torstai 6. lokakuuta 2011

Get Ready For Halloween: Spidery Things

Spider, spider on the rose, why creeps your steps oh so close...

Yes, some of those creepy little eight-legged ninjas have been creeping up and around here yesterday and today. So I though that maybe I should put up a Halloween post with them.

(I'm in fact horrified by the real spiders. Especially if they are moving around. I used to have a phobia kind of fear of them, but I guess I'm getting over it. No screaming, and I might be able to throw them out of the apartment by myself with help of a glass and a magazine. Or I might be able to smash them. But one thing I still can't do is to walk under them. I'd be paranoid for the rest of the day and night.)


Spider necklaces!
Because they are a good element for accessories. They can be very pretty, especially when they aren't real (or looking too real).

The links are leading to the shops these necklaces are sold at, because they might be sold sooner or later and then the links might die and all that jazz.

Pretty frames, and pretty picture. And that's pretty safe choice for those who are scared.
19.00$, by Ezabell at [Le Beauty Exorcist]. Visit to see some other nice looking necklaces. Outside-Etsy-Sites [here].

Oh my, pretty thing. I love not only what the big one is on, but also that the little ones hang from chains, that means they must swing around when walking or dancing.
55.00$, [Just Harry]. More cool jewelry over there ("inspired by witchcraft, wizardy, all manners of mystical creatures [...]").

Huge bling spider!
110.00$, at [Parisxox]. Do you like peacocks feathers? They seem to like them too.

This one featured, because that's the creepiest spider I saw in the necklaces this evening. I'm not sure if I could wear that xD.
25.00$, by SallyeMayCreate at [All That Jazz Designs]. They seem to have lots of hats there.

Very simple, but I would definitely wear this!
~30.00$, by zedem at [Jewellery By ZM]. All sorts of little jewelry.

This one is gorgeous!
60.00$, by 54CopperSquare at [Old Elves Jewelry Co.]. Huge amounts of beautifully detailed, nature-inspired jewelry. I'd love to adopt a pile of their creations!

A small spider creeping closer to an innocent rose. That's what they do the best, the creeping around. (Oh, and some of them make pretty webs, must give them that!)
39.00$, at [Luxe Deluxe]. Lots of blingy things, as far as I see.


Here are the pairs of creepers that I own. You can bet on me wearing them a lot this month!


As for other things.

It's raining pretty hard. I like that sound.

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