lauantai 10. joulukuuta 2011

A Winter Day

There is no better music to listen than Nightwish's Imaginaerum while driving a car on wintery forest roads. One of my favorite weathers is the one where it's slightly under 0'C outside, all pretty and white and the sun shines brightly. It's just so pretty~

These photos were taken while on a road trip to our summer cottage (we went to see that it's ready for the winter. And I ran into a spider's web, hjjjjgjhhh. It's winter now, go away already!).

The Sun was setting already. The days are so short!

I realized one day here that I haven't seen any animals aside of our dogs, next door's cat and occasional birds for a long while. (And that one shrew that tried to get run over while running across the motorway.) And I think that's sad in a way. Not that it's something people go around thinking a lot, but nature feels so far away now and then. I'm lucky to have some forest right behind my backyard, but since I'm mostly on my way to somewhere, I don't go and wander in there that often.

Maybe that's why I'm planning to go hiking next year. Lots of planning and brainwashing to do, but maybe it'll work out.

Trans.: " 4km Elf".
Oooh, I must visit that town one day!


Also! Fitting to the subject:
Spotted a note on NW's sites, that Tuomas Holopainen makes an appearance in Finnish program Erätulilla. And he is accompanied by Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica. Hiking and talking about hiking by them can be watched [here]. The pic above is from the sites. The program is up in the Internet only for 5 days from here, so be quick! Program is spoken in Finnish, and has no subtitles. But ain't they the cutest!


Three new readers! I'm thrilled to pieces! Welcome, welcome, welcome~


Oooh, I'm going to wake up in 6h, so I better be off again. But when I get back, I have a tutorial to post!

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  1. I miss forests! I want to go walking in one too... ;^;

  2. Aww, everyone should do that once in a while >u>.