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Get Ready For Halloween: Green Things

This entry is dedicated to all those who would like to do nice eatable things for events, but are -like me- quite out of place in kitchen (and are causing an amount of harm, mostly to themselves when finding a warm oven in one direction, a pan in one hand and a knife in another). That is to say, these are easy and therefore almost bulletproof to succeed in. 


Zombie Pieces aka Marshmallows

This does involve some hot water, but otherwise it's safe. Not even requiring ovens.
And since there are many great recipes already staggering around Internet, I'll give you links instead of me repeating what someone else wrote.

This one is in Finnish, but it has great high quality pictures in it so look even if Finnish makes no sense (this is the one that I used, pretty much anyway, and it worked and didn't need any egg whites either):

To make them fit for Halloween you might want to take up some green color, to give it a nice zombie hue. To make the point clear it would be excellent idea to drop some red jam /sauce as well, to give a hint of being bloody too. The way the marshmallows like to stretch gives a nice add to the zombie meat feeling. The flavor is entirely up to the maker.
Great thing is that marshmallows look really nice also in other colors, so making them traditional orange & black would surely look nice.

Here is hazy pics of how it turned out when I and [Giko] were in the kitchen. No jam, since we forgot to check what we needed while in market *cough*. Well planned, half way done?

Mmm, raw zombie meat. It was green, but the indoor lights are making it... not so green.

Thin oddities. But it's not the looks but the taste! Taste! (And we forgot to buy any flavor stuff, so they ended up being vanilla... And since the syrup tasted so strongly, we toppled them off with some chocolate foam. Did that look strange! But it tasted nice...

Ectoplasm aka "Ghost Poop" aka Meringues

If marshmallows were easy, then I have no idea what to say about the meringues. Things can hardly get easier than that. In the most basic thing you just take egg whites, sugar and color. All swirled together and put to oven for a good amount of time.  

 Here, however, two more detailed stories of how to make some:

When I said making meringues is easy, I meant it. Making them pretty is another story. Luckily Giko agreed on that making ectoplasm look pretty isn't a requirement.

 They are artistic! Artistic, I say!

Happily green from the inside.


It's already the 25th! My, I sure didn't have time to sew any costume this year.
I hope you have had a better luck with this month than I have! (Not a very hard thing to achieve in fact, been quite a rough month altogether.)

See you later again!

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