perjantai 19. elokuuta 2011

Helsinki Calling

Oh, I know, I know, I know. I should be sleeping already, but I'm about to be drowned by all these photos, so do have few~


A week ago -is it a week already? Time is so much faster than I am- I visited Helsinki.

The friday, me and my sister checked out the local amusement park [Linnanmäki]. It was a nice warm day, so we had fun -if we don't count in the one point where one of those swirllswirllrollrollwhumpwhump-things got us feeling slightly ill...

The sign says "don't open".

Ain't they cute? They wandered around dancing and playing music, all while keeping up a (po-po-po)pokerface. And halting up absurtly to stillness.

We also visited an american-italian restaurant named [Virgin Oil co.] with mother and grandmother. Yum, restaurant food.


For the rest of the weekend I carried my bags over to the place of miss A and her boyfriend. The friday evening we watched two movies: [Ninth Gate] (with Depp *pink hearts*) and some random weird comedy...

Here we are standing on the top of a well-known finnish hotel [Torni]. The name of the hotel means "a tower", and it's a very tall building offering a great view over Helsinki. And! You don't need to be staying at the hotel in order to be allowed to climp up there -and when you do get yourself to the top floor, you may enjoy a nice drink with that sweet view.

(I'm on the left with a safety pin skirt & striped stockings from H&M, shoes are a gift. Miss A on the right)

While the saturday went by with visiting different places at centre ([Helsinki 10], a mighty place selling designer clothes, was one of them -just window shopping though!) and watching films [Season of The Witch] and [Disturbia], the sunday we went to wander at the sea fortress, [Suomenlinna], located right in front of Helsinki.

Miss A was wearing this wonderful dress that flew on the wind (it was very windy) which looked gorgerous on photos, but sadly I won't be sharing those, since I didn't ask her permission to spam her face in between of my weird mumblings here. Make do with me, and these:

Restaurant [Walhalla]? Now that sounds like a place to go! But perhaps a good thing that we didn't, since I doupt it could have lived up to the expectations ;).

You notice there's no much pics of the fortress itself? Well, I didn't think my photos of it quite nailed how cool it was. And I tried to minimize my spamming here. instead I shot photos of trees? My logic is unbeatable.

A small pond filled with green things... it just called me to take a closer look! Lucky thing miss A kept me from trying silly enterprices like that.

There she walks, gorgerous miss A ^^.

And seeing that felt only a slighty out-of-place. I so didn't yell "Spartaa" when I saw it, I so didn't.
(Reminds me of a fun texty in a History -magazine, in which they bondered on how well did Spartans speak their minds.. But I'll leave the history lectures to another time!)

At King's gate, mheehe.


At the moment it's once again about to dawn, and I'll be off to sleep in minutes. It's been a long day with lots of card games, funny people and drinks. How am I still up after all that? Beats me. But I'm afraid that soon I'll be sending an another pile of photos.

Until then, my dearest! Sleep you all mighty well!

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