maanantai 6. helmikuuta 2012

Crowned Dress And Other Adventures

Hello and welcome to [Enigmatica Gothic] and [Parasitic], have fun!


Hello, hello.
I made a dress. Because the dresses are fun to make. Even though this wasn't exactly my style, it was once again great to turn a pile of fabric into something else. (Well, it IS still a pile of fabric, but that pile has a name now.)

So, err, have few pics:

Uhoh, that tie there. That's usually around my neck. But this dress had to have a belt and suddenly I found my self with no belts whatsoever.


I was supposed not to buy things. Yet I did. I went to a game store.

(And if you think you saw that Mass Effect already, you are quite right, I wanted to include less pics on the entry to the other blog where I babble about games and things. So one thing led to another and...)

The Last Rebellion and Final Fantasy Anthology are in fact something I bought today. Damn. I wasn't planning to and now I need to do some calculating.

Oh, and since I finished Resistance: Fall of Man some time ago, [here you go] for a game talk if that's of interest for you, yup.


As for other things.
I finished Sheckley's The Alchemical Marriage of Alistair Crompton, and started Austen/Grahame-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Also last weekend was so much fun, because out of blue Miss A asked me to come over and so I did. It was feezing cold at Helsinki, especially since we decided to ignore the very fact of -20'C and run around in short skirts, ahhahha. Freezing as it can be, but so much fun!
(She also introduced me to this one new game and for Wii Fit. Haha, it was great.)

Have a bad teenage mirror shot:
Why she so prettey? Why me so drunkey-lookin'? Mhahhaha.

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  1. omg... beautifull dress, I love the fabric *-*

  2. Aww how lovely dress! I love to make dresses too, though I wont use them haha

    1. Heh, so true. Why can't trousers be as much fun?! xD
      And thanks^^.

  3. Vastaukset
    1. Kiitos =w=.
      (Yksi sana kirjotettavana ja typosin kahdesti.)

  4. It is amazing!!! Very nice work the dress looks lovely!!!!!!!!