keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2011

We Hast Pichturhs

Why, yes, I'm pretty much ready to fall asleep and make a new time record in it, but before doing that, do have these few photos so they won't haunt me in my dreams.

And a new reader! Welcome, have fun!


Uhm, well, these are from about two weeks ago, when there was this week when everyone was supposed to go and climb a tree (for now days, parents tell their children not to, because it's dangerous, but all the kids love to climb trees. And apparently some adultious ones love to do the same...).

I love forests, really. But since the insects drive me insane, there is a small paradox, as you can imagine. And while here, I ran to two spiders and a pile of their webs. But it was worth it!

So into the forests I went with my sister!

Well... mushrooms are always cute?

Photographing trees is almost as much fun as photographing clouds. But it always frustrates me how I can't quite pin their presence into the photos...

Oooh, yes, I got on some branch too! In my very unpractical tree-climber outfit. A skirt, what was I thinking? Nothing much I guess, a lazy day at home.

I might upload more of the forest shots to my LJ later this week, if I do, I'll add a link here.


Somewhere during the last week, me and Miss K went to see what this outdoors happening was about. To the center of Tampere, some sellers from, for example France, had brought their goodies for sale. It managed to almost be as cute as I wished.

They glister! Ain't they cute! I bought and ate a white pearl, it didn't taste as good as I thought.

That's soap. Don't eat it.

I had to buy one of these, because they looked like they might taste delicious. Coconut things.

Afterwards we went to [Captain Hook] and I bought the cheese cake above. It looked so nice and they gave me that pretty spoon and I almost didn't get this pic!
(Damn, I was supposed not to eat such an unhealthy stuff for a while! But then again, I'm falling for those cookies at work every day anyway..)

See my new hat darling? The red beret was saved from Aleksi13 with about 8e. The brooch I pinned on it is from Seppälä, as is the white collar shirt as well. The suspenders are from KappAhl I believe, I saved them some days ago with about 15e (with that much? Oh deer...).
The origins of the scarf I don't remember, and the black jeans you can't see (which makes this info very relevant) are by Living Dead Souls.

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