tiistai 30. lokakuuta 2012

Get Ready For Halloween: Asian Horror

When you think of Asian horror films, the first ones to come in mind are Ju-ons and Rings, right? Well, me and my sis decided to try something else from the same parts of the World... (Horror films are best watched with others).

Suicide Club (2002)

Suicide club is a Japanese horror film in which suicides start to occur in significant amounts and without any clear reason. One person or a group of 50, what comes of it is blood and a headache to the local police, as at the scene there is a gory skin roll of multiple persons to be found, a weird Internet sites are predicting the coming deaths and some kid gives mysterious calls with tips to the police HQ. It definitely isn't an accident but is it a murder?

The film starts off with scenes that rise the questions in a right way and one really wants to get to the core of the mystery. While people keep jumping down at lethal places, the horror seems to be offline more and more all the time. And as the movie goes on the plot starts to get very.. adventurous, with lots of seemingly quite irrelevant things and the closer we get to the end the more the stuff starts to go right over one's head. So in the end we were pretty much "whaaaaat?!". The movie might have gotten an award and lots of interested looks from some people, but I must say no, I didn't like it. 

So, moving on to next one...

One Missed Call (Chakushin Ari) (2004)

One Missed Call is a Japanese horror film directed by Takashi Miike. One evening during a happy get-together of friends, one of them gets a phone call with unknown ringing voice. The call goes to the voice mail and when she listens it, she hears her own voice speaking, then screaming and then... silence. To add to the mystery, the phone call seems to have come two days from the future. When similar chains of events start to lead to deaths, we have a mystery to solve with only 48h of time before someone is going to die.

All right! Now we got to the business! This is a horror movie for sure, even if using familiar horror elements (like the creeping black hair you see in many, and abandoned hospitals and so on), it doesn't feel used to me. And the mystery isn't clear, so there is also the answer to look forward to as the characters are running for their lives. And that ring tone... it just tells me to that it want's to be used in some pranks! Haha... I might recommend this movie for horror seekers, yet be prepared for the fact that it has sequels and they already knew they would make some when they were ending the film...

And the topic was "Asian Horror" and not "Japanese Horror", beacuse...

The Doll Master (Inhyeongsa) (2004)

In this South Korean horror film, a group of young people are invited to a remote mansion to work as models for a BJD sculptor. As they arrive to the mansion, they find it filled with dolls, beautiful, yet somewhat creepy at times. Aside of the artist lady and her brother, there doesn't seem to be anyone around -except for a young girl in a red dress, though only the main character seems to have seen her. After a while mysterious deaths are starting to occur in a worrying fast pace, and the murderer must be amongst them... for there is no one around but the dolls... right?

BJDs. As a hobbyists this was a must-see film to us. As for how scary it was... well, it was trying to get there and almost got there too a time or two. But in the end I found the story to have more of a melancholy tone than a horror one. Nevertheless, I must say that I did like it. But if you want to see horror, and get scared so you can't sleep, well, then this isn't the one for you. But maybe all those who once loved a toy, a doll perhaps even, might find something in this that will make it worth your while.


Noo, the 10th month is at it's end! How fast it was! I didn't have time to enjoy it the right way!
Well at least there is going to be some related stuff next weekend still, before letting this wonderful holiday rest for a year.

We also watched Donnie Darko ("...Mad world" *singing*) and The Crow (adoring this one)that night, and now I'm going to include a pic of the evil guy from The Crow just because.

 Michael Wincott as Top Dollar, ie the evil guy. And look at his hair! If I hadn't been sitting on the floor all along I would have dropped on the floor every time he came to screen. Such a handsome man, and I'm worshiping that hairdo. Just by the way, he has also played Guy of Gisbourne in Robin Hood and Rochefort in The Three Musketeers, and he is nailing it.

perjantai 26. lokakuuta 2012

Shoes, Oh My

I just realized that I have made less postings by about a half during this year when compared with the earlier years. So, err... I have bought a thing or two and let's see...

These sweeties rolled over through eBay. Not the best quality, but who wouldn't love those heels? That's pretty much one dream shoes less to buy later. Harharhar.

These were at a local, regular shoe shop. And they put a spell on me, and before I could say "waaait a second" I already had them in the bag and all. Oh dear.

These were bought secondhand. Back when these were on sale as new, I was looking forward to find them with a discount, but when the time came, they were of a wrong size. These were too big by a size too, but I'll just put my healthy soles in and those will make any shoes smaller by a size. Ehm. Great for autumn weather though. Almost practical.

These Demonias were bought secondhand as well. Very good condition and a suitable price, fufufu.

And now I officially have too many shoes.
And I'm going to ignore that fact. 

 Managed to find few rare PS2 games and some good PS3 ones. And I'm afraid that these aren't the only ones I have dragged home. Oh dear. Now if I only find the time to play them all...

The books were found secondhand from a local antiquarian, which I adore to pieces. 
The Holmes movies were two-in-one and with a good discount, for Kung Fu Panda 2 I might have paid the whole price, but I really wanted to watch it for I have a huge soft spot for both the first and the second part.


As for other things... It's amazing how events like to gather on the same dates. And such a shame you can't be in many places at the same time.

I'm reading Pratchett's Unseen Academicals, playing Okami, watching weird anime and still marathoning Blade Of The Immortal.

keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

Get Ready For Halloween: Green Things

This entry is dedicated to all those who would like to do nice eatable things for events, but are -like me- quite out of place in kitchen (and are causing an amount of harm, mostly to themselves when finding a warm oven in one direction, a pan in one hand and a knife in another). That is to say, these are easy and therefore almost bulletproof to succeed in. 


Zombie Pieces aka Marshmallows

This does involve some hot water, but otherwise it's safe. Not even requiring ovens.
And since there are many great recipes already staggering around Internet, I'll give you links instead of me repeating what someone else wrote.

This one is in Finnish, but it has great high quality pictures in it so look even if Finnish makes no sense (this is the one that I used, pretty much anyway, and it worked and didn't need any egg whites either):

To make them fit for Halloween you might want to take up some green color, to give it a nice zombie hue. To make the point clear it would be excellent idea to drop some red jam /sauce as well, to give a hint of being bloody too. The way the marshmallows like to stretch gives a nice add to the zombie meat feeling. The flavor is entirely up to the maker.
Great thing is that marshmallows look really nice also in other colors, so making them traditional orange & black would surely look nice.

Here is hazy pics of how it turned out when I and [Giko] were in the kitchen. No jam, since we forgot to check what we needed while in market *cough*. Well planned, half way done?

Mmm, raw zombie meat. It was green, but the indoor lights are making it... not so green.

Thin oddities. But it's not the looks but the taste! Taste! (And we forgot to buy any flavor stuff, so they ended up being vanilla... And since the syrup tasted so strongly, we toppled them off with some chocolate foam. Did that look strange! But it tasted nice...

Ectoplasm aka "Ghost Poop" aka Meringues

If marshmallows were easy, then I have no idea what to say about the meringues. Things can hardly get easier than that. In the most basic thing you just take egg whites, sugar and color. All swirled together and put to oven for a good amount of time.  

 Here, however, two more detailed stories of how to make some:

When I said making meringues is easy, I meant it. Making them pretty is another story. Luckily Giko agreed on that making ectoplasm look pretty isn't a requirement.

 They are artistic! Artistic, I say!

Happily green from the inside.


It's already the 25th! My, I sure didn't have time to sew any costume this year.
I hope you have had a better luck with this month than I have! (Not a very hard thing to achieve in fact, been quite a rough month altogether.)

See you later again!

keskiviikko 17. lokakuuta 2012

Blue Things

Somewhere about two weeks ago I felt like doing something creative or going insane, so this one came to existing. I already had a skirt out of this blue velvet, but what can I say, it's such a pretty material, that I needed some more...

 The fabric had been laying around folded and for that there is some weird lines on top part. Ironing... only happens to my shirts...

 Yeah, yeah. Not the best thing ever made, but it was made fast and without thinking too much, since I just needed to do something..


And since I started with the sewing things, here is also a random tote bag I made for a friend of mine, since I had leftovers and she had  a habit of taking plastic bags from shops. Plastic bags are no-no.


And since I never posted that blue skirt I made out of that same blue fabric (I had all the intention to, but, err, it was already in 2011, and I just never got to it):

 It's in fact a huge skirt. Hard to see, since I didn't have any pics of it on a dress form and with petticoats, but the hems circumstance is about 3m... Hahaha.


And since I'm waking up early tomorrow to go to school, after which to go to work, after which to sleep at work, in order to be at work early next morning, I'm absolutely off to sleep now. Not typing text here. Nope.

But I did in fact manage to go to gigs of two bands last weekend, visit the apartments of two groups of friends and munched their cakes, finish Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and start Pratchett's Unseen Academicals, watch one anime and start another. Surprisingly much, I'd say! The next weekend... I just hope I can barricade myself indoors to play piano and video games. Mmm, videogames... I'm not going to play now, I'm going to sleep. To Sleep. Auf Wiedersehen!

maanantai 15. lokakuuta 2012

Get Ready For Halloween 2012

 //EDIT: Haha, I wrote this earlier, but apparently it was saved as a "draft" and wasn't published until now :'D.//EDITEND

Sleep-study-work-sleep, is what I have been doing last two weeks, and the same will go on for the next two as well, but after that it should ease up a bit. Such a shame, for it's the Halloween month! I'm not sure if I have time for the theme posts this time, but I'll try my best. I have few in mind after all...

Here are the posts from 2010 and 2012:

[Board Games]
[Spidery Things]
[Classic Horror (films)]


I also got the Liebster Award from [Chastel] a while back.

1) Post 11 facts about yourself.
2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for You.
3) Create 11 questions for the people You've tagged to answer.
4) Tag 11 people.
 Since I have spammed 11 facts about myself a few times before already, I'll skip to the questions, for questions are much more fun~
Also, have some ghost ships to go with the answers.
These miniature ships were made by my father quite a long time ago.

1. If you made a movie who would you want to act in it?
Jason Isaacs. Absolutely.

2. Do you have a favorite TV-show?
Not really. At the moment I'm into Game of Thrones though.

3. Have you ever made some craft or art you're really proud of?
Hmm, yes, I suppose. I'm quite happy with the [blue jacket] I made last winter. Also I haven't yet grown ashamed of this [fan art to Mucha].

4. What's your dream home like?
Interesting. If I can have everything I want in it.

(This tiny pirate ship has been my favorite ever since I was a kid, it was tiny and red and striped and it has skulls. Haha.)
5. What's the last book you've read?
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

6. Do you have a favorite cosmetic or make-up product, and if so why is it so good?
This one Avon's lipstick (buttered rum) is one of my favorites, because of it's creamy feeling and dark colour. In general, kajal is something I need close at hand.

7. If you could eat only one food over and over for the next month what would it be?
Sushi. It has great variations, a month is easy.

8. If you were a superhero what would be your weakness?
Ice cream.

9. What's the best thing about autumn?
Evenings and the trees.

10. What was the nicest event you went this summer?
Oh, this is a hard one! Lumous, maybe.

11. If you had to recommend a book for your readers what would it be?
Good Omens by Gaiman and Pratchett. One of my favorites.

I have put this award forward at least twice, so forgive me for being a boring person this time! Next round then again..!