sunnuntai 29. heinäkuuta 2012

Kaii Higashiyama

I was absentmindedly poking some advertisements and found this one about local cruises (in Finland there is lots of lakes and rivers so cruising around them is popular amongst some) with name "Poet's way". They had something that said "Kaii Higashiyama -cruise" and I just needed to check what that was about. Which led to this:

Kaii Higashiyama

Kaii Higashiyama (1908-1999) is one of Japan's most well known artists. He studied in Tokyo's art academy in 1920's and spend most of his life aboard. His favorite subjects and greatest inspiration in painting was nature, which can be seen in his works. His style is Nihonga, a traditional Japanese painting style.

During his life, Kaii Higashiyama was awarded artist and very popular, especially after finishing great murals on the walls of Togu Palace ("Sun, Moon and The Four Seasons") and the Imperial Palace ( "Tide at Daybreak").

In 1623 Kaii Higashiyama started his tour to Northern Europe, one of the lands he visited was Finland, where he spend the midsummer. The cruise mentioned above is made by the same ship he used to travel to Tampere. The route follows his footsteps on a part of his journey. Apparently Finland inspired him with its forests and lakes.

Here are some of his works, they look so dreamy~

This one is of the artist himself, according to the text that was next to the picture he is located in [Punkaharju]:


As for other things. 

Haha, I wrote this and a game talkie about Catherine -game at work. What a good way to spend some time! It's as if they were paying me for writing! ...It was a silent moment there, so it was alright to write, right...? The gametalk is over [here]. Blogger and LiveJournal are blocked at work, so I needed to post these from home though.

I'm off to watch an episode of New Sherlock Holmes!

maanantai 23. heinäkuuta 2012

Sneaky Things & Animecon IX

Ooh, new shiny readers! Welcome beauties that go by names [Niina] and [Roosa]!


And oooh, why are my updates always a week late? ..Or more?

Let's start with [Animecon IX] that took this time place in Kuopio, 14.-15.7.2012.
First of all, I must say, Kuopio is a beautiful small city and I'd love to hang out there someday again, but to go all the way there from here.. the total of this trip cost me almost as much as my trip to Edinburgh this spring! That's ridiculous! 

Me and my con-team consisted of J-pon, [giko] and [Lon-chan], and we all made our cosplay debut as a team. I always thought that one day in the faraway future I might try and cosplay some cool male character from some video game, and how did I end up like? I was talked into being a magic girl whose outfit has nothing black in it. In fact, if it had been Finland's Independence Day they might have hoisted me up the flag pole. Ooooh yeah. As you may picture, I was most handsome, ahhahha. But it was fun, I can't deny.

Since I appointed myself in charge of the costumes of myself, Giko and J, I was quite occupied by the sewing work for last two (?) months. They both came over to work with me and together we made it in time -barely, but still!

We are going to have [Lumilija's] Miss K to take the official pictures for us. And I'll save you from my random shots from the Animecon with this excuse.

As for Animecon itself, well, first day we were quite lost since the program notebooks ran out before we got any. Especially sad is that I had no idea the city orchestra was playing anime songs in the great hall. How amazing is that? Oh, I wish I had been there... Our costumes almost survived, biggest problem were my socks that kept rolling off, haha.

On second day the early mornings' working shifts and the late night sewing got the better of me so I was sleepwalking through the day. Twice I passed familiar faces that greeted me, without me registering it but a bit too late. Sorry, I didn't mean to! Our team also decided not to wear the costumes on the second day, and since that wasn't the original plan, I had nothing to wear but the skirt I came with and the shirt that I slept in. *cough* Made me feel even better. 

The program had only few interesting things for me, but it was a nice trip. Thanks to all who were there!

 This from an excellent Chinese restaurant we ate at, CHIFoo. If you ever find yourself hungry in Kuopio, go visit them!


Since I got myself on writing, let's also have a spammage of things that I have carried home as for late!

New cute buttons and some sewing needless. Mmm, buttons~

 Pretty secondhand shoes. Oh my.

An old frame stared at me at fleamarket. How could I have been as heartless as to leave it behind? Well, obviously, I couldn't.

The huge, red ribbon belt is from a fleamarket.
Spoon necklace was a gift from J-pon.
Gloom the Card Game from Fantasiapelit (so pretty cards! I could play it just for them!)
Rose hair clips from H&M.

My sis brought me this Mucha cookie jar from a cruise. She knows me well: I love Mucha, I do love cookies as well. 

This pair of Westwood x melissa shoes rolled over last week. From eBay. Things to love eBay for.

 New, weird stockings (Sukkamyymälä), for stockings always break.
Three albums of CLAMP's xxxHolic in Japanese, (Lukulaari), 3,5e each. 

Haven't read it before, but looks pretty. Hmhmhmm.

The striped jacket is a secondhand bid through (11e).
Skeletal Belt I bought at Animecon (25e).
Miss Drama -thing stared me at Seppällä (2.95e).

Err, sorry for the shady pic. But that's deep blue velvet evening jacket from 60's, floor lenght, oh my. I need to mod it a bit before use, since it's rather big, but oh my, floor length! (Yesterday)


Whew! Quite a posting!
I'll be back and perhaps with Evil Queen inspired photoshoot that we had together with Miss K last week!

torstai 12. heinäkuuta 2012

LUMOUS Festival 2012

Here I am, here I go!
 But before that let's have a little loo at this years [Lumous], which was the 12th of its kind.

It was a warm weekend, with occasional raining in the middle of Finnish summer as the certain kind of people started to gather at Tampere, Finland. I put the roses on my hair and went there too.

~Day 1~

Heading to Dog's Home, I was most relieved to hear that [Ravenoaris] was going to be there too. Whew, I'm always timid about being in such a social places alone! As the evening went on we also found out that [TomVi] and [Tinde] were attending too. I must have sounded very clever as I spoke some random stuff and destroyed some cola for ...4h? One single glass... Ahhahha... I had had a morning shift that day too, so it's alright to be tired right?

My camera missed Harmony Garden, but they were the first live performers.

Jemek Jemowit

Always beautiful Ravenoaris

TomVi and Tinde being illegally gourgerous.

And, err, me.

Gilet, Blue Cross - Moi-Meme-Moitie // Black Shirt, Stockings - Seppälä // Shorts - self made // Linda Flame Flare Boots -Pennangalan // Black Roses - H&M

~Day 2~

 The friday started by me going with [Giko], [LonLon]  and Joppon to hang around at the end of Tampere, making weapon replicas for our cosplay. See Gikos blog for my *cough*sword. The painting of them took huge loads of time and it was closing to 21:00 when I was back home, jumped into some pvc and ran off to Klubi.

I hanged around with the sweeties from yesterday with Mr Mi and JenJen added on. It was great to see them for a long time! Also met some new people and spotted numerous bloggers. I was way too shy to wave my pink camera at them. Or anyone. I'd have loved to collect pics of everyones' clothes..!

My mother was the sweetest and volunteered to take a pic of my outfit and...
..she totally makes me look tweaked. 
Sigh, well, anyway, that's better than this:
...right? Hahaha. Anyway. Damn warm this pvc when you are dancing as much as I did...

Long Pvc Skrit, Pvc Bustier, Studded Bag - Secondhand // Black T-Shirt, Black Roses -  H&M // Spiral, Wooden Earrings - EMP // Black Sandals - random

Bloodygrave & Die Lust!

 Chaos All Stars

The Last Days Of Jesus

~Day 3~

Alright, managed to get up this morning too.. but it was time for a evening shift at work. So I carried my stuff over to there and waited for the clock to turn 22:00. When it did I was a green flash closing to Klubi, where I was glad to join the cool people from yesterday. While there I started to feel like jumping in such a big heels really might kill one's feet...

 Err, I was trying to get a pic fast before some would storm in and find me doing something as silly as taking pictures of yourself. I mean.. how ridiculous is that... So these are all I have of the stunning dress that I now had the first chance to use.

I was in a hurry when I left home to work and simply caught everything "golden" with me.

Green, Plaid Gown - Lip Service // Black Roses - H&M // Chan & Studd Earrings - GinaTricot // Clock Necklace, Studded Bag - Secondhand // Chain Necklace - Gift // Skull Ring - Glitter // Linda Flame Flare Boots - Pennangalan


Soviet Soviet seems to have escaped my camera.

Extinction Front

Raven & Jen ~

This pic I stole from Tinde's blog, because I just had to xD.

~Day 4~

The final day of Lumous this year. I woke up for morning shift (started 7:00, ouch), worked it through and went home trying to sleep and failing in the attempt. Nevertheless, as the clock was closing to 20:00, I had dragged myself up and out. Picking Jen on the way to Dog's Home we were joined by Joppon, who came to dance with us. We also talked Mr M2 to get himself to The End club and he did. We four totally abused the poor dance floor for the majority of the night.

 The End has banned all cameras, so no pictures from there. Why? I'll leave it up to your imagination, to find out the truth, you must join us next time~


As for other things!

I'm waking up in few hours again, but that aside!

I have been working like mad with out cosplay project. And argh, it's this weekend and argh, still needing few things done before we are ready. 

I'm dying to get to play, and after this weekend you can bet I will! Also have read few books, from Dracula (Bram Stoker) to Faerie Wars (Herbie Brennan). 

Also! Welcome [TomVi], cool to have you around!