tiistai 11. syyskuuta 2012

Tracon 7

I'm just doing a really small posting, really fast, yes yes, then to sleep. Yes, yes.


Last weekend it was Tracon time! I attended it with the company of my cutie sister [Giko], on whose blog you can check our weekend's program in a bit more detailed listing and see some photos of cosplayers etc.

The theme this year was the World's end, since it's year 2012 after all. The program gave us very clever information for how it might happen and how one might survive it. Very practical. Very. While on that we also got to listen a piano concert of Zelda music, saw more and less epic cosplayer's and watched a good load of things all in all. We also got to play mahjong first time for a year, and maybe we will go and check the local mahjong group [Tenpai] for it is a rather fun game indeed. If I find this game from somewhere with a clever price I might drag it home with me too.

I saw a good amount of familiar faces during the weekend. It was nice to see you/them all, and hopefully we will run to each others soon again!

That's how I looked for Saturday. Sorry for the bad quality photo again, we had bjds with us and handling a camera while carrying a bjd isn't exactly the best idea ever. Sadly. (And my arm hurt the next day! My own fault, who said I must take one of the heaviest with me...)

The Black Top Hat & Shoes - Secondhand // Long Gilet - Moi Meme Moitie // Shirt & Cross & Pinstripe Pants - Random // Crow Ring - Glitter

Busted! It's the end of the first day and we were kinda beat, but this is one of the only pics I had of her~
And that dress was a pile of fabrics three days before the first con day. More of that in the next post, mhehe.

Where I walk, there is also food. Saturday's meal was very healthy and nutritious. Very.

On Sunday we woke kinda tired and badly late. So we took it easier with the clothes this time. And still no proper outfit photo, cough cough.

Long Black Jacket & Shirt - Secondhand // Long Pinstripe Vest & Long Black Scarf - Off brand // Pants - F+F (not that uou can see them, but...) // Pocket Watch - Gift // Skull Cross Necklace - GinaTricot

I just have to include this! In live it's huge and the color is in fact rather dark with greenish hue. The lightning and the camera killed it though. But still. Can I have that next to my PlayStation?!

More food! This time we are eating at Wrong Noodle Bar. The food there is really good and I look forward to visiting them in the future too! Especially so now that Hanabi, Tampere's only ramen restaurant is no more. Sigh, I really liked Hanabi a lot..

I kept the shopping in minimum, but when I saw the art book of Blade Of The Immortal I just didn't find it in me to put it back to the table it was sold on.

Have some art book love:


Now, do one have to go to sleep immediately or can I read few more pages of The Game Of Thrones...?

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  1. OMG Blade! I do love that manga so much and so hard. :O

  2. Oli hauska törmätä, ja näin jälkikäteen tuli mieleen että olisihan sitä voinut esittäytyäkin, eli hei vain, oon Niina, hauska tavata! :D

    1. Haha, samoin! Hei vaan, Iina täällä, hauska tavata :).

  3. If i say again your outfit is fantastic i would be weird.. But what can i do? Also i like (except from the dress she wears i loved in the previous post!) her shirt so much!!

    1. Haha xD. Thanks againnn~
      And I like her shirt too! And in fact it IS mine, bwahhahha 8D. Thanks for commenting <3!