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Kaii Higashiyama

I was absentmindedly poking some advertisements and found this one about local cruises (in Finland there is lots of lakes and rivers so cruising around them is popular amongst some) with name "Poet's way". They had something that said "Kaii Higashiyama -cruise" and I just needed to check what that was about. Which led to this:

Kaii Higashiyama

Kaii Higashiyama (1908-1999) is one of Japan's most well known artists. He studied in Tokyo's art academy in 1920's and spend most of his life aboard. His favorite subjects and greatest inspiration in painting was nature, which can be seen in his works. His style is Nihonga, a traditional Japanese painting style.

During his life, Kaii Higashiyama was awarded artist and very popular, especially after finishing great murals on the walls of Togu Palace ("Sun, Moon and The Four Seasons") and the Imperial Palace ( "Tide at Daybreak").

In 1623 Kaii Higashiyama started his tour to Northern Europe, one of the lands he visited was Finland, where he spend the midsummer. The cruise mentioned above is made by the same ship he used to travel to Tampere. The route follows his footsteps on a part of his journey. Apparently Finland inspired him with its forests and lakes.

Here are some of his works, they look so dreamy~

This one is of the artist himself, according to the text that was next to the picture he is located in [Punkaharju]:


As for other things. 

Haha, I wrote this and a game talkie about Catherine -game at work. What a good way to spend some time! It's as if they were paying me for writing! ...It was a silent moment there, so it was alright to write, right...? The gametalk is over [here]. Blogger and LiveJournal are blocked at work, so I needed to post these from home though.

I'm off to watch an episode of New Sherlock Holmes!

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