maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2011

A Heart in A Glass Jar

Shirt, Tartan Skirt - secondhand // Wide Buckle Belt - Vila // Black Scarf - Backstreet // Orb Necklace - Vivienne Westwood


Two new readers! Welcome, have fun!


I found something so overly wonderful that I have to share it here!

Kiva Ford

does wonderful and delicate work as a glassblower. Starting the interest in the glass business early in life, there is now some serious talent going on. Miniature glass objects, ornaments and so on, shipping internationally (from USA), and payments by credit cards via Paypal and e-checks. LinkNow have link to their

[Etsy Shop]

and pay them a visit, because...

This will steal your heart away!
Or at least it did mine, oh why do you cost 82 USD, my beloved, when I don't have that much to pay for you?

Is it Christmas yet?
Little glass bottles are cute things, aren't they?

And I have always thought that carrying a spare tooth with you is practical. Of course it is.


As for other things...

I miss my lip pierce! My little metal thingy!
You may have seen that it ain't on it's righteous place anymore, and that's because I'm currently working in a place where you are supposed to look all clean and smart. Sigh, at least we have uniforms, I like uniforms, some, even though ours is... too basic. Well, I'll smuggle some little skull earrings on my person even then. (For a year at least! How can I look smart for a year in row? Oh deer...)

Yesterday my sister dragged me to Hidoi's fighting game event, where we had two Playstations and about ten or more people beating each others via games. That was fun, we must come again!

This Saturday there is going to be [Kasaribileet] ie a happy gothic music event at Dog's Home, Tampere. Be there, I will (and will definitely not look like in work!)

I just watched a document of [Karl Lagerfeld]. It was quite interesting indeed. I like his style, high collar, white shirt, black suit, gloves etcetc (Just if interested, he designed some glasses some time ago, and a collection to [Macy's].)

Oh! And if you'd like to know, they run a TV series here in Finland in which you'll get to take a look at fashion world with some big designers. 3.10. it's Vivienne Westwood, 28.9. it's Lagerfeld. (Lähikuvia, Ava)

sunnuntai 25. syyskuuta 2011

Things That Followed Me Home

Aaargh! There is so much to write but so little time!


This week has been filled with lots of things and happenings, and no idea where I should start, but to make it short, I'll pick only the highlights of the week, which would be

Went to listen [Uriah Heep] with mom. They sounded great.
Visited MegaSale, which is a big happening with lots of shops bringing in outlet stuff and bargain priced items. I was slightly disappointed, since almost nothing there pleased my eye. (But I found a pretty garter belt for the stay ups and long socks with 5e, I have been searching for one for a while.)
And today there was DesignAtTampere, ie. design market with finnish designer people selling all sorts of cute things. It was fun!
I also poked trees this evening, but about that in another post...


But to the theme of the post... how come so much stuff has again followed me home over the weeks?

I couldn't resist those stripes, so I bought this from [Leena], the moment I spotted it.
I need to cut the tulle coming from under a bit shorter and smash an eyelet where it's missing, but it looks like fun~

The summer might be over, but this one needed a home too! Found it secondhand at
But now I need to find a petticoat big enough to support it...

Alright, that's quite pink, but it's so easy to throw on in a hurry, and yeah it's cute too... Secondhand, I think it cost about 8e.
(And it's warm, it's starting to get cold here.)

These two are secondhand things as well. The bag (cos I'm having a magnet effect on unpractical bags) was 2.5e and the shirt (the back side up in the pic, such a pretty lace detail!) was prolly around 1-2e.

This is a tote bag by [Melodica], with the kitchen knives print that I have adored for so long...! And now it's mine! All mine! Buwahhahh-- ehm, with 5e at the design market.

Because the tights always break sooner or later. And often it's sooner.
The stockings on the left are from GinaTricot, and the stay ups on right are from some small boutique that was selling these with lowered prices (5e).

Then there was also this Cheap Monday dress, with a black dress under and the same with roughly cut fishnet over. Here worn with a huge bullet belt and a Kalevala necklace. I was off to see a friend and to eat...


Alright, I'm off to sleep. You'll hear of me soon again! (Hopefully. There is so much to write, so much to zzZZzzZzz...)

tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011

Ofelia Market 2011

Ofelia Market at Tampere, and I was there too. Yup. Even if my report from there comes the lovely 11 days later. I went to see it this time with my sister and our mom.

In the picture above (official flyers, oh my), you can see the program for the day. Of these, I watched only the fashion show (we arrived a bit later, so I think we missed the first designer's stuff), but partly saw the dancing while strolling around the tables.

Lots of interesting things, and I might have liked to carry a pile of them home too. There was also one wonderful seller with lolita skirts and dresses. And did my eyes enjoy of those, mheh. Few jackets smiled at my way (but, ultimately, I can make them myself with lesser cost, if I get into it), and I later heard there was some Moitie's items too. I was quite disappointed for missing them! It would have been dreamy to get to poke them around~ (One of the skirts was with the Ritual Print, which is one of my favorites, the dress, the skirt, the shirt, the vest, I'd happily collect them all!) But we were quite late with our arrival for that.

Nevertheless, it was a nice happening even if in the actual program there wasn't that much for me. I'll surely visit Ofelia Market again (hopefully) next year.

The ticket, three business cards saved from tables I really liked, and a cute necklace, of which I paid too much, but which had a rib cage so beautiful that I needed to have it.

After leaving, we went to eat waffles. Omnom.


And after the waffles, I tagged along with three cute lolitas, who were off to shoot some pictures.

On the right is [Sera], in the middle [Silkuchu] and on the left Mämmä, whose blog I haven't been able to pinpoint as for yet. Hmhmm. Pretty people. Of the pics, thanks go to Silkuchu. I liked her camera and stole it at least twice^^.

Someone somewhere wrote that kodona is lolita's best accessory, so maybe that's why I got to pose with all three of them? Theehee, no complaining from me, I had fun!

And ain't she beautiful, I adore her outfit!

Our colors matched too. And her shoes are so cute~

...and I was totally goofing around or laughing or making weird faces in almost every picture. Sorry girls! I'll try to find my poker face for the next round! (My po-po-po-faace, nanananaa)

Ohm, I didn't have a jacket with me, and did I feel lost without it! Damn the warm days that compromise my boystyles-style! (A jacket is essential since I have a slight bit of curves (prettily said) that doesn't match my image of boystyles.)

Just to show how much I love the pink things...

...mostly to eat them that is! (For ain't it so, that things with such a colors often taste good, take... strawberry-vanilla ice cream, om yom.)

Silkuchu: "Ready, set, LOOK AT THE CAMERA" *camera click*

Sera & Mämmä: "We were supposed to look at the camera, you totally failed that photo."
Me: "Oooh, the camera was that way!"

The dialogue is totally made up, I just had to write it down after seeing these two pics...

What I was wearing:
Shoes - Demonia // Pants - F+F // Top hat & Vest - Secondhand // Necklace Hanging From Hat - Eurpoe House // Cross&Chains Necklace - Lindex // Cross Necklace - Gift // Brooch & Rose - Bijou Brigitte

My attempt with the outfit was to be Very Gothic Kodona. Hence all the crosses and the scary make-up.



As for other things: I posted the giveawaythingies yesterday, so they should have arrived today or at least tomorrow. Do notify me when they do, Itella scares me.

sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2011

Westwood Items Autumn/Winter 2011

Ahm, I was supposed to write this some hours ago, but I got stuck at Playstation...


Since the autumn is on, I though it might be fun to go and do some screen shopping at [hervia], to see what Westwood has up for the colder and darker half of the year.

The coolest thing listed in the "What's New" must be this jacket. It is colorful, yes, but I'd still wear it any day. There was this jacket with different colors too, like all-black, but this version caught my attention immediately.

And a belt with the same fabric? Err... it's really quite an odd piece, I mean, that heart is rather big. But without a doubt, a funny looking thing.

It's practical; you can't tell if the dress has gotten some wrinkles in the closet.

Rather basic-looking, yes, but I could have some use for a basic bag, since my bags are just as unpractical as my shoes are. (Practical = you can safely put a book in it -not in the shoes, this rule is for the bags! And a shoulder strap, yup.)

It's... big?

Perhaps the most awesome 70+ lady on Earth.

[Official Sites]
[Official Facebook Page]


As for other things...

I'm obviously playing again. I had a break for a week perhaps, and now it's hard not to poke the console.

I've watched few movies again, amongst which was The Princess Bride, which I read as a book a while ago. The film was sort of cute, the book was wonderful.

I'm planning for what to sew next. And one of the ideas might be possible to turn into a tutorial too.

This is back when the weather was warm enough for sleevelessness. I went to visit the french market -happening in these (lots of sellers outdoors, selling french food & -supplies). Colorful, ain't it. The scarf is in fact simply a random piece saved from a fabric store. The necklace, as is fitting for the theme of the post, by VW, and the dress is from H&M if I'm not all wrong. Lazy outfit, but some days one just ain't up to storming the wardrobe upside down.

perjantai 16. syyskuuta 2011

Backlight '11

Just to prove that I can make an entry in time too!


Today I took part in Backlight Photo Festival that took place here in Tampere. I went in without really knowing what to wait, except that there would be photos. Why did I go in the first place? My friend suggested me joining in and I do like to watch things, so... But I never had quite the time to check where I was exactly going. And surprises are fun now and then. (And who tries to explain the unexplainable.)

Blacklight '11 was a photo festival with a theme, and that theme was migration and nomadic living in 21th century. It's a pretty big event, with museums and galleries around Tampere showcasing the artworks of different artists. Not only finnish artists, but people from many countries.

I visited two opening ceremonies this evening, one at Tampere Art Museum and one at TR1. And I found it all very thrilling. Especially some works that were showcased in the art museum really won me over. I even snatched some photos for you. Sadly I haven't got pics of all the cool things, because I felt like I was being rude, photographing them in a way too crowded galleries with my very unprofessional-looking pink Canon.

For proper information of the event:
[Official Sites]

Under the works are the plates featuring their artists and the artists' introductions for their featured works.

(Those were amongst my favorites of the all works I saw this evening!)

(The dark photos and glass surfaces... they reflected so much that it was impossible to photograph them well! It's truly a shame, for there was also this one piece that looked slightly like 3D and I'd have loved to thrive my hand into the soft, deep darkness of that forest.)

Also, as for the great works I saw, but didn't have any photos to share of, there was one collection with happy people jumping around, one with old playground and one that was presented in a dark room, because the works were emitting light (in these the artist had made creations of waste, that looked like the weird fishes from the deep depths of the oceans -and the lights they had strengthened the image).

I made one awful mistake though. I wore killer shoes while the evening was requiring a good amount of walking.

Iron Fist Hara Kiri Peep Toe Heels.
And they sure live up to their name!

They are a lovely pair of shoes, a bit rarer Iron Fist perhaps. Skull butterflies and a girl piercing herself with a katana. Mine are of the size 38, even though I usually use shoes of 39. But in Iron Fists, the 39 is way too much. And apparently in the case of the peep toe heels, even that is quite a lot. I have rather slim feet, and therefore they slip in shoes like these, and then what follows is the same as if I was wearing shoes one number too big. I should though try these with the gel pads perhaps. All in all, my feet ain't loving me at the moment.


And just because it was laying right next to me (arrived today):
Bought second-hand through, a pvc waist corset with straps~
I might be wishing that it'd have been more strongly boned, but it's pretty and in a rather good condition too. Can't wait to get to coordinate it with different things!

And once more, just because...