maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011


I wish I had a cooler profile! T^T And the pierce sure looks weirdou here. Photos from the Hämeenlinna trip.


I'm going to have my hair cut this Thursday, and was about time! It's all over-grown and einsteinious. There ain't much to do to it since it's so short, but something has to be done! I also came by [this old pic], and it might be nice to have long hair again.
The original reason for cutting was partially because I was so sad about it: if I made a braid out of my hair, it was of the thickness of my finger.. But like in that pic, it managed to look epic too. Yup, I want it back ;__;.
The haircut might also cheer me up from feeling like looking silly. Not just the hairdo-wise silly, I think I might have some use for exorcising and healthy food too. Maybe the feeling is just due the school-starts-soon -things. Stressing is bad. But let's leave the Evil Reality related things aside!

An outfit shot from somewhere in the summer.
Shirt - secondhand // Skirt & Petticoat - selfmade // Black Rose Ring - Glitter // Camee Brooch - Bijou Brigitte

Somewhere during the summer I also saved these two (both secondhand):
... I don't know, it looked at me and wept that it had no home to stay and it wanted someone to love it and ... then I was already walking out of the shop with it! Stripes like that look ridiculous on me, but it's still cute. Maybe I'll find a way to attach enough black on it to make it feel right.

It has poofy sleeves.
In fact this has been around for a while, since I wore it to Lumous this summer...


As for otherthings -I didn't realize [Tracon] is the next weekend! Gosh, I haven't prepared at all. And the tickets are gonna pay enough to hurt my wallet too. Damn. But I'll be there.
The same week a huge cat show is held, and I was asked to tag along by the family of one of my friends, because they know I adore cats (they have cats taking part in the showthing). I'd definitely love to go, and propably will for the other morning.
We also settled a day to go and see The Dance of Vampires theaterpiece, that I wrote of some posts earlier. As for now, it's 17.9. if nothing special happens. (Wanna tag along?)

I also completed playing Final Fantasy 8, and made a traditional gametalkie [here]. I'm also thinking of making a games-only -blog. In finnish too. That'd be interesting, I wrote next to nothing in finnish now days. It might be good for me to do that. Now, where should that blog go...

Also finished watching Ano Hana (alright) and watched Thor (surprisingly cute) with big bro.
Now I'll be off to watch TrueBlood before going to sleep (yes, officially hooked).

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