tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2011

Playing Around

Ah, did you miss my long face yet?
Me and Miss K decided to have some photoshooting done today-- no, it's yesterday already. And managed to do that too.

Under the burning spring Sun that wants to make the faces white and featureless, and where the shaddows are merciless, two fearless warriors of finnish wastelands rise their hands and...

their cameras. Now have some happiness.


Shoes - Demonia // Skirt - Indian Bazaar // Top - H&M // Jacket - Secondhand // Cross Necklace - Asplund // Mini Tophat - Gift // Ring - Kalevala // Star Earrings - Nitrobabe // Ribcase Necklace, Dreadlock Falls - Backstreet

We were already leaving (went to eat at [Captain Hook], oh yum, the unhealhty wings~), when I insisted that I just had to have few photos with round sunglasses and that graffiti wall we passed by. I love the epicness of the round sunglasses. I would just need ones with proper lenses, I have a bit weak eyes after all..


Miss K, aka Katri Pajukoski, is 21 years old selftaught photographer. Her specialities lay in horse photography, while also taking wonderful photoshoots of humans and not leaving a pretty buildings/scenaries without attention when spotting them. One of those natural talents that never leave home without a camera, and walk the Earth with a camera in one hand and a cup of coffee in another.

So if you are feeling like you never got enough attention from the camera, and just happen to be around Finland, don't fear to contact this sweet person with your quests and questions through mail: katri@clayr.net.
She loves to snap her camera at people, so don't hesitate.

General Photosite of hers, click [here].
For her DeviantArt sites, head [here].


If you still feel like watching my face even more (ohhoho, as if), you can see the rest of the shoot [here]. There is also few photos of Miss K, like the two just featured, that I took of her with her adorable superninjacamera.

lauantai 16. huhtikuuta 2011

Stuff. Mostly.

Lalalala, few more bjd shots [here].

So! Another post for other stuff, now isn't that what I just wrote few minutes ago?
Well, you see, I just happen to be sitting here right now, so writing this post right away seemed like a good idea. Bear with me.


Tampere Kuplii was and went 6.-10.4.. I managed to attend the happening the 10th. The day after the Tallinn trip. I was soo alive.. not.
Went there with my sis, checked out something from the program and then loomed around the tables that sold stuff.
I saved a ramone bottle, a weird ice cream and this:

It's a mighty FF-fan-stuff-ring. Cool as anything and it got it's first trip on my finger today in an enfant terrible -meetup of which I'll speak more after I have managed to steal some photos from the others u__U'.

These two came with the post during the last two weeks. I know I always say that I'll never again buy used games (because they are often in all but mint condition), but the one on the left costed 6e and the one on the right 4e. How could I possibly say no to them, while they prettily complete the .hack// saga on my shelf?

These two rolled to my possession as birthday gifts.
The cube I got from my parents... since my mother likes to whine about how she never hears me play (I use headphones), and thought that by buying this she might sometimes. How fair...
The keyring is from my sis~.

And it seems like I have some growing FF junk collection here:
These cuties were sold at some bjd company. Though they are way too small for my bjds, to my shelf they are not.

The playing cards are from Animecon# (and who ever chose the pics for the cards, did some major failing: there is one card with a fanart pic and one photo of a cosplayer) (and, aye, I still bought them).
The phonehangerthingy is from Tracon# (though my phone doesn't have a place to hang these..).
And the last one... well, told it already once.

The ring, as mentioned before, a local comic fest this year.
The clock is from a Tracon... I believe, who knows what number though.

And Balthier to whom I never found Basch (guess they never made one, oh tears falling).
From Animecon some years ago.

There is also few keyrings that were saved from various cons, but the keys were lost at the moment.
This small stuff is easy and cheap way to get a souvenir. And yeah, the FFs are fun. Games are fun. Please get some Persona fan junk at the next con, alright? =w=

A Trip to Tallinn

Hellou, I was supposed to post stuff earlier, but after the fateful cruise on the small puddle between Finland and Estonia, I fell victim to a flu for five days.
I was totally out of any kind of energy and just tried to swallow my pillow whole for the whole week, but now I'm back to the business!

And therefore, new readers! Welcome, have fun~


So! One of my friends turned 22 at the start of April, and we went with a small group to a cruise to celebrate her. The trip also included a trip to Tallinn, Estonia's capital city.
I propably don't need to say that we didn't really sleep that night, I and L staying up the longest.. which was *cough*clever*chough* since I really wanted to get to see the old part of Tallinn with its pretty buldings. So after two-three hours of sleep I managed to drag myself and miss K up and out~

I'd have wanted to take mighty artistic photos, but since we had only few hours time we ended up just snapping tourist photos all over. Here, have few:

Being a tourist.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, areth thee there?

That's not a church, That's a chocolet-cream cake. Trust me *chough*.

Now that's not an omnious looking building at all.

We climped a whole lot of stairs and ended up in the grounds of this... castle? No idea what it was, but there we were.

Why does that remind me of a thing where the noose hangs, huh..

A bad hair day is a bad hair day also in Estonia. My fever started to rise while we were running around here. You can imagine it didn't feel too good, especially after I had slept only few hours.


And yeah, we were on the ship too. But I'll spare you from that goofing around.
Therefore make do with this photo of me and Miss K. For a reason unknown the whole group of us were shooting Breezer advertisement photos in the corridor.

Now that's scary.


It was a nice trip, though I'd have loved to have more time to storm around Tallinn (and without fever).
And since this became such a long spammage, I'll babble more of other things in another post.

torstai 7. huhtikuuta 2011

For Inspiration

In the darkness of a calm night, a shadow comes forth and passes.
As you follow it you find yourself looking at...

Cool pictures!


[Sex, vintage and Royals] is a tumblrthing that posts old pics and photos. From victorian things to burlesque kind of things. Actresses and actors, royals, so on, so on. I found the page while strolling around for old photos, who knows for what dark plans (it's quite some time ago, was waiting some fitting occasion to feature the link here). Visit if having too much time. I mean, if you'd like to spend some quality time with pictures. Ehm.


[666 Photography] is the other guys I stumbled upon, and only few days ago this time!
It's a company specialized in retro/vintage photography with mighty costumes and set-ups. The company is lead by its photographer who also makes the costumes, props and most of the styling by herself. And of that I'm very jealou--- I mean. Whoa, she is really good.
Do check out their gallery, expecially the High Concept folder. Some really amazing props and costumes there.

I'll feature here the photos that lured me to their sites to begin with:




As for mighty me, I went to see Sonata Arctica and they were sweet, cheered for Kina in a band competition and they were aggressively energetic like always, and today I clapped my hands for Semmarit and they were pure fun. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be off to the open sea. I better not be late... but I have tons of things to do tomorrow before the take off! Not to mention that I didn't have time to even start packing today.. oh deer.

Any attempts on outfit shots ended up horrid.
...and who idiot would put their blurred, silly face photo right after those fantastic muerta girls?
...me o'course! Ahhahahha.
But I came to my senses on the read-through and decided to torture your very lovable eyes some other time.

Yes, it's time to say good nights again. This captain is going to set sailing now~

keskiviikko 6. huhtikuuta 2011

Alexander McQueen 2011

Just because I'm working on a piece of... work, which is stuck. I don't like coloring things -is that why most of my wardrope is black too?!


Lee Alexander McQueen (1969-2010) was one of the most well known british fashion designers, a very imaginative and talented man, who gained many awards during his career. His death was a great loss.
Have a wikipedia [link] about him.

The luxury fashion house he started back in the 1992 still goes on, Sarah Burton as it's current creative directior.
[Official Sites]

This years spring collection reminded me of fantasy and fairies. Pretty~

And just because at this time of a year the fall designs are also out, let's have the selected few of those too:


And just because these items are from the same brand:

The shoes I could almost kill for. Oh yeah.
Also loving their skull clutches. Ooh yeah.


Alright, then back to solving the pain in the... .. shoe. See ya!