tiistai 18. joulukuuta 2012

Beautiful Things That Cost Some Money

"Hey, I found this fabric which is just perfect for you. What do you want me to make of it?"
"Hmm, this kind of dress?"

Well, the actual conversation didn't go exactly like that but the result was the same: I made a dress for my little sister. Once again I got to try few new techniques, and this time I also got the size nailed pretty much perfectly. Ha!

 Sorry, no dress forms and petticoats this time, the dress was carried off the moment I got it ready so I needed to run after it, yelling "waaait, I need a picturee...."

I bought 2,5m of this fabric. And that was exactly how much I used it.

 And I was rather shocked when I realized that making this dress cost me 40-45e. I suppose I better not go and buy every fabric that looks interesting, and not try to sew every dress that flashes through my mind. Geez, making clothes in Finland costs a lot. But! At least I learned stuff on the way. And my sister liked it (YOUBETTER), so it's alright.

As for beautiful things that cost some money, here is what I saw when I roamed around certain secondhand shops last week. If only I had enough room to adopt some of them..!

 This sofa was in fact my favorite, since I love the style. And I did offer to buy it, but would have needed to haggle the price, and, err, I'm not good with such things. So I was planning on stalking it, and maybe I'd get a chance to carry it off... But it was sold last Saturday to someone else. Now I wish I'd just sqeezed the extra euros from somewhere and bought it. Sigh...

Pretty things. Pretty, pretty things.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Pretty things indeed.
    You seem to be a lovely sister, the dress looks amazing and if it made your sister happy it was probably worth the costs.
    Making clothes is pretty expensive in Germany too, the fabrics and buttons cost waaaaay too much.

    1. Thank you :3.
      Yeah, I wish they didn't cost so much, it'd be like a paradise to be able to sew as much as one wanted without ending up with an empty wallet. Some things can be bought cheaper online, but I always like to poke my fabrics IRL before buying them, and in Internet poking things physically is sort of an impossibility...