sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2011

Out to Night and NW's Imaginaerum

Last night I was screaming "ZOMBIES" with my friends at 3:XX while driving a car in centre of the city, we all coming from an event called Kasaribileet, where older gothic (and, well, less gothic) music was played. The thing took place at [Dog's Home].

There was quite a lot of people around, which was a nice thing. The music sadly wasn't quite to my tastes this time.
I was with a car, so I got an overdose of coca cola.
And I think I won while playing some table football, but also managed to smash the ball to my own goal, and not only once...

Oh, and before that all, I watched some Saws over at M's place. Those movies like throwing blood around, don't they...

Oh dear, I think I need to change my pierce to something darker, that bright metallicness has bothered me for a while now..

...Why is Saga staring at me like that...
Dreadfalls - Backstreet // Short Bolero - secondhand // Top - Lip Service // Velvet Skirt - self-made // Shoes - Demonia // Others - random

In the end I went with boots though, since my fishnet stockings had those sock sort of things that bothered me.

I had quite settled on that shirt for the event, but I just didn't know what to wear with it, and since I was thinking this three days before the event, there was noway to get anything ordered from the other side of the globe, so I decided to try and sew a skirt like the one Lip Service had it paired with originally.

This official picture in mind, I went to a fabric store and bought some velvet. The next day I went to another store and bought a pile of ribbons. And the day that I was supposed to be off to Dog's Home, I finished the skirt.

The waist is a bit too big for me, and I screwed up with the zipper, but otherwise it looks alright. It's not the best thing I have sewn, since it had lots of oh-i'll-just-cut-some-here- and I'll-just-sew-this-from-here -moments. But it was finished in time!

Here, have some details.

My sister, who I got to take pics for me, brought this cookie to me, saying something about it being black too.. And oh, did I and that cookie share some tender moment...! ...Wait what?!

Later I ran at some make-up. And bling things. Yes.


Nightwish has opened the pre-order for their next album Imaginaerum.
Have you an order in yet?

Also, they are having this movie project running at the same time, and personally I can't wait to see what comes of it! I'm sure it's going to be epic and beautiful. My fingers are also already itching for some concert tickets but Finland wasn't included amongst the tour places already released. But they can't leave us without~
I just hope they'll take it a bit easier this time. The last world tour must have been very draining, even if also rewarding, experience. Two years almost without breaks on road. Remember to rest too!

[Official Sites]
[The Tour Dates]
[Official Shop's Imaginaerum 2CD]
[The List of The Songs]
[Pictures From the Upcoming Movie]

Remember to support the epicness!

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  1. It's always rewarding to see you make friends with black objects! You should make a post of only that! :D

    (Detail shot of the skirt looks nicccce. Any chance of seeing the whole thing?)

  2. Haha, that'd be awesome, I totally should!

    Thank you, though it's really a rather basic skirt, so I didn't think anyone would find it interesting ^^'. But I'll try to take a photo of it and put that into the next sewing post then :D.