where that one petal is sticking from *cough*.


Alright, and after you have watched some TV while making these, you may find yourself with a pile of roses. Now where to attach them. The sky is the limit?


As for other things... I should be sleeping already! Well, must do the blog reading marathon tomorrow then, ah, the early mornings, how much I love you.
Also! The spring already has two concerts waiting, but now there is also the Birthday Cruise, just like last year, and apparently a trip to Edinburgh with K and H. It will be wonderful (even though that means that I need to stay away from shopping for the rest of this winter).
Also! I managed to keep my New Years promise and put a pile of things on sale (I get easily attached to material things, so it was quite a task). I'll try to put some more stuff on sale/ give away/ dispose if I manage. Maybe.
Once more: Also! Since this is a sewing post, let's have these two posted here too:

After posting the fur muffler tutorial, I also ended up making this happy fur collar. Can be thrown over anything. As for how practical it is.. let's not go there. But it gives some color to the black winter jackets. (And this one old chain thing finally made it's way to real use!)
Should I make a tutorial out of this too? Though it's the simplest thing I've ever done perhaps...

This is a small cape, can be thrown on jackets too. Or just shirts. It's comfty~
I was supposed to make it myself, but in the end I made just half of the middle part or something. Oh well.

maanantai 2. tammikuuta 2012

Chanel Fall 2005

You'd think one is going to make a New Year's post since the 2012 started two days ago?
Nah, so overrated! Let's go back to the 2005. Fall.

I came by this one photo of Chanel's Fall 2005 collection and liked what I saw, so I went and looked around to find the rest of it. Mr Karl Lagerfeld designed all sorts of inspiring things for that fall. Who cares it's 7 years ago? Truly cool things don't get old, right?

To see rest of the runway show, you can poke this link [here].

These are from the ready-to-wears of 2005 fall:

Hurhurhur, now, if you'd like to see more, these and the rest can be viewed [here].


To say a few words of the past year...

There was wandering at castles and fortresses, knight set on fire, forests of every part of the year, changing schools, clubbing, friends, sewing, drawing, getting a new pierce while being not allowed to keep the old, working, learning to wave a fan in a kung fu way, lots of good food and ice cream, conserts and cons. And much much more. I had more fun than in the year before, I almost dare say. Good-bye 2011, rest in memories!