sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2011

Westwood Items Autumn/Winter 2011

Ahm, I was supposed to write this some hours ago, but I got stuck at Playstation...


Since the autumn is on, I though it might be fun to go and do some screen shopping at [hervia], to see what Westwood has up for the colder and darker half of the year.

The coolest thing listed in the "What's New" must be this jacket. It is colorful, yes, but I'd still wear it any day. There was this jacket with different colors too, like all-black, but this version caught my attention immediately.

And a belt with the same fabric? Err... it's really quite an odd piece, I mean, that heart is rather big. But without a doubt, a funny looking thing.

It's practical; you can't tell if the dress has gotten some wrinkles in the closet.

Rather basic-looking, yes, but I could have some use for a basic bag, since my bags are just as unpractical as my shoes are. (Practical = you can safely put a book in it -not in the shoes, this rule is for the bags! And a shoulder strap, yup.)

It's... big?

Perhaps the most awesome 70+ lady on Earth.

[Official Sites]
[Official Facebook Page]


As for other things...

I'm obviously playing again. I had a break for a week perhaps, and now it's hard not to poke the console.

I've watched few movies again, amongst which was The Princess Bride, which I read as a book a while ago. The film was sort of cute, the book was wonderful.

I'm planning for what to sew next. And one of the ideas might be possible to turn into a tutorial too.

This is back when the weather was warm enough for sleevelessness. I went to visit the french market -happening in these (lots of sellers outdoors, selling french food & -supplies). Colorful, ain't it. The scarf is in fact simply a random piece saved from a fabric store. The necklace, as is fitting for the theme of the post, by VW, and the dress is from H&M if I'm not all wrong. Lazy outfit, but some days one just ain't up to storming the wardrobe upside down.

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  1. Ahahaha are the model's shoes the same fabric as that shirt? :D? Awesome! I love that heart-thingy-bob by the way, it would def. look funny but somehow I love it just because...

  2. ...It seems so, just a bit darker perhaps xDD.
    Oh dear, we gotta make you one of those then 8D.