torstai 26. huhtikuuta 2012

Books with Pictures

It was.. last week perhaps, that I went to the treasure chest of used books -to turn in a few of mine and apparently to carry home a few in change. But that's just obvious, isn't it? If I go somewhere with lots of lonely books, how could I possibly walk out of there with at least one?

A book with stories by Brothers Grimm, in Finnish, oh my. A big and heavy book, and yup, I checked, the stories have blood in them, so it's not some all-polished version. Ha-haa!

I like the beautiful details in books. Shame most of the books now days don't have any. Unless they are for children. Hmm.

Haha, not perhaps just as classically pretty pictures in this one, but still! I was looking forwards to giving home to this and it's second part (I had seen them side by side there before), but someone had been there before me and snatched it! Sigh, they would have looked so nice together in my shelf...

Sigh, and they were in brand-new condition too! Now I wonder if the big stores have that part stored somewhere...


As for other things...

So, this thing has some new things going on... Some are good some are not. Hmm...

Also, finished reading Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games (alright), watched Persona 4 The Animation (happy thing for fans) and Steins;Gate (a good one!). 

Now I must run, if I want to eat before I'm off to work! See you all later!

sunnuntai 22. huhtikuuta 2012

Awards and A Challenge

First of all! Welcome [LoveYouMadness] and [Numbercut]! Do have fun~


Beautiful lady of [Mute the Silence] gave me The Dark Sunshine Award, thank you so much~

Post the award picture with a backlink to the person who nominated you
Answer the ten questions posed to you
Pass on the award to 10 or more bloggers

Favorite color:  
Should I have one? In clothes I like black, but I do like red and purple as well.
Favorite animal: 
...Should I have one? I like dogs, cats, lizzards and birds like hawks, ravens and owls.
Favorite number:
 For the sake of... Umm, 7 and 8 are nice I suppose. Also number 58 has taken a liking on me so that too.
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: 
Orange juice maybe?
Facebook or Twitter: 
 Grah, well, I am in Facebook, but not in Twitter so...
My passion: 
Getting or giving presents: 
Favorite pattern: 
Pinstripes -and bones, do they count?
Favorite day of the week: 
Hmm, Saturday? Or Friday.
Favorite flower: 
Roses are nice. Foxgloves and orchids and windflower. Hmm...

 Since I'll tag five more in this post with another award, I'll tag this one only to five, haha:


This one was handed to me by wonderful [Ravenoaris], thank you!
 This awards idea is to get attention to wonderful blogs that have less that 200 followers.
 The rules are as follows:

1. Thank and link to the one who gave this to you.
2. Choose five of your favorite blogs with less than 200 followers and tell them about it at their blogs.
3. Copy and paste the award picture
4. Hope that the ones you awarded will give the award forwards.

In my case, I throw this at few people who deserve more readers. Though doesn't everyone...?

[Breidholt] (Awesome lady with a blog that always cheers me up.)
[Herkkuja Mahan Täydeltä] (Beautiful blogger who posts also nice recipes~)
[Karkiton] (Cute kiddo, fufufu~)
[Satusankari] (Most awesome sis in the World who spams about anime and other things)
[Grande Masquerade] (Bjd photos so beautiful that they'll steal your breath and your heart.)


Back few weeks, I went to movies with Miss A who was visiting Tampere~

Also [Karkiton] dropped me the eleven questions challenge, and since I tagged 11 bloggers few posts ago with it and tagged 10 bloggers in this post, I skip the tagging with this, haha. Sorry, I'm already late from visiting art gallery of a relative.. However, here are the answers:

1. Have you been abroads? If you have, where did you travel first? 
Yup. First trip was to Sweden, not surprising for someone from Finland, eh?
2. Your favorite cloth? 
A Jacket. I love jackets
3. If you won in the lottery how you would spent your money?
I'd travel to London and Tokyo. Then shop a little and then save the rest.
4. If everything else will disappear in this world and you have chance to choose two things which will stay, what they would be? 
Things and not humans? Flashlight and a box of ice cream! That's how we survive in the World with nothing on it!
5. Your favorite dessert?
Ice cream maybe.
6. What are you listening now? If you're not listening anything what would you want to listen? 
Soon going to listen Nightwish.
7. What avatar do you use in your messenger/chat? 
Smaller pic of this.

8. Your favorite plushie? 
Umm.. a pink chameleon (I got it as a gift, haha).
9. Which language sounds the most beautiful? Why? 
Japanese. I like their words.
10. If some day somehow your gender change how do you look like? 
I hope I'd look cool.
 11. There's always something what would be better. If you get a chance what would you change?
Too many things! In my life I'd change how I have spend last four years. In world I'd make the nuclear weapons (and some other weapons too) to vanish.


I'll be back soon, now I must -once again- run!

tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2012

The Grand Tale of Last Week

Hello, hello, and welcome to the new readers [Chrissie], [Meeow] and [Tinde]! Have fun~


The last week was the most awesome week for a while! And that's good so, since it was the birthday week for me (in reality I'm leveling up this week, but since I'm having exams of a sort, it's not that much fun now is it, and one must party while one is still young, so it's only logical for having fun the week before!).

The week started by a stand-up event on Wednesday, as I and Miss K went to see a finnish stand-up comedian [Sami Hedberg] who is just as hilarious IRL as he is in the famous YouTube videos. I almost cracked my ribs with bursts of laughter.

The Thursday it was time for some stomping. I mean... dancing... of sorts. [Battle Royale vs. Redemption Club] took place here in Tampere and in I went.
My partners in crime for the evening, Mr M and Miss Jen, were horribly slow in appearing to the crime scene, so I decided to do the bravest thing for a while and entered the party alone. You have no idea how horrid it felt to enclose to the doors, my hands literally shook in terror, haha, what can I say? Moi can be such a nerv-wreck sometimes. However! I made it to the bar side and got me a drink and spotted this gorgeous fellow blogger [Tinde] and couldn't resist waving to her -and she totally saved me by engaging into a conversation with me. Thank you, let's meet again~

Mr M and Miss Jen came in a bit later, and it was my first time in meeting Miss Jen and she was such a sweetie~ That means I met two awesome, new persons today! -or night. Anyway.

I was also very settled on not dancing, having trapped myself inside a tight, long sleeved jacket, a full corset and an unstable hair accessory, but never say never: Jen talked me in to entering the dance floor area in the end of it, and that's where we were for the most of what was left of the night.

Sorry for the lack of proper photos. This is how clever they all ended up looking. Always take your pics before leaving to where ever you are going.
The Jacket - Punk Rave // The Black Satin Corset - Morticia // The Black Pleaded Skirt - Cheap Monday // The Shirt, The Shoes, The Accessories - Off brand, Secondhand)

What's wrong with that eye...
The spikey hairband is something that followed me home this week, from GinaTricot. I have a soft spot for spikes and ... But hair accessories hate me in general, and so does this. Getting it attached to my hair demands a pile of other hair things.


The next day, Friday, it was [Emilie Autumn] time, as this beautiful creature came to perform in [Klubi], Tampere.
I had never seen her live before, and it was all so pretty and ..glittery. I spend a good while in just staring at the outfits. Needless to say, it was beautiful~

I was accompanied by Miss K and Miss E, who I met there the first time (cute girl, a friend of a friend, who needed me to drive her to sleep at a friend's place. Yup). Also ran to Mr M and Miss Jen from yesterday and a couple of other familiar fellows. I wish we had had more time to hang around!

Aand that's how scary I was this time.
The Striped Shirt - Secondhand // The Black Skirt - selfmade // Mini Top Hat - gift // Everything else - offbrand

I broke these stockings! Aargh! Anyone seen similar ones on some website or somewhere?
And didn't wear those shoes, I was driving a car after all. And there is still snow outside.
And seems like my tattoo shines through a bit. Must remember to show it to you some other time.


On Saturday I hopped on a train with Miss K, Miss J and Miss An, and towards Helsinki we went. It was the time for the new round in the series of birthday Cruises, since four of us were having birthday in close by days. At Helsinki we met Miss A and Mr P, as well as Miss L and Mr I. That's almost all of the alphabets gathered again, huh? Anyway, the point is that I went to sail and dance over the Baltic with my closest friends, and we totally had fun.
Of this activity I myself have zero photos. I hope to snatch some from the others, but they are prolly horrible in quality so you won't be missing a thing!

As the Sunday came, we returned in a tired but pleased state to our homes.


As for other things, shortly.
I have been playing Final Fantasy XIII (so pretty), read through Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box (cruel and interesting) and slept too little.

Few bjd photos [here] again.

maanantai 2. huhtikuuta 2012

Gloomy Monday

[Foxy-Chuu~] joined the crew! Welcome!


Today I woke up and it was Monday.

Wait? A Monday morning? But then that means that I must be off to work and look all boring?

Oh damn. I'd rather stay indoors, play games and sew stuff.

But it IS Monday, so nothing can be done.

Good-bye Hattie. Let's play some other time then.

Oh damn, my head fell off!
I forgot that always happens when I remove the top hat while wearing aristos. (Now you know why it's always on the top of my head when I'm taking part in meet-ups.)

*creepeticreep* Oh well, maybe I should just put it back on then.

Off to work!


No, I really wouldn't have had but a thousand of more important things to do this morning.
See ya later!