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About Some Musketeers

Oh no. Nonono.
My computer crashed, after splurting at least four different error messeges on the screen for me to ponder upon. And with it, the com took all of my picture collections, text documents and of course the tab & links collections stored with Firefox. Nasty.
Last time I had made the safe copies, was..at spring. Nasty.


There is going to be a new The Three Musketeers film released next month!
I have always been very fond of these movies (well, the book too, but with this story, especially the films) and have seen a small pile of them. As you may see in [this listing] there has been quite a few of them made. It might prove to be quite challenging to find all of them. Such a shame..

Oh, but the new film! It was released in Germany and Austria 1.9.2011 (maybe because Germany sponsored it with such an enthusiasm?), the rest of us must wait until 21.10.2011.

The new film seems to include some steampunk elements. And I'm more than hypedly waiting how it will turn out as a complete film. I already purred at the trailer, and am sure that this is going to be fun. Oh, and it's a 3D filming, so better go to a cinema to watch it from respectably huge screen!

See the trailer at:
[Official Sites]
Some other info at:


The Musketeers of the Guard were established at France in 1622 by Ludvig XIII. While encircling La Rochelle, Ludvig XIII put these big, heavy muskets on the hands of a light cavalry company, and while at it, he made them into his own, special bodyguard company.
It's pretty obvious now where they got their name, but the most important weapon for the musketeers was their sword (a one-hand thrusting sword).
(And just if interested, their uniform included first only a loose jacket with white crosses, in 1673 they got the more fancier looks with gold-buttoned jackets, feather hats and that, and after a while they got the blue jacket with the well-known cross emblem.)

The musketeers were known for their enthusiasm for battle and bravery, and after Ludvig XIII in 1634 made himself their direct chief (to keep corruption and other nastiness off of them), the musketeers followed him everywhere.

The musketeers were paid very well, and since the criteria for entry was rather low, it was a natural choice for many young men from lower nobility. Being a musketeer also gave the young men a possibility to climp high in the hierarchy. Also the musketeers were very admired by everyone, and that helped to boost the youngsters' willingness to join in early ages (16-17 years old). Did I say everyone admired them? Well, some nobility perhaps didn't, after all, the musketeers were often from humbler starting points.
(Many of them were from Gascogne, which was a less wealthy part of France. The gascogneans were a kind of their own, with habits and characteristics of their own (or were said to have had), including being hot-headed, revengeful and boastful. But fearless and very skilled in battle. These were in a point how the whole musketeers' lot were seen.)

In 1643 the musketeers were disbanded for a while, since the new king were but five years old, but when he, Ludvig XIV the Sun King, started to get hang of the leading business, he brought the musketeers back. And under his rule, they had their happiest times. (Lots of fighting and a mighty status.)
After the Sun King, Ludvig XV (Ludvig after Ludvig, yeah) became the king in 1723, and everyone was tired of wars and fighting, and because of all this, the musketeers became more of a ceremonial group. In 1747 the musketeers were disbanded again, and after that the kings have only sometimes somewhat poked them, and in the 1816 it really was the end of them.
But the stories live on. And we do love good stories.

France ain't the only country with musketeers, no, we all just know them the best. Probably because of a certain book by Alexandre Dumas (and his main character musketeers were based on real musketeers, awww~).

To see also unrelated spiderman stormtrooper, sherlock stormtrooper etc, follow the rabbit [here], from where I found the pic above, that I just had to include. Just for the record, I own none of the featured pics.

Lastly, here is [a Wikipedia link], though my writings were based mostly on other sources. (Which were, gasp, outside Internet.)


I'm slowly getting over my flu. And bought 1.50m of blue velvet with intention of turning it into a skirt. And some furrious fabric, that will prolly be a collar after a while...

And two new, pretty followers have appeared! Thy arth welcome *bows*.

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