keskiviikko 9. marraskuuta 2011

Before I Fall Asleep

Ooh, new readers! Welcome to this part of Internet!


At the moment I'm terribly late with everything.
But to get this posting finally done, do have a pile of pictures from the Halloween. Ah yes, we miss it already.

I and my sister attempted in baking. Cupcakes. Because...

...I needed to buy these! And no much sense in buying them just to have them stored somewhere, yes?

The Halloween weekend, me, [Miss K] and L strolled over to A & P (yes half of the alphabet was there) in Helsinki, to attend a Halloween party. A had made a wonderful work with the decoration!

Miss K having cool accessories.

That might be me. And while I did get the dress done, I didn't have time to make a shirt fitting for it so I used this one I already had around, which wasn't exactly what I had been thinking but... so wasn't many other things either. But I survived.

And just in case you wondered, we were supposed to dress up, and I wanted to do something that wasn't the most obvious thing, so I remembered this children's horror story that got me on edge as a kid. It was about this creepy doll which came alive at night and its nails grew long and it murdered all in the house. So I loosely based my outfit to that. Sorry for not having any good photo of the dress in the end! The only ones had all the other people in it too (and not everyone wants to be featured in weird blogs), or had my face looking weird.

My brains were almost eaten ö__________ö.

With Miss K and her newly pink hair. Cute, ain't she!


Miss A gave me a permission to put this photo up in here. She made a beautiful Kleopatra!

Johnny approves.

Blood of innocent children and their loving parents. Buhahhaha.

I had legs too!
Why, yes. I always stick to the important things!

Tired but happy. Somewhere in the night life of Helsinki.
That's L, she also allowed me to post her face here. I know such a pretty people~

Theehe, 'till the next time!


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3 kommenttia:

  1. Those cupcake wrappers are amazing! Also your dress/outfit looks great, the bloody nails idea is really cool ^_^

  2. haa susta tulee niiiiin mieleen Gaga :D ihana asu!! kuolasin tota mekkoas jo aiemminki, lääh.

  3. Aristocratic Elegance: Yes, I had to buy them at once as I saw them! And thank you~

    Chiina: Haha, kiitos, samaa mieltä olivat muutamat muutkin randomit HKIn yöelämään eksyneet henkilöt :'D. Liekö kyseessä tuon megarusetin vaikutus... xD.
    Ja kiitos, sitä oli hauska ommella^^.