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Welcome to [Lady Selena]! I'll be looking forward to read your blog too.

Which brings us to the subject of the day!

There is now 88 of you readers, and that's the sign of infinity twice, only in a standing position. A good omen, I'm sure. Therefore it calls for something special, hmm...

 Maybe I should sew 8 dresses in 8 hours?
No, maybe I should wear 8 jackets and run around the forest in a snowstorm for 8 days?
Nah, maybe I should read aloud Lord of the Rings backwards... while translating it to another language... to 88 languages?

Argh, those just won't do. I didn't think this was going to be this hard...
No, wait...

We will hold a give-away event for the second time in this blog!

Up for the event are these two chokers above. 
 Let's have a better look at them...

First one is the spider choker, which we will now call "Dark". It features a spider on its web with a tiny skull. Both attached to a black velveteen ribbon.

 This one we will call "Classic", and it's in fact something I picked up from a local antique convention thing. It features two historically dressed figures, painted with gold paint on a blue surface. Wonderfully small details, which is why I love it.

Here is how they look when worn. 

You will have (8+8=) 16 days time to tell me which one you want. That is, the event will end on 29th of December.  That is 29.12.2012. In case the World didn't end before this.
So, choose "Dark" or "Classic" and write it on the comments of this entry. And because last time I asked you to recommend me books, which worked wonderfully, this time I wish you'd recommend me a band or an artist that you like. Because I think my music library needs some new sounds.

In a nutshell, the rules:

1. Be a follower of this blog.
2. Choose "Dark" or "Classic" and write the chosen one on your comment to this entry.
3. Recommend  a band or an artist to me by writing it too on the comment.
4. Do this all before 29.12.2012.

The winners will be chosen by lottery. I'll write your names on separate pieces of paper, drop them in Dark Hat and Classic Hat and draw one name from each back up again. Those two will be the winners.

Any questions? No? Alright, then, give these two necklaces a good home and may the Force be with you!


Shortly for other things:
As seen above, I was feeling rather striped since I spotted a small nail tutorial in [Enfant Terrible] -forum and decided to test it out.
Striped Jacket & Black Shirt - secondhand // Collar - selfmade // Bird Skull Brooch - restyle

I finished reading Nix's Lirael and moved to reading the final part of the trilogy, Abhorsen. Also went to see Rise of Guardians (cute~) with J-pon, [Giko] and [Lonlon], watched a strange movie called Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and am still playing Final Fantasy XIII-2

And now I must run off, and when I come back, I'm going to read the latest updates by all the wonderful bloggers who I follow. Which will take... hours, haha, why is there so many awesome people...

13 kommenttia:

  1. Oh, thank you and welcome in my blog too :D ♥

    Gorgeous nails and jacket, neither I can resist b&w stripes!

    1. Haha, thank you!
      Yeah, there is something addicting about the stripes xD.

  2. Tuo Classic- choker on kyllä hieno, mie tykkään! ^^ Hmm, mie suosittelen siulle Ill Niñoa, jos alternative / latino metalli kolahtaa. ;) Yks miun lemppareista, kappaleet ovat melko vaihtelevia, kahdella eri kielellä tekkeevät. ♥

    1. Haha, kiitoksia! Kuulostaa mielenkiintoiselta yhdistelmästä, joten täytyy tutustua!

  3. Oh those are so pretty! I like the 'classic' one more <3
    And the band I recommend is 'dark sanctuary' since they're my favorite at the moment <3

    (I feel the urge to steal your jacket :3)

    1. Oh, I'm going to check that one right away then!

      (Noo, don't steal it xD. Though I do have way too many jackets.... xD)

  4. Ihana takki, mustavalkoraidoissa on aina taikaa! Garth Nixin Abhorsen-trilogia on yksi fantasiasuosikeistani. :)

    1. Totta! Hämmentävää, miten raidat tuolla väriyhdistelmällä onnistuvatkin niin usein näyttämään hyvältä :).
      Ja kieltämättä Abhorsen on ollut mielenkiintoinen sarja^^.

  5. The jacket :O And the shirt inside = glorious result!!! ♥ haha and liked the inner - conversation paragraph of what you should do about the magic number!!!!
    So, what a beautiful give away!! I will say the Classic (even though both look so beautiful!) and i recommend you, Sid, is a Japanese visual kei rock band which probably you already know but i have like a year i found them :$

    1. Haha, thanks, I'm happy that you liked it xD.
      And whee, I'm absolutely going to check Sid! <33

  6. Oh my, how did I miss this post?
    First of all, I love the impressions of your outfit, stripy things, yay! It is very Tim Burton-esque, I like it! The nails look really good, unfortunately, mine are too short to look nice with stripes :(

    Okay and as there is still time I would love to take part in the give away. The classic version would suit my style better ( and I have a spider phobia ^^) so I'd choose that one.
    I thought I could recommend "Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra" to you but I'm sure you already know them soooo I'll choose a German band called Fiddlers Green. They do Irish Folk inspired music, I think they call it speed folk and I am obsessed with them. Other than that: Schandmaul. Their lyrics are all in german BUT listen to the music, I LOVE the atmposphere it creates ;)

    Happy Christmas!