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Ofelia Market 2011

Ofelia Market at Tampere, and I was there too. Yup. Even if my report from there comes the lovely 11 days later. I went to see it this time with my sister and our mom.

In the picture above (official flyers, oh my), you can see the program for the day. Of these, I watched only the fashion show (we arrived a bit later, so I think we missed the first designer's stuff), but partly saw the dancing while strolling around the tables.

Lots of interesting things, and I might have liked to carry a pile of them home too. There was also one wonderful seller with lolita skirts and dresses. And did my eyes enjoy of those, mheh. Few jackets smiled at my way (but, ultimately, I can make them myself with lesser cost, if I get into it), and I later heard there was some Moitie's items too. I was quite disappointed for missing them! It would have been dreamy to get to poke them around~ (One of the skirts was with the Ritual Print, which is one of my favorites, the dress, the skirt, the shirt, the vest, I'd happily collect them all!) But we were quite late with our arrival for that.

Nevertheless, it was a nice happening even if in the actual program there wasn't that much for me. I'll surely visit Ofelia Market again (hopefully) next year.

The ticket, three business cards saved from tables I really liked, and a cute necklace, of which I paid too much, but which had a rib cage so beautiful that I needed to have it.

After leaving, we went to eat waffles. Omnom.


And after the waffles, I tagged along with three cute lolitas, who were off to shoot some pictures.

On the right is [Sera], in the middle [Silkuchu] and on the left Mämmä, whose blog I haven't been able to pinpoint as for yet. Hmhmm. Pretty people. Of the pics, thanks go to Silkuchu. I liked her camera and stole it at least twice^^.

Someone somewhere wrote that kodona is lolita's best accessory, so maybe that's why I got to pose with all three of them? Theehee, no complaining from me, I had fun!

And ain't she beautiful, I adore her outfit!

Our colors matched too. And her shoes are so cute~

...and I was totally goofing around or laughing or making weird faces in almost every picture. Sorry girls! I'll try to find my poker face for the next round! (My po-po-po-faace, nanananaa)

Ohm, I didn't have a jacket with me, and did I feel lost without it! Damn the warm days that compromise my boystyles-style! (A jacket is essential since I have a slight bit of curves (prettily said) that doesn't match my image of boystyles.)

Just to show how much I love the pink things...

...mostly to eat them that is! (For ain't it so, that things with such a colors often taste good, take... strawberry-vanilla ice cream, om yom.)

Silkuchu: "Ready, set, LOOK AT THE CAMERA" *camera click*

Sera & Mämmä: "We were supposed to look at the camera, you totally failed that photo."
Me: "Oooh, the camera was that way!"

The dialogue is totally made up, I just had to write it down after seeing these two pics...

What I was wearing:
Shoes - Demonia // Pants - F+F // Top hat & Vest - Secondhand // Necklace Hanging From Hat - Eurpoe House // Cross&Chains Necklace - Lindex // Cross Necklace - Gift // Brooch & Rose - Bijou Brigitte

My attempt with the outfit was to be Very Gothic Kodona. Hence all the crosses and the scary make-up.



As for other things: I posted the giveawaythingies yesterday, so they should have arrived today or at least tomorrow. Do notify me when they do, Itella scares me.

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  1. Heh, miulla on joku ihme hymy tuossa "katso kameraan" kuvassa. :DDDD Ja seuraava on just tuollanen ilme. :D AIvan mahtavia kuvia, etenkin viimeinen, vaikka itse sanonkin. :DDD

    Ja saappaat, grau! <3

  2. Se _on_ aivan mahtava kuva! :'D
    Ja saapaat kiittää x).