tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2011

Savage Beauty 4.5.-7.8.2011

If I was in New York I'd know where I'd go right away.
If I had enough money to travel to NY, I would, because of...

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Oh yes.
A great exhibition of the creations by the amazing and unique artist amongs the fashion designers, Alexander McQueen. From his postgraduate collection from 1992 to his final runway presentation.

The exhibition is held in [The Metropolitan Museum of Arts],
and they have gathered about one hundred ensembles and seventy accessories by McQueen for the show. The creations are placed beautifully in separate galleries, which all have a name related to the works inside of them (like "The Romantic Mind" and "Romantic Naturalism").

Even if you are in such a sad situation as I find myself, ie. unable to visit the exhibiton in person, you may find a great joy simply in accessing [the museum's pages of the show]. They have some great, big and detailed photos of the ensembles that they have, as well as a small introduction video (around 8min), that shows a small insight into the gallery rooms, accompanied by a (english) voice telling you about the show and what is where and why.
The sites also offer a pile of videos showing some of the most well remembered moments and sights from the runway shows of Alexander McQueen -and if you wish, you may buy a small memento of the exhibiton through [The Met Shop].

The show is on:
May 4 - August 7 2011.
(Originally it was supposed to end 31.7. but apparently due the big love we all have for the beauty of mr McQueen's works, they have added a week to that. And there is monday tours, even though normally the museum would be closed on mondays.)

You should already be there.

Horns. I do love horns.

More horns. I adore horns.

"an artist whose medium of expression was fashion",
they wrote, and I couldn't agree more.

maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

A Week, Another Week, And Then...

Not so long ago this time, I went to check out a [SYN/\PSI] event (called Dark Summergathering) with one of my oldest (old as in known for longest ;p) friends. We pretty much joined in with a fellow blogger [Ravenoaris] and her boyfriend for the evening.
All in all, I enjoyed the event greatly (despite my right foot that I had managed to kill some days earlier). Can't wait to the beginning of the next month, for then it's time for [Lumous Gothic Festival XI].
(The only downside is that I'll be running and drinking energy drinks for the whole weekend, since our kung fu camp takes place the very same time as Lumous. Ugh! But I have no heart to miss neither of them.)

And this is my outfit for the event. I just couldn't get a decent shot while wearing them -__-.
(Some random said I looked like a pin-up girl. Just what in these looks like pin-up? Maybe it was due my glasses...)

Studded bag - secondhand// Feather hair accessory - gift // Studded bracelet - Backstreet // Ribbon hairclipthing - Glitter // Spider earrings - Seppälä // Striped skirt - Lip Service // Minijacket - hand-made // Black Top - H&M

Yup. Disasterous as ever.
I'll try to be better from now on.. And to try doesn't mean I will be better!
On the left is a casual look with pinstriped, long jacket, collar shirt, hat and so on.
On the right is me almost finished with the off-to-SYN/\PSI -look.
(Nude face vs make-up face, haha.)

And that pretty much summarizes up my material shoppings for the last few weeks. I do like buttons, yes. And am going to use them too.

I also bought a book about tattooing (The Ultimate Tattoo Bible) and shoes for kung fu's outdoors training. For during the summer time, we practice on a grassfield. And since it's just about next to a beachside, there are lots of sunbathers and hang-arounds during the summer (oh joy), and I just don't feel too comfortable about practising there bare footed. You don't know what's under and amongs the grass. (PARANOID)

toriyaki chicken
coke and macha milk

One of the things I look forwards while visiting a good restaurant is how the food is placed on the plate. I like my food pretty, yes.
I visited [Maruseki] with [satusankari] and [Miss K]. Delicious japanese food.

My dessert, the macha milk, managed to fall on this dress I was borrowing from satusankari. No huge harm done, but why am I always the one in the group whose drink falls?! And half of the time it's on someone else. Yup, be careful around me if I'm about to drink. Even if it's just water.

And now my money is heading towards Lumous tickets and Potter 7 part 2 movie ticket (the pre-sales start today, oh dear, oh dear). If anything is left over that will go to (ICE CREAM) update my game collection. Some delicious games have been waiting for me/ were released a little while ago/ are going to be released soon. Sigh, and I had just found some delicous dresses and jewelry... well, I guess I need to just spam this blog with cute things (to make your money to disappear too! HAHAHA. World domaination here I come! ...what did that have to do with anything..)


Two new readers? I'm on fire now! I mean... Welcome and I hope you both will find interesting things to read and to look upon.
(Heeey, I know you Silkuchu! HAA-ha! And Glenny has some awesome pink hair!
I love how blogs allow me to stalk people.. I didn't just write that, nope. But we all like to stalk people through their bloggings, don't we.)

Maybe I should celebrate? 33 is a cool number after all. But I didn't plan anything cool.. So I'll come up with something when I'm making the 100th post then! That's just behind a corner already, oh dear...

keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2011

Mert Otsamo Design

Just because I wasn't sleeping one night and strolled all around checking what's new with interesting finnish designers.


Mert Otsamo Design

This young man is a self taught designer whose work is all about strong shapes, details, tailoring and dramatic looks. He has been making clothes since he was 15 years old (he was (is?) an awesome cosplayer, seriously) and in the age of 18 he entered Finland's first Project Runway TV show and was one of the finalists.
(If it had been up to me, he would have been the winner, for his collection was epic and beautiful.)

As for today, he has released two collections, Metropolis (2010) and Strong After (2011), both of which are very impressive.

[Official Sites]
[Facebook pages] for latest news.
[Video] of Metropolis' show.

Few photos from Metropolis collection (from official sites):

The official sites didn't yet have photos of the newest collection, but I managed to find these nevertheless (love you Interenet~):
From Iltalehti -magazine's sites, where you may also find a finnish article of the show [click here] to get to it.

From FASH WITH R -blog, which's writer was present in the show and has more photos from it, to read the post go [here].
(Very pretty dresses. The white and the black one remind me strongly about the movie Black Swan, mheh.)

Keep an eye on the official sites for the photos of the whole collection.

During Project Runway, the photo from [here] (finnish). Aww, look now, such a pretty and talented boy^^.

As is pretty obvious: I love his style and the materials he uses in his works. And he is just 20 years now, and that's so young. I can't wait to see how his career develops~.


As for other things
I beated Digital Devil Saga's first part and wrote randomly about it in [here], started the next part of the game, and was introduced to a new band called [Deadwinter's Child], which is playing majorly epic melodic metal.

perjantai 10. kesäkuuta 2011


Alright you annying leftoverfabrics that have piled up! I have turned you already into a purse and a pen case, and there is still more of you left?!

Sadly ,for this needed some patterns drawn, I didn't do a tutorial out of it.

So! There was a good amount left of these two fabrics and I was running low with ideas, so one energetic night I sliced it all up, into many long, asymmetric shreds.. and sewed them back together again.

I guess I had a weird corset sort of shirt in my mind, but as I woke up next morn--- day, I realized that there was way too little fabric for that and so the thing laid on my corners for a while and then I took it up again and cut it some more, but now to form this minijacket.

It was originally supposed to have a collar and short puffsleeves, but there wasn't enough fabric left (first it won't end and then there is too little of it? My luck..).
That wasn't the only trouble I got into with this, no, my sewing machine broke down (jammed). And I needed to turn it to a shop for repair. Luckily I got it back only few days after.
...Guess what happened then? The machine kept biting its own needle and cutting my thread. ARGH. But that was only for the needle had bent. I just didn't come to think of that immediately, for the repairer said he changed the needle to a new one while checking all through.
After a short headdesking, I was finnished with this. It didn't come out too well, but I guess I can use it now and then anyway.

So that black fabric is done for. The fabric inside...well, there is still some of it around here.
And ofcourse, these two ain't the only leftovers I have... not even close. We shall fight again...


As for other things: it's way hot here, over 30'C. I'm close to melting, but ice cream tastes wonderful.
SYN/\PSI is soon, sadly the same day as KINA is having a gig.. (17.6.)
Also, I'm totally out of money, who robbed me? (I have a feeling that Ebay might have something to do with this...)