maanantai 2. tammikuuta 2012

Chanel Fall 2005

You'd think one is going to make a New Year's post since the 2012 started two days ago?
Nah, so overrated! Let's go back to the 2005. Fall.

I came by this one photo of Chanel's Fall 2005 collection and liked what I saw, so I went and looked around to find the rest of it. Mr Karl Lagerfeld designed all sorts of inspiring things for that fall. Who cares it's 7 years ago? Truly cool things don't get old, right?

To see rest of the runway show, you can poke this link [here].

These are from the ready-to-wears of 2005 fall:

Hurhurhur, now, if you'd like to see more, these and the rest can be viewed [here].


To say a few words of the past year...

There was wandering at castles and fortresses, knight set on fire, forests of every part of the year, changing schools, clubbing, friends, sewing, drawing, getting a new pierce while being not allowed to keep the old, working, learning to wave a fan in a kung fu way, lots of good food and ice cream, conserts and cons. And much much more. I had more fun than in the year before, I almost dare say. Good-bye 2011, rest in memories!

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  1. I want ALL the coats!!! :O~ No seriously I cannot live without those.

  2. Then.... let's go and rob them from somewhere! Now if one only knew from where... xD.
    (That one pic reminds me of Star Wars.. must be those earringsortofthings...)