perjantai 3. helmikuuta 2012

In Black And White

Welcomes to [Heecaroo] and [Minttu]. Be as at home *bows*.


Last week I went to meet Sanni SJ from [Talviyö] to model for her school work. It was fun (even though I was a bit nervous, sorry) and she is such a nice person! I hope I was of some use, haha. Here are few pictures from the episode. To see more of her beautiful work visit her blog featured above in the text.

(Yes, yes, my hair is a mess. But it has it's own will, what can I do!)


I got the eleven questions challenge from lady [Sera].
The idea of the challenge is that I answer her 11 questions, then make 11 questions of my own and direct them at 11 new people.
Alright, to work!

1.Your favorite baked goodie? (So fitting question from you S! Haha.)
A hard one, but I'll give my vote to cupcakes. Yup.

2.Your favorite piece of clothing?
Oh my, like one that I own or in general? A long black jacket then. They have a special place in my heart and major part in my closet.

Because they make you look cool?

3.Your favorite make-up thing?
Avon's buttered rum lipstick at the moment. Or Lancome's bright red one. But in most use there is this liquid eyeliner. And I do use a lot of nail polishes...

4.Your favorite character/actor/actress?
Oh my, Johnny Depp and Jason Isaacs and James Marsters. As for character, hmm, too hard! Ryuk and GLaDOS . (Singing karaoke together.) (WHAT?)

One day here, I'll marathon through everything Iscaas plays in!

5.The country you'd like to visit?
UK and Japan are on the top list. Also Germany, France and Italy are not far behind. On G and F I have been, but there is so much to see still.

6.Your hobbies?
There is an endless list of these. Let's go with kung fu, video games, piano playing and reading.

How do you get these inside an apartment?

7.The motto of your life?
I don't have one, but something that will wittily include dreams' and imagination's beauty with living a good and experiencefull life.

8.What kind of child were you?
Lively. I loved to play epic and complex games with my dearest friends. Later in the childhood that I had learned how to read, I often drifted off with my books and video games, especially after everyone started growing out of the childish games. And from those far islands I never returned.

9.Any New Year's Promises?
I did in fact. As a major collector I have been drowning in all kinds of material things here, and my promise was to send 33 of anything to new life. Haha. I made it. Somewhat at least.

10.What would you do with a million euros?
Travel, buy a nice apartment, stock some VW goodies and an enormous pile of games and books. And clothes in general. And eat a lot of sushi and ice cream. I would save some too, maybe.

Ate these some weeks ago at Maruseki with Miss K.

11.Thing that you'd want the most?
A thing as in material things, I take it. ...*chuckle*, Alexander McQueen's monster shoes! And DollShe Bermann.

Hopelessly in love with these. Again a hopeless love! Dammit!

My questions:
1.Your favorite album? (I'm listening music right now, so..)
2.Your goal for year 2012?
3.If you could meet someone you might not meet otherwise, who would that be?
4.Your favorite food? (I'm hungry, what can I say.)
5.Music, books, games, dancing...fencing? Or something else? (Pick just one and explain!)
6.Who do you look up to? (As a person, or as in personal style, as you wish.)
7.Your...favorite smell? (Umm.. I like perfume bottles?)
8.A candle, a fireplace, a sauna, a campfire, a house, which one would you like to see to burn?
9.If you found yourself in a middle of a forest, what would you do?
10.Ever helped an old person across a street?
11.A question you wouldn't want to answer to?

And the challenged are:
Kaino of [Breidholt]
Leena of [Luurankoja Kaapissa]
Mortisia of [Mute The Silence]
Giko the [Satusankari]
Aie of [Pelilasiprinsessa]
Chiina of [Villa De la Morg]
Katrina of [Mun Tuulihatut]
Lygo of [De la Lygo]

And the new fellas, so that I get to know you too
Heecaroo of [Alice on Ice]
Minttu of [Minttupastilleja]

And finally, because I want you to answer mine in exhange! (No, you don't need to do the challenging again xD.)
Sera from [Herkkuja Mahan Täydeltä]

And if you don't feel like challenging 11, do know that that could be written wrong, so tag one?

15 kommenttia:

  1. Oh wait challenge to me? Aww thank you! Btw, those monster shoes are awesome, is it that Aliens movies Alien?

  2. Mwhahhahha, oh yup, and you are welcome. I'm looking forwards to your answers!
    Some Alien movies' Alien, yup, I believe. It and the shoe sure look alike, don't they xD.

  3. Hahaa kiitti, pittääkin tehä tää jossain vaiheessa!

    1. Hehe, olepa hyvä^^.
      Ps. Hauskat vastaukset x).

  4. Oooooooooh memes! PS that second pic of you from the top is pretty damn awesome!

    1. Hurharhar, was fun to come up with questions 8D.
      And aww, thank you~

  5. vitsit että ihania kuvia susta^^

    pitääpä tosiaan vastata tuohon haasteeseen jossain vaiheessa... :D

    1. Kiitti :D.
      Ja kiitos vastauksista, niitä oli hauska lukea x).

  6. Todella ihastuttavia ja kauniita kuvia on Sanni saanut otettua sinusta~! Erityisesti tuo keskimmäinen kuva on jotenkin aivan mielettömän upea! :3 ♥ Siulla on jotenkin kauniin ilmeikkäät kasvot!

    1. Aww, kiitos ♥. Miekin tykkäilen siitä keskimmäisestä kuvasta >u>'.

  7. Adorable!!!:)))
    I will make one when i found some free time from my horrible exams ='/

  8. Love the glasses, and the alien shoes *__* where can one get those shoes?

    1. I wish I knew where to get those shoes! I'd totally attack them right away. They are beyond amazing~

  9. Catching up on the blogosphere! Upeita kuvia ja silmälasit on <3. Vastasin haasteeseenkin. :)

    PS. Tuo flyygeli. ASdsafkgdfhbv. Tarvitsen.