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Lady's Style And Enfant Terrible Meet-Up

Three new readers, [Crémelice], [Lygo] and plan_t, be most welcome!
(And one ghost reader? I think it was 55 before you three. HMM. Welcome to the ghost too!)


It was the 14th of this month, and a meetup was held. Lovely lady [Sera] had organized a meet-thing here in Tampere. Around 15 persons wearing pretty clothing were making their way through a freezing wind and snow, to see Vapriikki's [Ladyn Tyyli] exhibition featuring beautiful clothing and accessories, photographs, and to head to a warm cafe afterwards.

The exhibition is on 'till the 18.3.2012, so if you happen to stumble upon free time at Tampere, consider this as a possibility. The tickets are ranging from ca. 2-8e.

This reminded me of VW's works. Needles to say, I was almost carrying it out of there.

If you'd like to see the rest of the photoload I gathered, you can go [here].


The meet-up itself then. There was quite nice amount of us, and to my surprise, most of them I had met before. That was nice, felt safer, haha. But the new faces were such a nice people too, and I was way too energetic and talked scarily much *cough*.

Not the all of us. But it was a nice group shot anyway.

My stare towards that not-quite-VW-jacket is making my glasses to gather some steam. Yup.

...and that was how it went for the cafeteria part. My end of table now knows that I'm a horrible cook and slept narcolepticly through my classes. And so on, so fort. Luckily me and the most-awesomest-curls-ever had fun. Or err, I had, she might be being polite... Ahhaha, nono, let's not think like that.

Since it was freezing cold outside, we didn't have any real photoshooting in the meetup. I still managed to drag this cute lady in a pic with me. I loved her dress and jacket so much. So pretty~

"When I was young...."

My outfit:
Jacket - F+F // Pants, shirt - offbrand // Clock Necklace, Top Hat - secondhand // Short Tie - Selfmade

Oh and that tie then. I was originally planning to make a whole new jacket for the meetup, but lacked the time to finish it. But I was settled on making something, so I dived to my leftover pile, searched for the leftovers of the Halloween dress' fabric and found four random pieces.

Two of the pieces had already been under a sewing machine once, since they were supposed to be the tails of the braineaterribbon. But it didn't look good with them so these were left to wander endlessly until..
Then there was this long multi-width piece, about 40cm long, and 2-5cm wide. Haha, it was a pain to poke this one. And then there was this short almost-a-square -piece.
After an hour of sewing at the morning of the meetup-day, I had this:

It's slightly oddly shaped (seems less odd IRL), but when I pulled the vest+jacket on it, it worked just fine!

And because, there seems always to be some clever pics, let's have one here too....:
At least I'm not wearing a bonnet. ...I totally didn't wear a bonnet in any point of the meetup! Did not! Not some white bonnet!

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