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Backlight '11

Just to prove that I can make an entry in time too!


Today I took part in Backlight Photo Festival that took place here in Tampere. I went in without really knowing what to wait, except that there would be photos. Why did I go in the first place? My friend suggested me joining in and I do like to watch things, so... But I never had quite the time to check where I was exactly going. And surprises are fun now and then. (And who tries to explain the unexplainable.)

Blacklight '11 was a photo festival with a theme, and that theme was migration and nomadic living in 21th century. It's a pretty big event, with museums and galleries around Tampere showcasing the artworks of different artists. Not only finnish artists, but people from many countries.

I visited two opening ceremonies this evening, one at Tampere Art Museum and one at TR1. And I found it all very thrilling. Especially some works that were showcased in the art museum really won me over. I even snatched some photos for you. Sadly I haven't got pics of all the cool things, because I felt like I was being rude, photographing them in a way too crowded galleries with my very unprofessional-looking pink Canon.

For proper information of the event:
[Official Sites]

Under the works are the plates featuring their artists and the artists' introductions for their featured works.

(Those were amongst my favorites of the all works I saw this evening!)

(The dark photos and glass surfaces... they reflected so much that it was impossible to photograph them well! It's truly a shame, for there was also this one piece that looked slightly like 3D and I'd have loved to thrive my hand into the soft, deep darkness of that forest.)

Also, as for the great works I saw, but didn't have any photos to share of, there was one collection with happy people jumping around, one with old playground and one that was presented in a dark room, because the works were emitting light (in these the artist had made creations of waste, that looked like the weird fishes from the deep depths of the oceans -and the lights they had strengthened the image).

I made one awful mistake though. I wore killer shoes while the evening was requiring a good amount of walking.

Iron Fist Hara Kiri Peep Toe Heels.
And they sure live up to their name!

They are a lovely pair of shoes, a bit rarer Iron Fist perhaps. Skull butterflies and a girl piercing herself with a katana. Mine are of the size 38, even though I usually use shoes of 39. But in Iron Fists, the 39 is way too much. And apparently in the case of the peep toe heels, even that is quite a lot. I have rather slim feet, and therefore they slip in shoes like these, and then what follows is the same as if I was wearing shoes one number too big. I should though try these with the gel pads perhaps. All in all, my feet ain't loving me at the moment.


And just because it was laying right next to me (arrived today):
Bought second-hand through, a pvc waist corset with straps~
I might be wishing that it'd have been more strongly boned, but it's pretty and in a rather good condition too. Can't wait to get to coordinate it with different things!

And once more, just because...

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