sunnuntai 16. lokakuuta 2011

Thanks For Tha Award!

I hereby thank thee, [Kaino] and [satusankari] for this cute award!

The meme was the same one, but the infos were different in how many should be tagged afterwards (and in language).

1. Tell who gave you the award and link this back to his/her blog.
2. Write seven random facts about yourself.
3. Give this awards forwards to other bloggers. (I mean.. fifteen? Who silly wrote that? I mean.. fifteen? By all means, do give this to fifteen if you want :D.)

Oh dear, what should I tell you here...

1. I like ice cream more than sweets or cakes.
2. I like skulls, skeletons and long-necked spoons. I find them pretty.
3. I like martial arts and would like to try and train more of them (like taido and capoeira). But I'd weirdly also like to try so-called Bollywood dancing and ballet, even though me dancing equals a disaster.
4. I have often complex dreams and tend to remember them for a while every morning. I love to watch dreams. Not the ones about school and other depressing things though.
5. The Big Bang Theory. It's a great series. I'm hooked.
6. I used to write weird poems, but after the (another blog site) died, I haven't written them almost at all. Such a put-off!
7. I'll write books in the future. But I don't promise them to be good!

And now...

[Victoria Scarlett]

thy areth therefore awarded!


As for other things...

Another off to school photo.
Yeah, my photo quality is and stays low. I'll try to do something about that in some point again.

Striped Scarf - Secondhand // Skull Shirt - GinaTricot // Pleated Skirt - Cheap Monday

And yes, I sew on floor. You can spot my Bernina on the right.
And my Korg kid above it, still lacking a serious cover -therefore: scarfs. Ehh, need to do something to that too.

Still playing Stella Deus.

Next weekend I'm going to go hear [Cardiant] play at [Henry's Pub].
It was an unusual thing, but my friend suggested last weekend that we'd go visit a karaoke, and so we did. I doubt my singing is anything anyone really wants to listen so even when we went up to sing, I let the two of them hold the mics and I sang so that no one heard. Well, what followed was that a bit later Cardiant's singer Erik (who sang Tallulah and it sounded so pretty that he should have sang it over and over again) slammed his hands on our table and complained to me for not singing xD. I was totally surprised by that. At the end of the evening he and their drummer had camped at our table and done good job with advertising their band. Haha. So, I'll be at Henry's Pub next Friday, if metal goes for you, do come too~
(And man, was I a knot of nerves when we went to sing again.)

Halloween is coming, and I'm trying to make a dress for the party miss A is throwing at Helsinki.
Due to this I can't go to see Cinemare event at a local cinema Niagara, but if you are with no plans for the 29.10.2011 and have a liking for scary movies, you might want to consider that. Have a [link] (finnish).

The boys at [Game House] needed to turn some stones over, but they found Resonance of Fate for me. Omnom.

The pretty pattern of this immediately stroke my eyes. And since it also had long carrying straps, I decided on the spot to give it a new home. The material is just great: strong and waterproof. Very practical - and I love it. Such a weird combination! Finnish design by [Jouni].
Oh, and it cost about 3-5e. Secondhand.

2 kommenttia:

  1. You are now officially the only other person I know who likes to sew on the floor. I do it too and for some reason it's easier on my back than sewing normally. :S? Also: love that skull shirt/tunic. Most cute!

  2. Ooh, you too? One other good reason to sew on floor: the workspace! Whole floor to poke fabrics and patterns and all..!
    Thank you, it's also very warm and soft <3.