torstai 8. syyskuuta 2011

Mad World

Oh dear, it's thursday already isn't it?
My Tracon VI report is more than late again! Ah, well, I try to be wise now, and leave that to (hopefully) tomorrow. Instead, do amuse yourselves with this:

Yuuup, that's me. Torturing my beautiful red Korg (not that you can really tell it's red in black & white video). I was very nervous while filming this, my mind kept escaping, though usually when I play I'm only thinking of the music, but now.. I'm still pleased, I managed to get a caption with no horrible mistakes! Yay!

7 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful video. *_*

    (I want to apologize how grumpy I was at Tracon VI. I would have liked to talk more than just say 'hi' but I was feeling so dead tired and shy. Anyway, sorry if I seemed rude.)

  2. Blue: Thank you~
    And don't worry about that. Being social while being tired can truly be an annoyance. But we'll probably meet somewhere some other time, maybe we shall talk then^^.

    diacura: Thank you =w=.

  3. voi elämä ja mä niin rakastan tota biisiä :) osaispa itekki soittaa noin hyvin!

  4. Chiina: Samoin, ihana biisi <3. Sun pitäs selvästi laulaa se, eiks jeh? ^^

  5. hah no nii vissii pitäs :D vois hakee siihe voice of finlandiin hoho.

  6. Oooh, hae toki! Äänestän taatusti ;).