keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

Attending Favorite Dress in Pants

A local lolita thingy [Silkuchu] arranged a small get-together thing in last month, with theme "favorite dress", as prolly the only active local kodona thing, I got the freedom to attend in pants, haha. Erhm, so here are some pics from that windy day. Some of them are from my camera, the ones with better quality are from hers.

I was going to evening shift at work after this so I went in pretty simple outfit. Yup.

I loved how [Sera] joined in making faces at camera xD.

 See somene's handsome leg on fare right. Yup, finnish people, you dress so well when hanging around the central of the city. 

Wool Jacket - loaned // Black Scarf, Black Umbrella, Leather Gloves - Random // Mini Top Hat - Gift // Pants - F+F // Shoes - Aaltonen // Bag - Restyle

Here I'm blending it. Totally favorite dress. Thank you Sera and Miss Awesome-Curls, you are great company and we make such a wonderful picture together! Hahaha.

As you may notice, I was slightly restless and in one point I rolled around taking pics of all cool details in everyone's outfits:

I loved her dress so much~

And a group shot naturally:

 Silkuchu finally got to the front of the camera, but sadly in this point I was having a bit too much energy and busted her photo. Wops.

And that's what was inside the jacket. It was so cold that I didn't dare to leave my jacket while we were hanging outside. The shirt is a secondhand treasure.

I bought this bag only a little while ago and am deeply adoring it.
Also I got this card at the meetie, does look like me, doesn't it? Awww.

Aand, because all the lolita gatherings I attend seem to have a pile of me doing something odd, let's finish this post with this:

I belieeevee I can flyyyyy....
I had totally consumed too much sugar that morning.

maanantai 14. toukokuuta 2012


Welcome to [Asio Otus] and Viivakissa!
Holi snäp, that makes 80! Thank you, have fun, I will!


I'm healthy again! At least quite healthy.Yet at school/work we are having the last run to summer and with that I'm working about 14h/day. Ahhaha, life, what was that again? Well, despite of all that, I have been running around places, doing things, and I'd have so much to write about, but as you may have noticed, I'm lacking the time to do so. Here are things that have happened during the last (about) three weeks.

 Somewhere there a bit after my lvl up, Mr M and Jenjen baked me a cake, so I went over to them to eat it and play some happy board game with colorful trains. Also it gave me the perfect reason to put on this long, black, velvet dress which is one of my favorites: it's extremely comfortable, fits perfectly and looks beautiful. Also, bought secondhand, just in case you wondered. (No make up, no hair done, that's me, yup.)

They also gave me this weird cup as a present. So cute, ain't it?

A funny thing led to another and I ended up as a hair model again. I have no idea how they make me look like I'd really have some awesome hair on my head. It must be magic of some kind. I tried to get a pic back in there, but it didn't give justice to their skills. Above are the spoils they gave all the models and a strawberrystuffbottle which was a part of Miss K's birthday gift for me~

A comic festival Tampere Kuplii was held a bit over a week ago, and I visited it armed with my sister and J. We listened stuff about weird make-up things and about wigs, and also somehow, it seems we are going to jump around in a group cosplay in some con this year. I'm not going to reveal more about that, it's gonna shock someone to death. Probably me. And yes, there might be a new game in there too. And new stockings from Seppälä.

Miss K was in London -I WANT TO GO TO LONDON- and brought me macaroons. They were very cutely colored and yummy and I totally ate them all! I even ate the pic of them! Or maybe my picture of them failed? You'll never know...

Also went to movies with sis and mom to watch Dark Shadows, the newest Burton movie. I do love Burton and Depp and HBC and a pile of other things and persons, and it's always nice to see what they come up with, even though this time it didn't quite hit the core with me.

Oh, and do you ever get a great urge to speak to a stranger, to find out where are they from and where are they going? When I was heading to the movie theater, there was this man who walked to the other direction, and no idea why, but I'd have loved to talk to him. He wore all black, round glasses and had long whiteous hair, sigh, I hope I had at least boldly smiled to him instead of his sneakers! (And just for the record, for those who know a thing too much, it wasn't just because of the hair!)


As for other things...
I managed through Anne Rice's The Witching Hour (not for me), watched Public Enemies (Depp!) and [Puella Magi Madoka Magica] (crueller story than one was expecting! That's the spirit!) and went to listen LM.C (more japanese bands I don't listen but end up to their gigs? But it was fun! Very much so!) at Tavastia club with [giko] and [Namuless]. Also there was a small meeting of cute loli-things, but that will get an entire post of it's own when I'm not half falling to asleep where I sit.

Next up is Kina's gig this Thursday at Vastavirta and [Black Celebration -club] at this weeks Saturday in Dog's Home.
And work. Work, work, school, work. 

But see you all soon, can't wait to be able to read your updates when I get back and to write some more!

keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2012

Flu And Things

Oooh, I have downed a flu. Oooh, I have a morning shift! Ooh, why am I up still and writing this....!


Some weeks ago I carried the rib cage with bird shirt and the skirt from a fleamarket with few euros. The red thing got caught on my hand over at a second-hand store Kaunotar & Kulkuri.

These boots were a perfect hit and in a mint condition when I found them from Kaunotar & Kulkuri. Such a nice and practical (amongst my shoes anyway) pair of shoes~

I had stared at this Hell Bunny dress since its release (and with all those eyes on the print I believe it's not wrong to say that it had been staring me back) and now I finally carried it home (Cybershop). Can't wait for the weather to get warm enough for me to wear this! 

The winter is ending so this shirt came finally to the discount rags! It's such a warm and soft and long and black. Very nice to curl into and it cost only 10e (Seppälä).
The DVD the shirt is hugging is Crow, it sort of tagged along from a flea market one day with a help from an euro or two.

That's not a new game, is that now... (Game House, 14,90e).
Also needed to collect few cute buttons as they said that my box needed them for the future inventions.

The two Villeroy & Boch cups I got from my sis as a birthday gift (such a funny shape, mhehe).
And the skirt on the left is a skirt of Living Dead Souls (from LeatherHeaven). It's a pencil skirt with purple stripes, and the moment I saw it I thought up a pile of coordinates for it, so I ended up wanting it despite the price. The owner of the place allowed me to haggle the price down a bit, so I bought it in the end.


Vivienne Westwood has re-released the original wood-sole rocking horse ballerinas this spring! The price is scary 430e as listed in her [sites], and it's already marked as sold out on every size.
Ooh, what a weird-looking shoe! And that's why I want them.... but not with these salaries!

Speaking of VW items.. I joined in a bidding of two of them over at eBay, and missed them both! And in both I could have put dollars on the ending prices, but the auctions ran out of time before I could do that!
With the last one it was even more annoying: I was the highest bidder on an item where no one else had bidded till the less than10seconds. The sites couldn't even update the price status so I'd have had a chance to know I was out bidded! I was displeased beyond words (even if I understand the sneaky way of bidding of that other person, she didn't want to race to the win). Apparently still am. But eBay auctions ain't fair, are they now...


EDIT: Ahhhahha, what a marvellous typo I had. And few boring ones. Not going to correct all of them now though. Did someone spot the typo? No? Good.