tiistai 26. kesäkuuta 2012

Different Things In One Post

Welcome [Huuru], do enjoy the show!

My postings come terribly late, don't they? You must forgive me, for all the free time I am supposedly having goes to the cosplay project at the moment. Cosplay project? ...Oh you so don't want to know... So let's change the subject! (What do you mean, I'm the one who started talking about it?!)


[Villa de La Morg]'s Chiina threw this book meme at me a while ago, time to get down to the business!

The idea is to answer to the questions with the book titles that you find from your bookshelf.

1. Male of Female? (Argh so difficult to find a book...!) 
Wyrd sisters /Terry Pratchett

2. Describe yourself?
Thief of Time / Terry Pratcherr

3. Describe your partner? (How to answer, when you don't have one?)
 Hidden Codes and Grand Designs /Pierre Berloquin (Mheh)

4. How do you feel?

Unfinished Tales

5. The place where you live atm?
  Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident/Eoin Colfer

6. Where would you like to travel?
The Chronicles of Narnia /Lewis

7. Your favorite color?

Colour of Magic

8. The weather at the moment?

The Shadow Rising
/Robert Jordan

9. The best time of the day?
Dragons of Autumn Twilight /Weis and Hickman

10. If your life was a TV series, it's name would be...?
 Inkheart / Cornelia Funke

11. What does the life mean to you?
(so hard questions!)
Treasure Island
/Robert Louis Stevenson

12. What is your relationship like?
The Truth
/Pratchett (Well, could be?)

13. The aphorism of the day?

Training the Samurai Mind
/Thomas Cleary

14. What advice would you like to give?
Carpe diem! /Arto Kivimäki

16. Your motto?
Nightwatch / Pratchett

Ok, that was infernal! Now, let's spread the headache!

[Lume] (U gavmme an award, I give u a meme, we goodie?)
[Huuru] (New follower, nice to know u too)
[satusankari] ('cos ur so cute)
[Sera] ('cos u made me hungry with your blog in middle of the night)
[Kaino] (I wants to know what's in ur bookshelf)

And as mentioned above, I was awarded by Lume, thank you~
This one I already poked forward in April, so should I poke it forward again?

It's the award to be given to those with less than 200 followers, to boost their blog.

But since I managed to make five typos in but one sentence, I'll just  move on with giving this simply to Chiina, who kindly gave me the book meme above. There you go!


The morning is closing and I'm supposed to make cool looking weapon props tomorrow with the cosplay team, so I'll keep the rest very short.

Attended Bella Morte Club few (?) weeks ago with J and M, was fun to dance around, thank you for the company! Also ran to D and her friend, for the longest time, hopefully will see her soon again!

Velvet Shirt, Tulle Skirts, Vintage Hat, Boots - second hand // Cross Necklace - Alchemy Gothic // Black Pearls, Wide Buckle Belt, Stockings - Random


Libraries... I do love those. With the mad world of thousands of books. The only sad thing is that you need to bring the books back. And that if you are late with that you'll pay a price. I always forget to return mine in time...


It's morning in two hours! Oh no, what have I done...!

8 kommenttia:

  1. Well, the cross is fantastic and i am in love with your outfit aww and the hat omg <3 yes i agree this is the awful part about libraries, otherwise libraries are heaven!!!!

    1. Aww, thank you! And yeah, that hat was a lucky find from a second hand store =w=.
      And I totally agree with you about the libraries!

  2. The cross necklace o.0 It's amazing! Seriously, why do you own soemthing so great and I don't? I'm really jealous!
    Also, I love your outfit, the hat is gorgeous! I never get around taking pictures of my outfits, it's a shame...

    1. Fufufu, that's exactly what I thought when I saw someone wearing it, so I went to eBay >u>... Over there and in Amazon, you may still find some of these^^.
      And that is! You totally should take outfit pictures~
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ooh shiny! I shall get to this asap!

    What an excellent outfit btw. I love that little hat and that corset(?) is just wonderful.

    1. Fufufu, shiny things very nice and shiny~

      Thank you, I'm quite adoring the hat myself =w=. And the corset is infact just a very wide belt >u>.