maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2011

Bottled Things

I was reducing my tabs, and that meant that I needed to drop these here!


Ah, the autumn. The skeletons of the trees, fallen leaves, mist circling in the forest and lazily reaching over your backyard fence...

Wouldn't it be nice to watch all that while sipping something equally epic while laying in front of the warm fire of your fireplace? I thought so, so see what I found this time!

Vampire wines. Oh, yes. Now that's interesting.
Wines, vodkas, coffee, cola.
Learn more over at
[Vampire Vineyards]

Look, they have chocolate too!

"Over the centuries vampires have perfected a pure source of energy that keeps them going for 5 hours. It’s fortified with the nutrients craved by mortals and immortals alike. The secret recipe is made from earth’s natural resources, where life began. VAMP N.R.G. SHOT is devoid of artificial colors and artificial sweeteners."

That's how it's written about the energy drink above at []. They also offer the wines, coffees and others fitting the theme at their website. Poke it.

... You know the series, I believe. Then you may recognize these bottles.
I found these at [], where you can get five glass bottles of TruBlood with 27.95USD.
Though this sale doesn't ship overseas. But I needed to include these!


As for other things, I played through Stella Deus The Gate of Eternity and wrote quite a pile of text about it in [here]. Now I'm getting mesmerized by SMT: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army. Such a wonderful game!

And since everyone knows already that I'm cool beyond words:

And if that filled your mind with mental question marks, you can see what the creepy fella on the floor was doing over [here].

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  1. Oh lol, although I would probably try them all. :D That last pic is making me mightily curious, mind, what's it going to be when it's ready and will we got moar photo?

  2. Haha, me too and might even like the chocolate xD.
    And what became out of the thing in the last pic, that's in here: ^^.

  3. Oh, I'd fancy a bloody bottle of Dracula wine! :-p

  4. Oh yes, does make one wonder what would it taste like 8D.