keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2012

Good Riddance!

First of all! Ofelia market is this weekend's Saturday, here at Tampere. I'm sure it's going to be wonderful, so if you can, be there. I'm sadly on a morning shift and not out until 15pm, after that I'm not sure if it's wise to visit Ofelia Market since I'm supposed to board a train to Helsinki that same evening. Sigh, if only I could be in two places at the same time..


 To get to the title of this post. I realized that I have been spending almost all the spare time I have with Playstation, so I thought it might be clever to do something else for a change. So I checked under my bed, picked up some old leftover fabrics and started to sew. (It's amazing what all you can find from under the beds.)

This...flowery, pastel colored thing was originally for my mother's bag's innards, but since she had bought a bit too much, piece of the fabric was left floating around my lodgings, after all, one shouldn't throw away something that can still be used. Less trash makes the World a better place and so on. But what to make out of such a fabric? There was really only one right answer for that question...

...and the answer was bjd dresses! Haha. These were made for [Giko's] Arisa. If you poke that link, you'll find a posting made by Giko of these dresses being worn.

The laces are also old left overs. Yup. 

After I finished this, I found myself in possession.. of more of the same fabric! 
So it was time for round two. For this second dress, I also used white leftover fabric (it was a sleeve once) and some wide lace with lightly blue hue. Where had that come from? No idea...

 The under dress.

With the second "dress". It's in a style of a vest, I suppose. The long things are supposed to be tied into two ribbons.


Since we are on the subject, here is also a bag that I sewed up out of some leftovers a bit longer time ago. Sadly this slightly failed, for despite all that I did to strengthen it, it was too light a bag to keep it's shape when something heavy and of a random shape was put inside of it. Can't win everytime, huh.

 Size of an A4.

 Never used PVC before, so it was quite interesting. A bit later I was working PVC again, this time for a certain cosplay...

I also made inner pockets and outter pockets and who knows what.


Now off to sleep, off to work! And soon back, I hope.

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  1. Your crafting skills are amazing! <3 Feeling jealous haha

    1. Aww, thank you! I'm trying to get better, sewing is a lot of fun~