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For any and all of you, who like or would like to sew epic things~


[Truly Victorian]

Truly Victorian provides the world with beautiful patterns that are based on historically accurate fashion styles and seam lines.
The cathegories are made to present selected decades (like "Edwadian Patterns 1901-1909" or "Late Bustle Patterns 1883-1889"). Lots of skirts, bustles, tops and undergarments. As far as I checked the items are presented as drawings but also with photos of pieces made with the patterns, and that's wonderful since then you really see how gorgerous things those patterns may help you to make.

They ship internationally, and the pricing seems to be normal (like with, let's say, Burda's patterns or so...).

Here is few examples from their sites
(and all copyrights of the pics belong to them, naturally):


And since I'm talking about sewing things, see what I bought through eBay few weeks back:

It turned out to be wider than I excepted and I must say that I haven't yet figured out what to make out of this. Something epic, one day.
In fact there ain't any sewing project on the way because of *coughcough* financial problems.
(Well, maybe I could sew something for bjds if I wanted, they don't need that much fabric...)

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  1. I looooove those old patterns! Sadly many of them are made for the female shape of their time and even with corsets it's still quite hard to adapt them to the 2000's... -.-

  2. You must be right, mhehe. But pretty is pretty, and they were very inspirational^^.