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Edinburgh in Spring 2012

Welcome [Cokodora], I hope you enjoy my writings and picture spamming~


It took me two weeks, two weeks, to get this entry done. I'm running so badly behind with my updates... So much to write, so much to write! And for I need to use my writing skills for some boring school essays, I'll make this a photo filled entry with just few remarks here and there. Most of the pictures are from my camera, few from Miss K's. 
So here is what I saw at Edinburgh.

Day 1

It was a some what sunny morning as I, Miss K and H-di jumped on a plane and flew few hours and landed happily to Edinburgh. It was my first time in this beautiful city which seems to have a wonderful supply of down-hill-up-hill-streets. Up and down and up again, our HQ located in a deep valley, which we bravely climbed every morning. 

The day was so bright and hot and my eyes were almost melting even behind the sunglasses.

First stop after dragging our luggage around the tourist-filled old town main street was the castle.

 With Miss K.

And H-di. Bwahhaha, it's been a while since I had had a good chance as this trip to annoy her~

The small chapel at the top of the castle had such a beautiful small windows~

 "To the Narnia my friend!"

After the castle, we yearned for some food, so it was time to have a piknik under the gorgerous Scott Monument.

Thanks K, for ruining my epic pic, mheh.

Chicken burger. Very.. .. .stylish.

Next stop: Greyfriars Graveyard:

Loved this one~

It's such a beautiful place that we might have spend a good while shooting with cameras there...

After downing ones at the close by pub, we went to sleep.

 Day 2

Our HQ has officially the squeakiest beds ever. I was awaken by the noise they made even when my roommates turned on their beds. The room was also cold and wettish and you don't want to hear about the bathroom. 
Feeling fresh? .... Well, onto the business!

First we went to be real tourists and sat few rounds on the two-floor-tourist buss things.

Then to the botanic garden, which we might have enjoyed a bit more had we eaten breakfast first...

About in this point all the plants started to look like salad, so we headed to the sea side, Leith, where we were served by the sweetest waiter ever and had a good meal that got us going all day, as we went to buy some gifts to give our relatives and cards to send back to Finland. 

Day 3

Seriously. Can someone sleep well on these beds? 

Today the day wasn't as sunny as the first two, but that's alright, since we are going to climb. Arthur's seat here we come!

Up we go, to have a piknik... or so we thought.

The easy part...

...suddenly changed to narrow and diminishing path with random steps. 
K and H didn't make it to the top, but I would have felt awful for letting go in the middle way so I teamed up with Team Blue, a pair of tourists from Germany, and headed to the top. (Thanks for looking after me!)

The top.


As I climbed back, I decided to avoid those horrible narrow steps, and started to go around the other way, which proved to be ten times easier route. So there I went, scaring the locals by singing Finnish songs as I went.

Afterwards there were some interesting moments as I found out that K and H were camped at the top of the narrow stairs instead of having come down. Where I then was. And they totally didn't see me waving to them...

Alright! Done some walking today? Nah, time to walk some more, so we enlisted to the [City of the Dead] ghost tour to hear about the local scary urban history with murder, torture and ghosts. 

Our guide, Ian, was the greatest with his weird laughters and dark humour. 
(And yes, we ended up at the Greyfrairs again.)

He also showed some interesting names on grave stones after the official tour, to all those who had read certain series of books and were interested in seeing these...

After the tour we went to check what that was about. And the place had great looks, but oh my ears, what was that music? You just don't want to know. It was an insult to the name and looks of the place. But htey had few extremely good drinks!

Day 4

We woke early (hghhggh, my back) to do our check out. We left our luggage and went off to spend some money and enjoy our last day in Edinbugh. The day was relatively grey, but we were spared from the rain. We visited a good pile of shops, and my poor fellows were fearing that their feet would never recover of our little trip. Of what I bought, I'll spam some other time, since this post is ridiculously long as it is.

Homeless at Edinbugh. Therefore we moved from cafeteria to another, and in the end we spend a good 3h in Starbucks close to our HQ, where we had bough a warm drink pretty much every day of our stay. And our names were written in a dozen of different ways. These were the best.

As the clock closed to 22:00, we went to get our luggage and took a buss to Edinburgh Airport, where we stayed (mostly) awake through whole night, reading and playing cards. 

Day 5 

Still playing cards, and once again not really sleeping well. I finally have days off from work and even then I can't sleep... but it was fun, really. Even though one got quite tired in the end. 

As the gates opened, we bought some breakfast and other things and jumped to the plane. 

As we got to Finland a few hours later, I had officially missed my University entry exams for History, but I wouldn't have this in any other way. It was a great trip. I hope I'll be back to Edi in the future.

...and once more a weird face. Because that's how it goes.

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  1. omg, so beautiful i wanna cry! a destination we all have to visit! it was breathtaking right? well i wish you spend an lovely time there!! the photos are fantastic ^^

    1. Indeed! And it was... wonderful city~ I hope you'll get to visit it too!

  2. Kiitos itsellesi blogini seuraamisesta :3 Oon kateellinen tosta sun matkasta, tahtoisin itsekin katselemaan vähän maailman ihmeitä! :c

    1. Awww~
      Ja samoin, maailma kutsuu kaiken aikaa, harmillisen kallista vain :<. Tosin... tämä reissu oli kyllä varsin halpa tapaus, kun tingittiin vähän asumisessa ja varattiin lennot puolta vuotta ennen :).

  3. Sut on nähty! Nimittäin tänään stockan edessä n. kahden aikaan. :D Olin ite bussis...

  4. Miksi pinkki puu on noin... pinkki? :O?

    Näyttää olleen mahtava reissu + olet ollut tyylikäs kuten aina. Rakastan muuten lyijylasi-ikkunoita!

    1. Se oli syystä tai toisesta kieottu muoviin >__>.

      Haha, ja varsin mainio reissu oli =w=.

  5. Annoin sinulle awardin (jonka olet jo joltain saanut aiemmin kyllä) mutta ansaitset sen uudestaan! :D

  6. I have always wanted to go there! It seems like you had a great time. The pictures you took are all so beautiful, they make you wish you could go there as soon as possible!
    I tagged you for the Liebster Award ;)

    1. Ooh my! Thank you~

      And it's indeed a beautiful city. I hope you'll see it one day, it's totally worth it!