maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2011

It Is A Dress?

Umm, yeah.

I did totally screw up the Halloween posts. I had nice plans, but in the end the whole month swirled right past me with sleep-study-sew-sleep -pattern. Oh darn. Especially the last week of it. I was in such a hurry to finish the dress for Saturday, that I didn't have time for playing around at internet.
(Or with PlayStation! I gotta get to play soon, or my brains are going to melt!)

But I did manage to make it in time. Two hours before I was supposed to be sitting in train with it, but in time!

Overall look at the thing.

Zoom. I had good time smacking those eyelets. Hammer time!

Yes. You are supposed to wear a shirt under it.

Hammer time!

The veil is separate from the hair accessory and the dress. Because that's practical. And there is tulle petticoat underneath, somewhere.

That's for the hair. Now that's scary. But that's good, it was Halloween, right?


I'll post some pics from the Halloween party later on.

*bows and disappears*

torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

Get Ready For Halloween: Classic Horror

As the darkness takes over the day's final light, lit a candle in the night and dive deep into the horror....

Ever getting tired of how most of the horror movies nowadays are feasting with blood and gutters? That's exactly when it's a perfect time to watch the Old Horror. Black & White Films, made Years Ago. Oh yes. Even if they might not shock you, they are wonderful and in a way, very beautiful too.

I had planned to watch more, but that must probably wait until after the Halloween. But here is the ones I managed to watch:



A young scientist, Henry Frankenstein, dreams of creating life – a man made human.Stealing the bodies and bodyparts wrom where ever he may get, he stiches up Monster. One stormy night everything is ready, and the creature awakes to it's life. But with the brains of a criminal, and the lack of experience and understanding of life, a nightmare awaits...

”We must find another brain!”

The story is of course interetsing, for ain't the same idea haunting the scientists today? Ain't the sane subject often in movies even today? As for it's idea, it's a true classic. The music is wonderfully instrumental and have a good gloomy feeling around it. The special effects still work well and the characters are interetsing (the baron was a lot of fun!), and I presonally liked the Monster's looks. Like fitting for the film of it's time, there is plenty of epic looks at the camera and the over acted lines and accents are more than fun as well. Looks and sounds great, a classic no doupt.


A sequel to Frankenstein (1931), starts with three friends talking during a storm, and one, who wrote the story of Frankenstein, starts to tell the continuation of the story right from where the first part started. While Monster wanders the woods seeking for understanding but ending up scaring everyone around him, his creator Henry Frankenstein is persued by another scientist also interested of an artificial life. This doctor Pretorius wants Frankenstein to create another one like Monster, but a woman, and he is determined to have his way...

”Oooh, what a terrible wedding night!”

Starting with music very epic -and the music keeps up during the whole film, supporting it very nicely-, we are thrown back to the story. The first part did seem like it would have ended where it ended, but the sequel is a nice one nevertheless. Epic acting too, the talking sounding just as funny -er, stylished- as before (that one very loud lady is really giving it her all). All the scientific gadgets look as nice and ever, and the costumes and backgrounds look beautiful as ever. Of course the main characters are pretty as ever as well. Special effects work very nicely. While being wonderfully not as polished as the films often are now days.


British secret service tells Egyptologist Sir Barton that he must go and fetch a legendary mask and sword from the tomb of Genghis Khan before an evil Fu Manchu, who wishes to use those items to gain a great power -and to use that power for evil deeds. As Fu Manchu kidnapps Sir Barton, a group of people, including his daugter, head to hunt down the desired objects and save Sir Barton. But it's not the simplest task, not even close.

”British goverment is asking you to risk your life again.”

”Oh, very well.”

Well, first of all, even though it appeared on the list of 30's horror movies, it seems to me to be more like an adventure film. I might even say it's just like a grandfather of Indiana Jones movies. Well, Indys are fun, so lets see. The idea of mystical far-away east, with very mystical asian culture, must have looked very mystical indeed back then, but now as we look at it, it seems to be a quite a mess of different cultures. But lets not start sorting out any facts like that. The costume designers seem to have had very much fun with this movie, which is nice to look at. The dialogue is being overly dramatic. Did I mention it's just like Indy movies? Well, ladies in trouble, men seduced by evil mistresses, torture by all sorts of weird ways, and good vs evil very clearly. And the ways of torture has propably had it's own designer team fusing all the classic things together: insects, reptiles, spikes, blades, moving walls... The fastened fighting got me laughing, but the special effects seem alright for their time.


A mysterious man with bandaged face and glasses enter an inn during a snow storm, and requests a room -and peace. A room is granted, but peace he can't have -and as he loses his nerves, the owners want him out. He won't go quietly, but with a bang -soon an invisible man has caused a terror and chaos in whole village. The man, doctor Jack Griffin, has ended up invisible, and to fix things -or to make them work for his profit- he is going to need help, but who would help a man who wouldn't hesitate to murder another man...

”And if you escape by the window, I will follow you, and no one in the world can save you.”

The all bandaged main character with a hat and sunglasses looks very nice, and black & white fits this film very well. While invisible, and causing riot, the special effects look really good. I especially loved the scene where the invisible man walks a road half dressed and singing! Also his actor all together makes good a good job, for he is clearly little scary and mad, even though most we see is bandages -or nothing, he is invisible after all. One thing I can say after these movies is, that the women seem to resemble themothers rather much: pretty and worried of their men, and of course carrying that Hollywood glamour shine on their faces. The story itself works really well still, for the invisibility (or affortable one at least) is still sought and often used as an element in literature and movies (HP anyone?).

DRACULA (1931)

A british solicitor travels deep in Transylvania, wishing to get to the castle of Dracula, in business means. All the locals warn him from going there, especially by night, but he won't take their supersitiousness seriously but insists to continue his journey. As he gets to the castle, he is greeted by it's resident count Dracula -a vampire, of which the young man isn't aware. That, as you may imagine, doesn't lead to much good. Soon he is under the counts influence, and on their way to London. Soon there is strange things happening in London, and professor Van Helsing enters the scene, assuming right their origin. But can he assure the others soon enough of the exsistence of vampires to be able to save a young woman on who count Dracula has set his eyes on.

”To the castle?”



First one to meet the viewer is the music from Swan Lake, a great mood setter, I must say. The film has all the classic horror elements, old catsles, spiders' webs, howling wolves, bats and of course -vampires. The looks of the film are right on the spot and the actors do an awesome job. The whole execute was very well done (and the camera just loved to show off Bela Lugosi's intensive stare). Well, the rubber bats were rubber bats for sure, but it still looked great. Oh yup, definitely classic. And after watching this I'm sure of one thing... count Dracula is a sith lord! Totally using Force.

See? Totally using the Force right there!

sunnuntai 16. lokakuuta 2011

Thanks For Tha Award!

I hereby thank thee, [Kaino] and [satusankari] for this cute award!

The meme was the same one, but the infos were different in how many should be tagged afterwards (and in language).

1. Tell who gave you the award and link this back to his/her blog.
2. Write seven random facts about yourself.
3. Give this awards forwards to other bloggers. (I mean.. fifteen? Who silly wrote that? I mean.. fifteen? By all means, do give this to fifteen if you want :D.)

Oh dear, what should I tell you here...

1. I like ice cream more than sweets or cakes.
2. I like skulls, skeletons and long-necked spoons. I find them pretty.
3. I like martial arts and would like to try and train more of them (like taido and capoeira). But I'd weirdly also like to try so-called Bollywood dancing and ballet, even though me dancing equals a disaster.
4. I have often complex dreams and tend to remember them for a while every morning. I love to watch dreams. Not the ones about school and other depressing things though.
5. The Big Bang Theory. It's a great series. I'm hooked.
6. I used to write weird poems, but after the (another blog site) died, I haven't written them almost at all. Such a put-off!
7. I'll write books in the future. But I don't promise them to be good!

And now...

[Victoria Scarlett]

thy areth therefore awarded!


As for other things...

Another off to school photo.
Yeah, my photo quality is and stays low. I'll try to do something about that in some point again.

Striped Scarf - Secondhand // Skull Shirt - GinaTricot // Pleated Skirt - Cheap Monday

And yes, I sew on floor. You can spot my Bernina on the right.
And my Korg kid above it, still lacking a serious cover -therefore: scarfs. Ehh, need to do something to that too.

Still playing Stella Deus.

Next weekend I'm going to go hear [Cardiant] play at [Henry's Pub].
It was an unusual thing, but my friend suggested last weekend that we'd go visit a karaoke, and so we did. I doubt my singing is anything anyone really wants to listen so even when we went up to sing, I let the two of them hold the mics and I sang so that no one heard. Well, what followed was that a bit later Cardiant's singer Erik (who sang Tallulah and it sounded so pretty that he should have sang it over and over again) slammed his hands on our table and complained to me for not singing xD. I was totally surprised by that. At the end of the evening he and their drummer had camped at our table and done good job with advertising their band. Haha. So, I'll be at Henry's Pub next Friday, if metal goes for you, do come too~
(And man, was I a knot of nerves when we went to sing again.)

Halloween is coming, and I'm trying to make a dress for the party miss A is throwing at Helsinki.
Due to this I can't go to see Cinemare event at a local cinema Niagara, but if you are with no plans for the 29.10.2011 and have a liking for scary movies, you might want to consider that. Have a [link] (finnish).

The boys at [Game House] needed to turn some stones over, but they found Resonance of Fate for me. Omnom.

The pretty pattern of this immediately stroke my eyes. And since it also had long carrying straps, I decided on the spot to give it a new home. The material is just great: strong and waterproof. Very practical - and I love it. Such a weird combination! Finnish design by [Jouni].
Oh, and it cost about 3-5e. Secondhand.

Sewetisew And Other Things

I spend some time behind a camera. Few more [here].

So! I had small black pieces of fabric floating around -like always- and this time I decided to turn them into a bjd's dress. Since they were such a small left-overs, some seams are really visible on the hem. But otherwise it turned out alright (even if the waist had a bit too much room, wops).

Here is a better shot to see the dress itself:


Few more of these [here].

This one fabric had waited it's turn for quite a long time, so I decided to do something about it too. The sewing machine didn't exactly love the fabric and I ended up sewing the gatherings by hand.

Some detail shots:
It's looong.

Square back. I had other plans for this, but then it would have become too hard (if even possible) to put on her...


I was off to school.
T-Shirt - Iron Fist // Black Bolero - random // Black Skinny Jeans - Living Dead Souls // Cross Collar Necklace - Selfmade // Armor Ring - Seppälä

The armor ring there is a new thing. It so stared me at the shop (Seppälä, 7-8e). I had to save it (especially since Westwood's armor ring is still out of my reach). But it's not very comfortable to wear... nor practical.

I'm working on my dress for Halloween, since the pretty fabric I ordered for it arrived some days ago. I better finish it in time!

Also working on the next Halloween post. It's almost ready...

keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2011

We Hast Pichturhs

Why, yes, I'm pretty much ready to fall asleep and make a new time record in it, but before doing that, do have these few photos so they won't haunt me in my dreams.

And a new reader! Welcome, have fun!


Uhm, well, these are from about two weeks ago, when there was this week when everyone was supposed to go and climb a tree (for now days, parents tell their children not to, because it's dangerous, but all the kids love to climb trees. And apparently some adultious ones love to do the same...).

I love forests, really. But since the insects drive me insane, there is a small paradox, as you can imagine. And while here, I ran to two spiders and a pile of their webs. But it was worth it!

So into the forests I went with my sister!

Well... mushrooms are always cute?

Photographing trees is almost as much fun as photographing clouds. But it always frustrates me how I can't quite pin their presence into the photos...

Oooh, yes, I got on some branch too! In my very unpractical tree-climber outfit. A skirt, what was I thinking? Nothing much I guess, a lazy day at home.

I might upload more of the forest shots to my LJ later this week, if I do, I'll add a link here.


Somewhere during the last week, me and Miss K went to see what this outdoors happening was about. To the center of Tampere, some sellers from, for example France, had brought their goodies for sale. It managed to almost be as cute as I wished.

They glister! Ain't they cute! I bought and ate a white pearl, it didn't taste as good as I thought.

That's soap. Don't eat it.

I had to buy one of these, because they looked like they might taste delicious. Coconut things.

Afterwards we went to [Captain Hook] and I bought the cheese cake above. It looked so nice and they gave me that pretty spoon and I almost didn't get this pic!
(Damn, I was supposed not to eat such an unhealthy stuff for a while! But then again, I'm falling for those cookies at work every day anyway..)

See my new hat darling? The red beret was saved from Aleksi13 with about 8e. The brooch I pinned on it is from Seppälä, as is the white collar shirt as well. The suspenders are from KappAhl I believe, I saved them some days ago with about 15e (with that much? Oh deer...).
The origins of the scarf I don't remember, and the black jeans you can't see (which makes this info very relevant) are by Living Dead Souls.

torstai 6. lokakuuta 2011

Get Ready For Halloween: Spidery Things

Spider, spider on the rose, why creeps your steps oh so close...

Yes, some of those creepy little eight-legged ninjas have been creeping up and around here yesterday and today. So I though that maybe I should put up a Halloween post with them.

(I'm in fact horrified by the real spiders. Especially if they are moving around. I used to have a phobia kind of fear of them, but I guess I'm getting over it. No screaming, and I might be able to throw them out of the apartment by myself with help of a glass and a magazine. Or I might be able to smash them. But one thing I still can't do is to walk under them. I'd be paranoid for the rest of the day and night.)


Spider necklaces!
Because they are a good element for accessories. They can be very pretty, especially when they aren't real (or looking too real).

The links are leading to the shops these necklaces are sold at, because they might be sold sooner or later and then the links might die and all that jazz.

Pretty frames, and pretty picture. And that's pretty safe choice for those who are scared.
19.00$, by Ezabell at [Le Beauty Exorcist]. Visit to see some other nice looking necklaces. Outside-Etsy-Sites [here].

Oh my, pretty thing. I love not only what the big one is on, but also that the little ones hang from chains, that means they must swing around when walking or dancing.
55.00$, [Just Harry]. More cool jewelry over there ("inspired by witchcraft, wizardy, all manners of mystical creatures [...]").

Huge bling spider!
110.00$, at [Parisxox]. Do you like peacocks feathers? They seem to like them too.

This one featured, because that's the creepiest spider I saw in the necklaces this evening. I'm not sure if I could wear that xD.
25.00$, by SallyeMayCreate at [All That Jazz Designs]. They seem to have lots of hats there.

Very simple, but I would definitely wear this!
~30.00$, by zedem at [Jewellery By ZM]. All sorts of little jewelry.

This one is gorgeous!
60.00$, by 54CopperSquare at [Old Elves Jewelry Co.]. Huge amounts of beautifully detailed, nature-inspired jewelry. I'd love to adopt a pile of their creations!

A small spider creeping closer to an innocent rose. That's what they do the best, the creeping around. (Oh, and some of them make pretty webs, must give them that!)
39.00$, at [Luxe Deluxe]. Lots of blingy things, as far as I see.


Here are the pairs of creepers that I own. You can bet on me wearing them a lot this month!


As for other things.

It's raining pretty hard. I like that sound.

keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2011

Get Ready For Halloween! : Start

It's time to start the Halloween specials again! For the starting post, have the links for last year's posts:

[Board Games]

I have some plans for this month's theme posts, now I just need to trick Lady Time a bit to be able to pull them of!

My October got a good start with the music event mentioned in the earlier post, and a dear friend of mine is having a Halloween costume party at the end of this month, that's going to be fun!
Are you having plans already?


As for other things... Must go to sleep soon!
No, that wasn't it.

Fitting rather well to this post's main theme, this cool sounding book rolled home some time ago.

And since I started with the books; two NANAs tagged along from an antiquarian bookshop. The 17th was just 2e, lucky me! (Well, the back of it had a small damage, but I didn't mind.)