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Gareth Pugh

Just a small entry here, in between the cartoon film marathon at Mouhijärvi.


Gareth Pugh

is an english fashion designer born in 1981.
His style is very interesting: sculpturous and futuristic. Very interesting, did I already write that? As those adjectives tell you, his clothes haven't been exactly ment to be worn in daily basis. Until Spring 2007 collection his clothes were indeed only for catwalk experiments, but now he is apparently shifting slightly more towards wearable creations (and that I did, yes, read from Wikipedia, I know, how uncool). He also seems to be very fond of using blacks and whites, which are always a very nice couple~

[Official Sites]
[Gareth Pugh in Wikipedia]

But ain't these fun to look at!
Pics gathered with help of google.

Very nice shoulders and sleeves, I wouldn't mind this jacket hanging around my wardrobe.

...Well, everyone knows that you might need safty pins. So it's good to have some around, yes.


As for other things!
Today there was a zombie walk held in Tampere, but since I found out about it but today, I obviously missed it. Such a shame, there were lots of people taking part in it and did it look fun!
I managed to find some photos of it, wanna see how the zombies look around here?
[Link 1] & [Link 2] & [Link 3]

And just because I started talking about zombies...

Hartwall Jaffa releases a new limonade taste this autumn which's name in english is "Zombie Berry". Currant, cranberry and strawberry. Zombie.. yes, one must try that.

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