lauantai 24. marraskuuta 2012

Dark Blue Hair

 In the darkening days of Autumn, two suspicious characters stroll through the parks and streets of a quiet neighborhood...

My hair has always been a bit of a trouble maker, and now more than ever, since it has reached The Random Lenght, with no clear cut anywhere to be seen. As it happens [Giko] asked me to order two wigs from eBay to her and talked me into getting one for myself as well. And I did. And this is what followed when the post brought them last Friday....

The Top Hat & Shoes - secondhand // Wig -eBay // Jacket - Punk Rave // Pants - F+F // Accessories - random /DiY


Giko got herself this cute pink wig and a blond one. So cute~
Now, everyone who wants to see me in a pink wig, hands up! Not that it still would happen xD. (Or maybe..?)

And just because...

I'd be a mighty air-bass player!
Not that I can play bass. I'm a keyboard person. Did I mention I used to play in a band that played melodic metal? Well, I did play in one some years ago, haha. (And I'm pretty sure I looked better than I sounded!)

Oh yeah, do you like big pictures like in this post or small ones like in earlier ones? Now that I poked my layout a bit, I could post big pics too, as long as they are not overly shaky or blurred.


As for other things...
Aaagh! I have been missing some dark dancing clubs & happenings because the person I usually used to drag to them with me moved to another city! He was always ready to accompany me if the schoolwork didn't keep him away and he is such a nice company all in all! (Especially since he likes to talk, and I like to listen, haha.) Sigh, now I need to do some serious talking beforehand to brainwash people to believe that yes, they want to sacrifice some night sleep, yes, they want to use few euros to do that and yes, they want to jump around on dance floor (like you, J-pon, if you read this! I already know you like the music, so I'm gonna brainwash you to listen it at cluuubs~). I suppose I could go by myself too, but it's so much more fun with someone you know and like to hang around with.

And I wish I was good enough in German to speak and write with it!
...I can already, sort of, studied it lazily for 9-10 years *cough*. But note the "lazily". I hardly ever did any homework.. so it's my own fault that I'm so bad at it, haha xD.

10 kommenttia:

  1. Oo, toi peruukkihan on tosi siistin näkönen! :) Väri käypi siulle, tosi kauniita kuvia muuten.^^

    1. Kiitos! Olen pitkään halunnutkin kokeilla sinisiä hiuksia, ja näin se kävi kohtalaisen tuskattomasti vieläpä :D. (

  2. First of all: Hands Up!!!
    Secondly, I love those pictures, you look amazing in this wig. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of wigs, they often make people look a bit weird but this one suits you very well! I like that the photos are bigger now, you should stick to that!
    Thirdly: Ich wusste nicht, dass du Deutsch sprichst, haha, das ist ja toll!

    1. Ahhhahha, alright, be careful, I just might...!
      I haven't bought/used wigs before for the exact same reason, but after seeing some really nice pictures I thought that why not give it a try... And I'm happy I did, it was interesting indeed :D.
      Mhehe, doch xD. Aber wenn Ich etwas mit es schreibe, brauche Ich ein Wörterbuch, und die Grammatik liebt mich nicht xD. (Mein Aufsatz war immer Lehrerins Nachtmahr xD.)

  3. Aion ryhdistäytyä ja tulla seuraavalle kuuttiklubille! Ainakin yksi olisi tiedossa tammikuun puolella, nimittäin Kasaribileet Dog'sissa.

  4. Oh i wish i would change my hair color all the time but i cannot do that to them, there are so not many :P But the wig is a great idea, as long as it doesnt seems fake!! Yours is absolutely amazing and you pick a fav color!!! But again my congrats to your taste and love you put on your outfit!!!! Glorious my dear!! Hope you doing well!!!!<3

    PS I had seen your new blog before but didnt get the chance to write you and i LOVE it!! I do like the big pictures but dont stay in that, post them in whatever shape you like at the time you do the post!!!

    1. Yeah, same thing with me, can't really dye my own hair, because it's kinda weak (and so dark, that I'd need to bleach like hundreds of time to make any cool colors to work). So love for good quality wigs! ♥
      And thank you so much! I'm happy that you liked my outfit <3. I too love the wig's color~

      And thank you, it felt good to chance the blog's looks a bit! I'm so glad you like it <33.