keskiviikko 14. marraskuuta 2012

Nightwish & Imaginaerum & Hartwall

Last Saturday me, J-pon and M went to see Nightwish perform at Helsinki, and to see their movie Imaginaerum. We arrived after the doors were already opened, but somehow magically made it to the first row. Oh my. I have never been in the first row. Sadly though we were right behind this camera man, and hence taking good pictures became a bit harder task ( and he blocked my whole view to the drummer, Jukka, which is sad since it's a lot of fun to watch him play). Not to say that the quality of my photos in general is anything to celebrate for..

Anyway! Floor Jansen did wonderful job in the vocals, and if you ask me, she could stay too. The concert part was way too short, way too short. I could have taken another full round easily. Nevertheless, we were thrown out for a hour so that they could stroll some chairs to the arena. When we got back, we got places that were quite alright and then the movie started...

And I won't comment it. But I will buy the DVD when it comes out. I'll pre-order it, if they allow us to do that. And I tell you all, that if you have a possibility to go to see it, you should, maybe out of curiosity, or to support the new ideas and imagination or for whatever reason. They put a lot of money, time and themselves in it, and that deserves to be noticed. Everyone might not find it to their liking, but that's how the life goes.
And yes, it's visually pretty, it sounds lovely, the band looks wonderful in it, the story is touching and I adore Nightwish.( I just commented it, didn't I... wops, slipped.)

Pictures? Pictures now.

It was all blue and misty when we got in.

All in all, it was a great trip. And I'm looking forward to see Nightwish soon again, probably at some music festival next year (seems like they are coming to Tampere Open Air, haha).
Oh, and the first thing I did when I got home that Sunday? I drew some fanart to the movie. The thing I drew is pretty clumsily made and nothing to boast about, but I haven't been able to make myself draw anything for a while, yet now I'm looking forward to get some good quality time with pens, brushes and papers.


As for other things...
I changed the background (and the template, even though it seems pretty much the same). Still wondering if it's alright as it is, but at least having something a bit lighter for a chance is feeling refreshing. 

I played through Okami (gametalk [here], like always) and started with Final Fantasy XIII-2. I also read a book by Bernhard Graf, Gems; The World's Greatest Treasures and their Stories (alright, I suppose), and Garth Nix's Sabriel (alright, I like the idea of those bells and the gates to Death). Currently flipping the pages of Lirael, the second book of the same series, by Garth Nix.

Now running to get some sleep, for I plan to be awesome tomorrow, and that requires waking up like a human being!

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  1. Sabriel and Lirael were some of my favorite books in high school! The old covers were nicer though- they had a darker feel to them.

    1. Oh *goes googling* it seems there is a nice lot of different covers, very nice ones among them^^.

  2. Mä oon just miettinyt pääni puhki, että pitäiskö mennä kattomaan Imaginaerum tollon perjantaina, kun se tulee teattereihin :D Mut en sit taas tiedä, kun en tykkää kun Anette on siinä D: Koska mitä nyt oon kuullut Floorin laulua, niin se on paljon enemmän omaa korvaani miellyttävä, mitä taas Anetten ääni ei ole ( makukysymys sekin XD )

    1. No tottakai pitäs^^. Jeps, jollakin tavalla hämäävää oli nähdä Anette elokuvassa, varsinkin kun hetki sitten Floor oli ollut lavalla :').

  3. Tuo keikka oli puhdasta parhautta! Eturivi on paras mahdollinen paikka ja 14 tunnin jonotuksen jälkeen se tuntuu älyttömän siistiltä! Jansen on upea ja myös mun puolesta hän saisi jäädä bändiin.
    Leffa taas jätti tavallaan sanattomaksi. Pitänee mennä katsomaan se uudelleen, kun se tulee teattereihin :)

    1. Mutta liian lyhyt! Olisivatpa tehneet comebacking vielä lavalle :).
      Kyllä kyllä, minäkin menen katsomaan leffan teattereihin, kunhan se sinne tulee, hehehe >u>~.