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A Fur Muffler - Tutorial

This all took place already in the autumn, as this gorgeous, soft fake fur entered the local fabric store. Just one stroke on it and I knew it had to be done....

It's Christmas time, so make it as a gift for yourself or your friend.

A Fur Muffler Tutorial

What you will be needing:
- Fur fabric (~25cm)
- Thread

- A piece of chord
- A button
- Accessories for decoration

First things first, the fabric should be a width of what looks nice when bended over. The length so that it comfortably wraps around your neck. If you are going to use it over a jacket, better do a bit longer than with nothing between the muffler and your neck.

Slit the other end (from the bottom is also fine even though the white line here is drawn not touching it) from the length of the bottom (ie. the halved width).

Cut? You sure? Good, just checking. Now let's move forwards.

Bend the thing to form a handsome fur worm, don't worry, it's not alive - probably. Pin it down and sew together.

The next two steps are the optional part.

In case you fear the muffler might open while you dance under the falling snow or where ever you are going to use this, you might want to add these:

In the step where the actual tutorial left us, we add the small piece of chord to the end of the worm with the cut. Place it to the exact opposite of the slit so that it will be sewn on to place while you are sewing the worm's sides.

To the other end of the worm, on the furry outsides of the muffler, you will place the button. It should meet the chord loop when going inside from the slit you have made.

While cutting the chord and placing it, make sure not to make it too loose nor too tight. The loop should go around the button here in order to keep the muffler from sliding open.

Optional part ends, back to the actual tutorial:

Next you pull the worm over from the slit you have made, put it around your neck and place the other end of the scarf though the slit of the other end and ta-dah!
It's warm, it's soft, it's versatile and it's epic. And we do love epic!

You may now attach any desired decoration on the top of the muffler. You may also keep it plain and elegant. Or you may just put a nice necklace over it when you are heading out. Oh so easy, oh so lovely. So much so, my own hands are now itching to do this all in white (with the black rose), oh yes, I must...

I'd love to see pics of your versions if you decide to make one!


As for other things... unsuprisingly I should once again be sleeping already! I also realized I'm following so many blogs now that it takes over an hour to look through all of them. But so many nice blogs, and there is so many more that I haven't yet found I'm sure. I'll be back to reading after gaining some sleep first...

I also added a new tag, tutorials, just in case someone doesn't want to go through all my sewing posts to find them.

The Cross Necklace - Apslund // Black Shirt - secondhand // Black Vest - H&M // Trousers - Backstreet

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  1. This came out beautifully! I love how it looks against the red coat ^_^

  2. Thank you! I'm pretty pleased with it too =u=.

  3. Ei vitsi olen jo kauan halunnut tehdä kyseenlaisen "kaulahuviin" itselleni, joten kiitos paljon että teit pienen tutoriaalin tästä kyseisestä rumbasta ♥ *o* Toi ruusu on ihan sika nätti ja sopii tohon niin hyvin~

    1. Kiitos kommentista, aina hienoa kuulla, että näistä tutoriaalesta on iloa =w=~.