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A Beret With A Ribbon - Tutorial

It's time to get rid of some leftover fabrics again!
As it happens, all that blue fabric wasn't spend on the winter jacket featured earlier in the blog. The texture of the fabric seemed to resemble somewhat the one in my red beret, so I thought "why not" and here is what followed:

A Beret with A Ribbon Tutorial

You will need:

First cut two round pieces of which, make another one in a doughnut. The doughnut is the bottom and the solid round is the top.
Now when you are cutting the bottom, be sure to make the inner circle big enough for your head to fit through. But if you make it too big the hat might have some problems on staying on your head. Using a stretching fabric might be a good idea, but not ultimately necessary.

Pin the inner circle of the bottom and sew, so that we will get a nice, clear entry.

This is an optional thing, for this will become a ribbon to the top of the beret. You may go and skip this part if you wish or do other kind of decorating if you'd like to, like sewing laces all around.

Anyway, for those, who want their beret with a ribbon:
cut a big rectangle out of your fabric.

How big?

About this size when compared to the top part of the beret.

Turn the long sides around with pins and sew them.

Cut a smaller rectangle out of the fabric.
Because we are doing a left-over-reuse here, you might choose to cut this out of the bottom part's out cut inner circle, which is about the right size in length.

Take the big rectangle and squeeze it from middle. Looking like a ribbon, right? Pin down, so the shape won't escape.

Take the small rectangle and pin it into the center of the big one. While pinning it on, turn the sides (the pic above) to get a clean looks. Sew it on.

Take the top piece and pin your ribbon on it. Sew.

Back to the obligatory part.
Take the bottom part and put it on the top part. Remember to put the pieces right sides inside.
Pinned it down? Good, time to sew them on them others.

After sewing, pull the inside to outside and...

You are ready! Whoohoo!
In theory you should have a nice hat now, mine looks like a prototype that it is, but do forgive the child for its imperfections.

*cough**cough* How handsome.
At least I don't need to wonder what to do with it this time since Miss J already volunteered in giving it a home.


I found myself still with some of this fabric, but my sister saved me from further headache and dropped her bjd Arisa to me and told to make her a jacket. So I did.

The fabric is a bit thick for such a small doll, but it was nice thing to make and pretty fast. And didn't turn out all that bad, as you can see from the pics on [Giko's] blog.


As for other things...
I finished playing Shin Megami Tensei's Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army, of which I made a game review in [here]. Still haven't been able to start a finnish game blog, hmm, must see to that during this spring.

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  1. What a great idea! Now I wish I had some leftover fabric that is thick enough to make a beret.

    1. Thank you! If you want to give it a shot, it won't cost much to buy the materials as new either, since a beret doesn't need much :).

  2. I shall definitely try making that hat! :O

    1. Go for it!
      It's easy too, and easy things are nnice =w=~.