keskiviikko 23. marraskuuta 2011

I Was There And Other Things

Oh dear, oh my. Why is there so many photos to post again?

Hat - H&M // Dress - Cybershop // Bolero - secondhand // Pearl Necklaces - Glitter
(And yes, what all weird things are there piled up behind me... let's not talk about that!)


A new reader! Welcome and thank you, you are the 50th! I'm bursting with blood-red hearts and gothicly very believable rainbows!..That is to say, I'm happy.


As for late, I have been attending some gigs, so let's start with the oldest silly photo:

It's a while ago already -and I think I mentioned it before- going to listen Uriah Heep with my mom. Mhahaha. Well, that's what I wore. Rather basic stuff, I know u__u.

Jacket - Lindex // FF7 Necklace - Random // Shirt - H&M // Studded Bracelet - Backstreet // Studded Belt & Skirt - Secondhand

Not so long ago, but still, I went to see Cardiant at Henry's Pub with my friend Mr M. They played so many covers that it felt like a bit weird gig. I mean.. I thought I was coming to listen metal, not covers of ... well, I did sort of like that one ABBA thing, but you can see my point, yes? Well, nevertheless they were cute. Especially their drummer. I totally wasn't imagining how he'd fit so well into LotR with elf ears.. .. ...What? *shifty eyes*

Then we get to a range of few weeks, as I went to listen Kina and Deadwinter's Child to Vastavirta. I picked up Mr M2 on the way and arrived marvelously late. Which means, during Kina's play. They are fun to listen to, so it was a shame to miss half of their part. I have heard them already few times, must poke Mr M so that he will write some new songs again!
DWC I saw there the first time and they do have a nicely epic sound on them and they don't look bad either. I'd go listen them again, yes I would.

What I wore that evening can be seen in the first photo of the post all the way up there. Ehm, my logicality is such a win. Don't argue, I did visit Technical University for a while! (And maybe attended some courses too.)

The green ticket was for Kanon x Kanon, which I went to listen to with my [sis] to Tavastia club. I must say I hadn't listened them before, but after she played this one song by them to me, I thought "sure, why not". And what can I say, they were cute.

I was about to wear something like this, but then it all just annoyed me to near death, so I changed to an all black combination, ending up in kodona. And of that I don't have a picture of.

The cello was bright red. Oooh, I could adopt it with joy!

There was some outfit changing too. These were cute. And I'd totally like to sew something inspired by the clothes of the guy in the back.

... aand if you'd like to see more of the dancing business, you may poke [this] video we managed to tape during the show.

Wondering what song was it that made me to go see them?


More concerts coming up and that is....
Nightwish and Emilie Autumn!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted the add saying that E.A. was coming all the way to Tampere in April. The very day the tickets were out, I was there getting them. Miss K agreed to accompany me.
Nightwish then... can't wait for this one either! Mr M picked up the tickets for me and J and himself. It's going to be one wonderful spring~

And since I started with the shopping business, here are some things that have made their home in my closet:

This one I bought secondhand, 15e. I was sure, I wouldn't fit in it, but I did. And since it has such a pretty print, I couldn't leave it there.

Skulls and butterflies. I might have a weak spot for this combination..

This dress hopped aboard from Cybershop on our visit to Helsinki, the Halloween party weekend. It just stared at me, and suddenly I walked out of there with it. The top part was sadly too big with one size, so I needed to tighten it quite a lot with the ribbon thing on front.

Close-up to the fabric. Skulls + Roses. That's kinda nice combination too, what can I say.

These cuties then... Well, me and sis spotted [] selling these with lowered prices, went a bit frenzy and bought two pairs each. Krhkhkhmm.

These babes I found secondhand, and thought that they'd be a nice addition to my boystyles closet. And they did, I wore them to Kanon x Kanon. And they apparently are deadly heavy too. My feet were hurting because of that the next day. But we are meant to suffer for cool shoes.

These fellas didn't make it to back home. Me and satusankari totally ate them, while watching Ghibli's film [The Secret World of Arrietty], which, by the way, was very cute indeed.

maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2011

Bottled Things

I was reducing my tabs, and that meant that I needed to drop these here!


Ah, the autumn. The skeletons of the trees, fallen leaves, mist circling in the forest and lazily reaching over your backyard fence...

Wouldn't it be nice to watch all that while sipping something equally epic while laying in front of the warm fire of your fireplace? I thought so, so see what I found this time!

Vampire wines. Oh, yes. Now that's interesting.
Wines, vodkas, coffee, cola.
Learn more over at
[Vampire Vineyards]

Look, they have chocolate too!

"Over the centuries vampires have perfected a pure source of energy that keeps them going for 5 hours. It’s fortified with the nutrients craved by mortals and immortals alike. The secret recipe is made from earth’s natural resources, where life began. VAMP N.R.G. SHOT is devoid of artificial colors and artificial sweeteners."

That's how it's written about the energy drink above at []. They also offer the wines, coffees and others fitting the theme at their website. Poke it.

... You know the series, I believe. Then you may recognize these bottles.
I found these at [], where you can get five glass bottles of TruBlood with 27.95USD.
Though this sale doesn't ship overseas. But I needed to include these!


As for other things, I played through Stella Deus The Gate of Eternity and wrote quite a pile of text about it in [here]. Now I'm getting mesmerized by SMT: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army. Such a wonderful game!

And since everyone knows already that I'm cool beyond words:

And if that filled your mind with mental question marks, you can see what the creepy fella on the floor was doing over [here].

keskiviikko 9. marraskuuta 2011

Before I Fall Asleep

Ooh, new readers! Welcome to this part of Internet!


At the moment I'm terribly late with everything.
But to get this posting finally done, do have a pile of pictures from the Halloween. Ah yes, we miss it already.

I and my sister attempted in baking. Cupcakes. Because...

...I needed to buy these! And no much sense in buying them just to have them stored somewhere, yes?

The Halloween weekend, me, [Miss K] and L strolled over to A & P (yes half of the alphabet was there) in Helsinki, to attend a Halloween party. A had made a wonderful work with the decoration!

Miss K having cool accessories.

That might be me. And while I did get the dress done, I didn't have time to make a shirt fitting for it so I used this one I already had around, which wasn't exactly what I had been thinking but... so wasn't many other things either. But I survived.

And just in case you wondered, we were supposed to dress up, and I wanted to do something that wasn't the most obvious thing, so I remembered this children's horror story that got me on edge as a kid. It was about this creepy doll which came alive at night and its nails grew long and it murdered all in the house. So I loosely based my outfit to that. Sorry for not having any good photo of the dress in the end! The only ones had all the other people in it too (and not everyone wants to be featured in weird blogs), or had my face looking weird.

My brains were almost eaten ö__________ö.

With Miss K and her newly pink hair. Cute, ain't she!


Miss A gave me a permission to put this photo up in here. She made a beautiful Kleopatra!

Johnny approves.

Blood of innocent children and their loving parents. Buhahhaha.

I had legs too!
Why, yes. I always stick to the important things!

Tired but happy. Somewhere in the night life of Helsinki.
That's L, she also allowed me to post her face here. I know such a pretty people~

Theehe, 'till the next time!


Nightwish's newest single, Storytime is out! And so is it's official music video, check it out and support the epicness!