keskiviikko 14. syyskuuta 2011

Your Name Perhaps?

It is still the 14th day! So I'll write the names of all of you who participated in the takeaway post, drop those paper slices to a pretty, black hat and then rise a name from it...

...Alright, my handwriting is yucky.

The Alchemy Gothic's bat necklace goes to [Chastel].
The camee necklace heads to the direction of [Rosalia].
(Mhehe, surprise this last one, huh? But I wrote your name too since it looks nice in the pic ;).)

Contact me with a mail to olioinen(at) with your address and such information, so I can send the necklaces to their new homes.

The rest of you, don't be sad. I'll come up with something nice when there's fancy numbers around again.

And! Thank you all for the book recommendations! There was plenty of books I haven't read, but I'll get my hands on them in the future.

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