keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

Attending Favorite Dress in Pants

A local lolita thingy [Silkuchu] arranged a small get-together thing in last month, with theme "favorite dress", as prolly the only active local kodona thing, I got the freedom to attend in pants, haha. Erhm, so here are some pics from that windy day. Some of them are from my camera, the ones with better quality are from hers.

I was going to evening shift at work after this so I went in pretty simple outfit. Yup.

I loved how [Sera] joined in making faces at camera xD.

 See somene's handsome leg on fare right. Yup, finnish people, you dress so well when hanging around the central of the city. 

Wool Jacket - loaned // Black Scarf, Black Umbrella, Leather Gloves - Random // Mini Top Hat - Gift // Pants - F+F // Shoes - Aaltonen // Bag - Restyle

Here I'm blending it. Totally favorite dress. Thank you Sera and Miss Awesome-Curls, you are great company and we make such a wonderful picture together! Hahaha.

As you may notice, I was slightly restless and in one point I rolled around taking pics of all cool details in everyone's outfits:

I loved her dress so much~

And a group shot naturally:

 Silkuchu finally got to the front of the camera, but sadly in this point I was having a bit too much energy and busted her photo. Wops.

And that's what was inside the jacket. It was so cold that I didn't dare to leave my jacket while we were hanging outside. The shirt is a secondhand treasure.

I bought this bag only a little while ago and am deeply adoring it.
Also I got this card at the meetie, does look like me, doesn't it? Awww.

Aand, because all the lolita gatherings I attend seem to have a pile of me doing something odd, let's finish this post with this:

I belieeevee I can flyyyyy....
I had totally consumed too much sugar that morning.

8 kommenttia:

  1. Heh, nuo ilmeet on ihan parhaita. :D

  2. Näytit kivalta miitissä, kuten myös muut paikalla olijat^^

    Söpö toi laukku :D

    1. Kiitos :3.

      Ja tuo laukku oli pakko-ostos heti, kun näin sen xD.

  3. oooo noi sun housuthousuthousut!! vaihdetaan, saat mun kulmakarvat noista housuista :P

    psst. mun blogissa on sullekin kirjakaappimeemi!

    1. Haha xD. Siinäpäs olis jännä vaihtokauppa~

      OOh, kuulostaa houkuttelevalta, pyörin sinne kun palaan koneelle~

  4. i like you very much you have a perfect taste in style and you are so pretty and omg i just love how amazing you match your clothes! just that :)

    1. Aaawwww, that's so sweet <3. And that's so nice to hear from someone whose style I myself adore! So thank you again <33.